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ClockworkMod Recovery 6 for Galaxy Nexus

... has been released on ROM Manager.

New backup format that deduplicates data between backups.
Faster backups.
Fixed restores > 2GB.
Minor UI tweaks (new background, animated Android)

In the past, I have merged/rebased every CWM with AOSP. With Jellybean, I have decided this is no longer in the best interest of the project. There are only a few areas of AOSP recovery that are of interest (roots.c - file system, minui, and updater). Those will continue to be merged into CWM. Other than that, doing a full rebase with every code drop has been a giant headache, with the code churn from upstream that providing little to no value to CWM.
In any case, this unties my hands to deviate completely from AOSP, with the primary goal to make a much more polished touch UI.

ROM Manager
ROM Manager is a little over 2 years old, and though it has grown in features quite a bit since its first incarnation, parts are starting to show its age. I've been contemplating a significant UI rewrite for some time now, and will pull the trigger on that shortly. I also want to add in some features that I am hoping will be of some interest:
* A paid ROM section for devs to publish their work and support their hobby.
* Upload your current ROM to ROM Manager for anyone to use, from the device.
* Connect ROM Manager to the Recovery Builder for automatic updates of recovery. No device left behind :)

Speaking of the Recovery Builder; it has been pleasantly successful. To date, around 1700 recoveries have been built. Many for devices ROM Manager currently does not even support.

Anyways, if you have any suggestions for the future of ClockworkMod products, please drop me a line!
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I am concerned about the Recovery Builder thing. With no human interaction, how do you know it works until the user tests it? I only raise this point because I got the Touch Recovery for the Asus TF101 and for some reason the 'official' one didn't boot. Nor did the two most recent non-touch ones at the time.

I'm not saying that's the norm for all devices, but it was certainly a headache I'd rather not repeat.
+Lindsay unfunk Freeman Only approved builds will ever show up in ROM Manager. They will never automatically be published into ROM Manager as an official build without some sort of vetting process. I am thinking about putting them into an experimental section, where people can rate them like any other ROM. Then I can use the ratings to decide whether I should move them into the official area.

I'm not sure why the TF101 did not boot for you. It definitely booted on the device of the CM maintainer that checked the build for me.
yeah, my device is a funny one - unofficial CM kernels almost always lack Wifi for some reason too. Hence why I'm not too upset, and bought a TF300T anyway :)
Congrats on the release. Thanks very much for your effort. I love using your software!
+Koushik Dutta I'm curious as to the reason behind the new textured background in recovery (ala iOS notification background). Was it just time for a change?
Just flashed the touch version and made a backup. Worked flawlessly!
+Nathaniel Webb I always change the color/background or something very slightly between major releases. It let's me figure out what version a user is on, without having to ask them explicitly. They usually give me the wrong info (like the RM version number).
I can just ask "is the text blue". "Is there a stitched background", etc. Easier that way.
God, troubleshooting DX problems on the Rootzwiki thread with people making and restoring backups was always a HUGE pain when people would mix up their RM/CWR version numbers. And they were adamant that they were right on the version numbers
I bought Touch Recovery for a device I retired about 3 days later, not realizing that purchase wouldn't be linked across devices. Bummer face. Policy change at some point? I swear you mentioned it was on the to-do list on twitter months ago...
+Koushik Dutta hmm tried flashing via rom manager and it freezes towards the end. Have to force close. Any clue? Tried the touch version and also regular version. I have vzw nexus AOKP Milestone 6 w/ franco kernal

*update nvm had to fix permissions. Mah bad. Great work btw!
ROM Manager still not compatible with Jelly Bean... says "unknown volume for path [/emmc/clockworkmod/xxxxxx]" when going into  recovery from it...
Also, the suid bit of /system/bin/su is not restored properly in CWM, making root unusable. I haven't tried restoring to see if it was fixed, but still, Good Work, Koush!
No sure if it's just me, but is anyone else having issues flashing gapps with cwm6? I  get a boot loop back to the google/lock icon.
Works great - thanks! Bought the touch version. Very nice interface and speed.
+Gerardo Paz A zip flashing issue is an issue with the zip, not the recovery. The zip is a fully self contained executable that applies the update.
Something that would be nice in the recovery bulder. Clever naming of the recovery files.  cwm- or something similar (maybe using the date like cm?)
Just flash new cwm in cwm? Lol
Can't wait for the new ui. I recently started trying out the TWRP recovery...that thing is like an app. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
Cool, and thanks! I have it up and running. Haven't had any luck with the Touch version on my maguro, though. Just doesn't download at all. May be it's just as well. It's so easy to fat-finger stuff on these touch screens - it's scary just imagining fat-fingering CWM Recovery...
the ROM Manager over rid my Touch and made it regular. Oh well, I'll fix it later
+Koushik Dutta Having bought premium a while ago, do I need to make a new in-app purchase after the update? Thx.
+Dennis van de Sande I've also noticed this. I think something is wrong with the file permissions. You should be able to read all files under /sdcard
ROM Manager suggestions/issues from me:
- wrong dates for entries
- reports wrong CWM version (I have 6.0.0 not 5.0.2)
- often need to run few times to get premium recognised
- advanced mode is often switched off (due to previous one?)
- downloads without resuming
- there should be md5 check after download to make sure that system image/addon is fetched properly (less reboots)
- add public bug tracker
- some information how to contribute on RM page (I want to rewrite Polish translation) 
+Dennis van de Sande This is definitely a problem. In order to take a backup of the phone before a factory reset you will want to extract all files from /sdcard. If cwm writes files there with the wrong permissions you won't be able to extract them = loosing your backups. Kind of a bummer to realize you've restored an empty clockworkmod folder..
Had few issues flashing rom on Nexus. After third time seemed to work. Maybe just me lol
Thanks for the great work Koush... as already stated, the only issue I'd like to see a change for is that the contents of /sdcard/clockworkmod/ are not visible... I like to keep my backups folder lean...
Erie T
I flashed on my GSM Galaxy Nexus, it says it makes a backup and is successful etc, but when I look in the backup folder of clockworkmod, I see the new folder it made for todays' date/time/etc, but it's BLANK, the blobs folder is BLANK also. I try to delete the all the clockworkmod folders using a file manager and says failed, they're all 0 byte folders no files. What to do? Thanks.
"Error while downloading from server. Please make sure that you have a stable internet connection and that your SD card is inserted and has free space!" That's the message I get trying to download CWM Touch. Connection, SD card insertion and space are all fine. (ROM Manager Premium on maguro.)
+Andre Assaturian Found the issue. Seems to be a new security model in JellyBeans bionic, and some laziness in the gapps package.. Will do a rebuild on ics.
How can i install touch from the web site?
+Koushik Dutta is this the new CWM where I can use the official OTA to JellyBean 4.1.1 in the notification bar?
6.0.3 working fine, thanks. But how to delete the blank folders being created with 6.0.1 ?

It seems do not allow to change anything about the blank folders :(
Can confirm the bootloop on flashing gapps with and that its fixed in
And I did just yesterday install the older version at first time. My typical luck.
i hope the new version( could change back to the old appearance,the grey background and smaller key seems as good as the original.
I have a problem With root access i cant update my recovery, neither reboot in recovery mode
KC Law
Great work.
So glad you guys fixed the volume key navigation. Thanks!
+Koushik Dutta The permission fix needs a change for the blobs folder. It's still not readable (backup taken with when the phone is booted. Files appearing under /sdcard needs to be readable by non-root when the phone is normally booted.
Everythins's cool except the gray iOS-like background.COME ON!!!!!
I downloaded rom manager apk but can't get past  I'm having reboot issue when I flash gapps. so I can't install from marker. please help
+Fredrik Duprez Yeah, that's caused by the older recovery. I'll have to put out a new recovery that chown -R 755 /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup to fix it I guess.
That was caused by (Is that the 'old recovery?). I removed the clockworkmod folder completely before taking the backup. +Koushik Dutta 
+Koushik Dutta I removed the clockworkmod folder from /media/data with rm -rf, so there was no blobs folder when took the backup. The problem seems to be the rights on the actual files (600 and owned by root)
+Koushik Dutta one thing that's never clear to me when Rom Manager notifies me of a new recovery; will Rom Manager know I'm running a touch version (that was paid for ages ago as an in-app purchase) and replace it with the touch version of the new recovery? Just there are two options in Rom Manager 1) "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" at the top of the menu and 2) "Flash ClockworkMod Touch further down the list. Going by the fact there's a separate option for Touch, it gives a user the impression that the top option will flash the standard non touch version of the update.
So if I'm understanding your changes correctly we should be saving space with our backups.  I backed up today and  went from a 914mb backup to a 19.94mb backup.  Is this typical of the change you made? 
+Koushik Dutta I can confirm that running a backup with over a blobs folder created with, the file permissions have been changed and the files are readable. Also, as mentioned by +Dennis van de Sande, the owner of all files is still root:root, when it is media_rw:media_rw for all other files and folders under /data/media. Is that a problem? Why does clockworkmod files and folders have different owner than everything else?

drwxrwxrwx root     root              2012-07-17 16:10 clockworkmod
drwxrwxr-x media_rw media_rw          2012-07-12 00:04 data
+Koushik Dutta not to be a pain, but the plain background is nicer on our oled screens when considering battery, and I do many on the fly flashes with no access to charging.

Anywhere I can tweak to get a black background?
Everything seems to be in working order. The only issue I have as of right now, is I don't have the ability to delete backups whether it be within ROM manager or in a file app.
+Fredrik Duprez Yes I have. I was wondering, how do I get rid of the backup I made with though?
+Shaydlife P. Just delete them when the phone is connected to the computer or via a file browser on the phone. If it's not possible even after making a backup with you should ask for a bugfix.
+Koushik Dutta (or anyone else that might know) I hate to be "that guy", but I'm having a problem that is a bit perplexing (running stock Android 4.1.1).

I used fastboot to successfully install Recovery v6.0.0.4.  When I reboot into CWM, I'm notified of an update to v6.0.0.5 (but the app still believes I'm on Recovery v5.5.0.2).  If I tell it to flash Recovery, I get this:

"an error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands"

When attempting to reboot into recovery, backup the ROM or perform any Rom Manager functions, it simply sits idle, as if my commands were not recognized.

Also, after flashing "" with Recovery v6.0.0.4, Terminal Emulator tells me "permission denied".

Any idea what might be causing this?  Also, thanks for creating persistant recovery! :) 
+Alexander Diana, thanks.  Does that zip include the latest version of CWMR, or is it simply superuser?
Cwm means its a cwm flash able, not a fast boot.
It includes supersu and superuser
+Alexander Diana, thanks for your help.  I knew it was something small like that.  I had an older zip of su.

You rock. :)
Well, if you just had su, usually you need superuser or supersu to manage permissions also. Which that zip had
I had superuser installed, but for some reason, nothing was being granted permissions.

Now, my only problem is that I have both SuperSU and SuperUser Elite installed, when I only really need one. :P
+Koushik Dutta please continue to develop the non-touch-based CWMR.  I'm so paranoid about touch buttons when it comes to something like recovery, and I actually prefer the clunky-yet-safe design of the old version.
Well now that you have supersu, you can use the permissions to update binary for superuser elite which will swap over control most likely
+Fredrik Duprez Finally figured it out. I used Solid Explorer and entered the root, then deleted the old backup. Now it's gone. The problem should be non-existent from forward. Thanks again.
+Steven Moore I sincerely doubt it. I've inquired several times about encryption support (email, G+, Twitter, etc.), and never received a response of any kind... pretty sure it's not a priority.
+Adric Norris Yeah, I have been thinking about it. I don't want to go a full on screen keyboard though. I need a solution that works on non-touch devices too.
+Koushik Dutta I'm very happy to have been wrong on this point... thank you! My apologies for misrepresenting your position.
When I select Restore, it only shows my last one from version 5 before I updated. The backup went fine and the Blobs folder is there and full...what am I missing?
Will I be able to update to Jelly bean 4.1.1 using this CWM from the notification bar?
Nick L.
When attempting to flash Touch recovery for my Nexus 7, I am prompted to purchase the premium license which I already have. Do I need to purchase again?
I have the donate version but when I try to flash the touch recovery it asks me to buy it. Is something broken? I don't think it asked me to buy the touch version before. 
I just want to say that I really like the new UI! I haven't tried the backup feature yet, but it looks great and runs super smooth!
Im frustrated, I paid for the touch version and now its trying to make me purchase it again, looks like im not the only one with this issue.
Figured out how to do it, download the necessary image file from here then follow these directions
Step 1 :Reboot into the bootloader, In a command prompt in the fastboot directory type in
 fastboot flash recovery (image file name without the parentheses)
Step 4 : You have your Touch Recovery flashed .
+Koushik Dutta Hi.  I created a backup the other day using on my Galaxy Nexus.  After I rebooted and looked in the folder for the backup there was nothing in the folder.  I also can not delete the backup in Rom Manager.  I get a message...There was an error deleting your backup.  If I manually delete the backup folder using a file manager, it just recreates the folder later.  Any Ideas on how to delete the empty backup?

NS4G, first backup was painfully slow. Second backup, the phone stayed on Freeing Space... for more than 5 min. Is this expected? I have over 7k files in the blob folder. After the first backup Media Server Scanning went nuts for several minutes.
+Richard Bowen that's the standard way to flash a recovery and is free. I just want the auto way that I paid for. I put v6 on manually.
I'm having a really hard time finding this info: is there some way to use clockwork recovery with an encrypted device, or is it planned? Should be possible to prompt for the password, right? I've also seen speculation about creating an extra partition for cwm recovery. 
+Koushik Dutta I agree with +Guy Bailey and many others, I purchased the touch version but now its saying I have to buy it again, I have sent emails and still no response. Do you have any response for this situation?????
Suggestion: Cloud Sync!

I don't know why nobody seems to have thought of this, but with the new nandroid format it makes 10x more sense. TitaniumBackup lets you sync your apps+data to Dropbox, and Google drive. I would absolutely KILL for ROM Manager to have a similar feature.

Particularly for those of us who have a device with limited internal storage and no expansion, even with the new backup format there's only going to be room for so many backups before we run out of space or have to delete some stuff. If we could "Sync" our backups to the cloud and just keep the last one or two on the device itself, it'd be a real life safer. In fact, especially thanks to the new backup format, it'd be easy to download any previous backups even while on 3G as we only need to grab the missing files. It's Win/Win.

Please please please please please I implore you, cloud sync backups!
I am sorry to agree with Pierre above.  The previous format - tar files - were fantastic, and after each backup I would copy them off my phone to secure locations (i.e. large USB disks).  Now I cannot do that.  I now have a N7 and wish I could get a 5.x version for it, to get the tar files...

While I too greatly admire the idea of saving space, I would have preferred it to have been done in a way that still facilitated simply removing the backups - for example, imbedding the methodology of the (admittedly old-school) Unix dump/restore commands could have created single files for each filesystem and also support (IIRC) different levels - level 0 dump being a full, whereas level 1 or higher would account for only changes since the last full dump.  I will be looking for the last 5.x version and using that, as the blobs folder (along with MTP-only access) prevents me from moving the files where I want them.

Finally, while I do not know the details of your algorithm to detect what has changed, it is always useful (IMO) to allow the user to request a level zero dump, if they so desire.

Best of luck with continued development.
i love 6.0.10! thanks +Koushik Dutta just that background burning my eyes in deep dark + it burning AMOLED screens while making backups + it burning battery itself. Hope to get back #000000 :)
Definitely appreciate your hard work! CWM was my "first" :) recovery and introduction to the world of rooting and custom ROMs and the original DINC. I've also gladly purchased the paid version of ROM Manager. However, I'm curious why the Rezound seems to get no love from you! :( Does Verizon and/or HTC make this a difficult device to work with? The charging bug alone caused me to go back to Verizon and return and get a new battery a few times. I have not been comfortable using CWM on my Rezound for some time, but I would love to return to using CWM (especially the touch version) soon!
Any plans to improve backup speed? My crespo was stuck for >20 minutes in 'freeing space' step and I rebooted it cause I needed phone...
+Koushik Dutta 6 backups. 3 from June, 3 from August. Update cm about once per week. Rarely check others. Had jb stock for a moment but do not remember did it was backed up.
+Marcin Juszkiewicz Thanks for that info. That's not too out of the ordinary. It may just be due to the number of backups. Let me create a bunch and see what happens.
Same issue here. Crespo4g... two backups.. took 30 min to backup.
I was hoping you would do something similar to Mojang's Minecraft. Originally he had thousands of directories and files. Now he has them archived somehow in one DB/archive.
Currently my Nexus7 suffers from crazy slowness even using the keyboard because it has to load user dictionaries from memory...which is overloaded with Blob files. The sheer number seems to have a detrimental effect. (I do love the incremental backups though)
so if i want to copy the backups to my computer, do i have to copy the whole clockworkmod folder?
I have always used ROM manager which was easy to use when changing ROMs. I had to encrypt the data my Galaxy Nexus and now it appears recovery no longer functions - is there a way to still use rom manager? I needed to flash Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP) to recovery since it provides an initial step to enter the code to access the encrypted files.
Hi. Sorry if this is not the right place - I'm seeking help on CWM for my newly acquired Tablet. I use it successfully on my Smart Phone (V.5) but have not had any success finding a version for my tablet. It is a Storage Options 8" Scroll Engage with Android 4.0 ICS. Its a fairly new tablet and as much as I like its value for money, I now what to start experimenting, but not without making a backup in case I do something wrong :). Any help you could offer would be much appreciated, thanks.
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