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sed s/Carbon/Helium/g

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+Koushik Dutta Why do you change the name? Did you get a "friendly" mail from the developers of the Twitter-client named "Carbon"?
+Nathanael Abbotts in this land of opportunity, you can copyright/trademark/patent practically anything ;-). How else do the rich get richer and the number of lawyers keep growing ? Protect your investment, even if it's just a word from the dictionary.

As an aside it's normally duplicate names that could be misconstrued, I.e. the same industry. If it was a cough medicine they wouldn't have had a chance, since it's computing it's whomever has the most money and best lawyers (the recent Samsung vs Apple case proved expensive lawyers can be pants).
You know, I actually had an odd feeling Carbonite might do this, and I even thought of that program when you first announced Carbon. Ah well. Helium is actually a pretty clever name :-)
+Koushik Dutta you could call it "app for backing up Android" or "app for backing up apps" or "AAB (Android app backup).... oooooh how about "the app formerly known as Carbon". Appmirror?
Does changing the spelling resolve the issue ? Maybe Karbon ?
Honestly, I like Helium better, especially considering the cloud integration.
Argh now I have 2 thumbnails of each apps icon in gallery... 1 was bad enough. Makes the gallery app almost unusable.

Edit: Thanks to +Jason deBono (post below) I think this is now resolved.
Dang, already seeing a couple people lowering their ratings just because the name changed. Play Store ratings are so worthless unless it's a malware app and people are rating it as such...
+Brad Baker try to clear the data of Media Storage. I think it should fix that problem.
Its probably better to not be associated with carbonite, they only seem to advertise during radio talk shows, along with the gold investment and survival food products. It sounds scammy. 
It would have helped if you explicitly mentioned the name change in the "What's new" section of the Play Store. Also in the description.
Actually this shouldnt stand due to the fact carbon by itself is not a copyrightable name due to the fact it is an element. also since your app is distinct from carbonites, no elements (heh..) from their app being used to market this. You should have the EFF look into this as an instance of copyright/trademark bullying. BTW the notice they sent  was actually similar to a trademark notice.
Personally I've always been surprised that LucasArts didn't go after that backup app company for trademark infringement.  It is a clear reference to Han Solo.  And George's lawyers managed to get Motorola and Verizon to put a disclaimer on "Droid".

Regardless, your app's new name is more clever anyhow.
Being certain that Carbon is not a trademark-able name and having the resources to defend your decision against such a well-funded corporation such as Carbonite are two barely related things.  It's quite unfortunate money plays such a prominent role in the legal system.  My best guess is, although Mr. Dutta may legally be perfectly free to call his product "Carbon," proving so legally may be too much of a challenge without the help of a well-funded champion.
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