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ClockworkMod Superuser - Beta 0

Grab it off ROM Manager in the +ClockworkMod section or install this zip in recovery manually:

* Multiuser support
* Open source
* Free
* Leverages Android's permission model
* Logging (and per app logging)
* Pretty UI
* PIN Protection
* Request Timeout
* Customize notifications
* x86 and ARM support.
* Handle concurrent su requests properly
* NDK clean

Eventually there will be an installation/upgrade process in just the APK itself, but for now, installation must be done via recovery (as the app should live in /system).

Leave bug reports and feedback in comments!

Why another Superuser?

The above is for both ARM and x86. Don't ask how I did that. Magic.
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Yeah.. magic. ;)

X86=$(uname -a | grep x86)
if [ ! -z "$X86" ]
hmmm. why do we need different superusers? su, supersu, cwmsu?
What's the advantage or the purpose of that?
 I mean for average users...
+Eugene E. Kashpureff Jr you're right. If I experienced problems I would change. But couldn't decide Codeworkx, Koush or Chainfire is better. All are great devs and great respect for what they do for the community.
root@android:/system/app# ls -a | grep *.odex
(this is an emtpy space)
+Koushik Dutta with the zip, md5
root@android:/sdcard/Download# md5sum                           
I installed it through TWRP. Working perfectly fine so far.
lemme check my gnex, that's on cm10.1. i suspect it is a dalvik cache issue w/ cm.
With the Owner Managed mode, does the root command get executed in the background as soon as the 'owner' accepts the superuser prompt?

I can foresee some issues with this, particularly those that would freeze up UI without being able to give the user any feedback on what was happening.
This is great, thanks for your continued contributions to the community +Koushik Dutta.

Side note,why'd you make the buttons black? 
+Koushik Dutta 
W/SQLiteConnectionPool( 6354): A SQLiteConnection object for database '/data/data/com.koushikdutta.superuser/databases/su.sqlite' was leaked!  Please fix your application to end transactions in progress properly and to close the database when it is no longer needed.
Great work! Though in the future would it be possible to invoke lock screen for pattern lock or pass...and have it authenticate root (owner) right within standard user's profile? Having to switch profiles for that step is a bit inconvenient but doable. Just a thought. Otherwise great.   
Tried clearing cache and dalvik. Still force closing. GS3 cm 10.1

Edit: trying new one now
+Koushik Dutta the you just posted seems to be working correctly. I'm able to open the app, at least. working great here as well. 
nice popup... but like others mentioned FC's on my if i try to open the app itself... i'm running it on crespo4g with a test build of bb8 (4.2.2)... not a big deal since i can still give the app permission and i rarely open superuser apps anyways lol... i love the holo-ui concept for this and how it looks in the video tho!! great work!
k, seems to have fixed the issue. seems to be a problem with ant signing and cm that i'll need to track down /shrug
Stock Nexus 4, unlocked, rooted with SuperSU. I ran the "cleanup for using another Super user app", booted into recovery and installed the zip. FC's on opening the app.

Reinstalled SuperSU, and performed a full unroot. Just gonna try reinstalling SuperUser now...
Quick question +Koushik Dutta What is your degree in if you don't me asking, as I am a computer science major on networking 
Ah, I just saw the comments about CM so presumed it was a particular issue with that so was just going to try again before trying Will just try that instead now then.
Nexus 4 running latest Paranoid Android. Everything is working fine. Thx
Paul W.
First hurdle cleared. I'd say that's a successful beta 0; Users can open the app! 
Cm10.1 nightly, maguro, working well so it seems.
Going to test on experimental CM10 hp touchpad, just charging it a bit first.
+Koushik Dutta Can I just switch packages/apps/Superuser to your git repo, then rebuild, to get a cm build with the new superuser included?
You can use this on any phone, any kernel, any recovery etc? This is a dumb question I know but I figure I better ask...
Working as expected on HP touchpad. 4.1.2
Works fine here; good work good sir!

CM10.1 20131224 Nightly
AT&T Samsung Galaxy S II SGH-I777
+Koushik Dutta how does that happen and how do I fix it? Can you dumb it down a bit for me, I can flash a ROM(ok a bit more than that, but still) but that's as far as my knowledge on this stuff goes...
+Koushik Dutta tried it on gnex with cm10.1 but supersu installed instead of superuser so when it booted i got no root at all your app or supersu neither was there .. so am i doing something wrong ? because if you flashed supersu over superuser which cm already comes with it it will just replace it .. so it's the same case for your app?
Works fine on both my Nexus 4 & 7 running CM 10.1. For those on SuperSU, I used the uninstall in the SuperSU then flash Superuser in recovery works.  
If you don't uninstall before flashing, I expected Superuser to simply overwrite SuperSU (still named Superuser.apk) in /system/app however oddly enough upon boot I would receive requests from SuperSU despite finding that it really was overwritten/uninstalled. Denied the requests, and rebooted and everything is good now. Just odd to me.
Can't believe this is beta, works great, looks amazing :) working fine on stock, unlocked Nexus 4 now. :)
+Koushik Dutta nice and clean installer! Installed it on my Galaxy Nexus. Did full unroot in SuperSU before flashing, since SuperSU contains data not handled by Superusers install zip  (/system/bin/.ext/.su) that I suspect doesn't get removed otherwise.

Is OTA survival implemented/planned? Using Voodoo OTA rootkeeper now which I suppose will work with this one also, but built in would be easier.
I can't get it working i did fresh install of cm10.1 on gnex and then installed it but both cwmsuperuser is gone as well as supersuer .. so should i remove the superuser app itself that cm comes with it ?
My AOKP v4.0.4 Rom comes with Superuser.... do I install on top of it?
Is this the "other" SuperSU that's out there?
Beta 2 working fine here. +Koushik Dutta are you planning on free and pro/paid apps like the others? Or just one SU to rule them all.
GS3 CyanogenMod 10.1 Installed fine. UI is great! Good work!!
if more then one app request root at the same time the first request just disappear and can't be answered
looking good here, nexus 7 user on cyanogenmod 10.1

EDIT: +Koushik Dutta i notice after a superuser prompt on recent app switching to superuser is completely broken.. 
I'll wait for the apk. :)
+Koushik Dutta this is fantastic! It would be nice if it contained a feature to uninstall other root management apps like SuperSU or SuperUser
+Cara Fisher I put it on my VZW Note 2 and its working with no issues... not disappearing at all .. 
+Christian Brüggemann Sure, ruin the magic.  I thought it was something like fat ELF resurrected or some such.
+Koushik Dutta How come the app should be in /system?  Is there something about the communication that makes it required?  Or is there some reason other reason?  Google is being difficult.
Feature suggestion: allow me to disable the 3 second wait/default to always :)
Do I first need to deinstall SuperSU or how do I switch? Going to try on my phone running CM10 and my Nexus 7 with stock 4.2.2.

Edit: found it.
just did a ctl+f through the comments and don't see it so I'll ask.  What x86 devices are running Android? Is it an older versions thing that I am forgetting?  I just miss the point of making it work on x86
+Scott Miller the Droid Razr I, and the today released Asus FonePad. Also some other devices but I don't remember them at the moment.
Great work, up an running on my HTC One S. 
To be honest I don't like the icon. It's not in style with your other apps and the overall feeling of Android.
+Jasper Vinkenvleugel I agree, I love the application, works well and looks nice, but the beta icon does not have a distinctive silhouette, it looks out of place.
+Koushik Dutta I just tested this and it works great, but would you be able to implement the temp unroot option like superuser had. It makes it nice to be rooted but be able to temp unroot for apps like Redbox Instant. Thanks!
I know this is not exactly what you are asking fo, but CM is amazing
+Koushik Dutta i think there went smthng wrong for me :D
i still have the razr i (x86) and during installation it said smthng bout armeabi? i guess thats not what my phone is :D
also, root apps cant get yours to pop up the request...? :/
Works fine, LG Optimus 4x HD / Stock ROM 4.0.3
Very nice.  I am no longer getting the error when using Carbon.  Thanks Koush.
Great stuff. So far, it works fine on my Nexus 4. I had a toast get stuck on the screen for a minute or two though, fyi. 
Few thing's...
One thing I liked about +Adam Shanks superuser, was I was able to change settings per app. Ex. I can turn off toast notifications for a single app... Also, how about possibly centering the pin prompting instead of it being at the top?

App works and grants su, but it seems both allowing options are temporary, and are not saving my forever allowed apps. They are still in logging though...

The following bug only appears with pin enabled. Works without.

Jot Sat
+Cara Fisher fastboot boot custom recovery, flash superuser, reboot. Install a root explorer, ie ES file explorer, and navigate to /system. Note that you might need to enable Mount System r/w in settings... Find and delete recovery-from-boot.p. Reboot to bootloader and fastboot flash recovery. You're all set
+Koushik Dutta On play store it says that this app is not compatible with my Xperia Sola. Why so? I so wanted this app...!
+Travis Bean On the contrary, I love his work.  No one man has enough time to make as many programs as +Koushik Dutta has perfect on their own. TWRP is a team effort and AFAIK their only project, so it makes sense that it would be better since he is only one man with many projects.  And yet there are still ways in which CWM beats TWRP.  I just prefer the UI of TWRP. +Koushik Dutta's dedication to open source is one of the many things that keep me coming back.  I have paid for both CWM touch and Rom Manager (Rom Manager twice) and would gladly pay for this new SU app if he chooses to charge for it.  Most of his products are superior to the competition.  I also understand that he has to prioritize and right now a new UI for CWM is not one of his priorities
+Sandesh Patkar Is not available in Play Store. Its beta. In Play Store there is other superuser app but not one from Koushik Dutta.
+Koushik Dutta great work... Love the app so far... Only issue I have is that it doesn't retain su requests after a reboot... Even after I select "always"... Otherwise it's awesome... Respect!! 
+Scott Miller I am running CM10.1 but when I tried that I believe it requires a reboot, and it didn't fool apps like RedBox Instant. The temp unroot option in Superuser was quick with no reboot required and could quickly turn it back on for my other apps like Carbon.
What do you mean by NDK clean? No native libs/dependencies?
+Steven Mautone I'm not sure if it's recommended, but you can install this without uninstalling other SU apps. I actually have SuperSU, this SU, and market SU all on the same device right now, and am not having any issues.
+Craig Gomez Seems to retain requests after reboot for me using the "always" setting (N4/PA3). I did freeze SuperSU maybe you're getting some sort of conflict if you havent? 

+Andrew Almanza I'm not seeing that bug either.
+Craig Gomez That may be due to another issue that I reported on GitHub. I noticed that the "always" option doesn't remember if you are also using pin protect. +Koushik Dutta acknowledged my issue, and said that he can fix it, so there will probably be a fix in a future version.
+Koushik Dutta I think Theme.Holo (dark) would look better. Looks more pro, goes better with root access.
+Randy Havens +Koushik Dutta I found the same issue that when you have the Pin Protect turned on the apps that request root access are not saved in the app list in the Superuser app and are not remembered for the next time root is requested

Also if you have enabled the Pin Protect and then want to disable it I have found the following steps to force close the Superuser app.

1. Click on Pin Protect
2. When asked to enter current pin just click "Ok" without entering anything for the pin

This will force close the Superuser app.

Keep up the great work, and I will help by telling you of the bugs I find.
+Ben Murphy That doesn't cause a FC on my N10. Might want to grab a logcat, to see what the error is.

EDIT: scratch that, it does FC on mine too. I didn't have a pin, but when I created a pin, and left the first entry blank, then it does FC.
Thanks +Koushik Dutta 
Awesome for a beta :) Working flawlessly on my GNex with 4.2.1 Rasbeanjelly. One thing though, if many apps request access more or less at the same time, some of them are being denied. Timeout set to 30 seconds.
+Koushik Dutta here is the logcat link

But in your code in the com.koushikdutta.superuser.util.Settings class line 185 you might want to try the following

if (!TextUtils.isEmpty(pin)) {
return false
return digest(pin).equals(Settings.getInstance(context).getString(KEY_PIN));
+Ben Murphy this should work:
    public static boolean checkPin(Context context, String pin) {
        pin = digest(pin); // handles null entry, returns null
        String hashed = Settings.getInstance(context).getString(KEY_PIN);
        if (pin == null)
            return hashed == null || hashed.length() == 0;
        return pin.equals(hashed);
Gotta handle both values being null/empty (which should result with true).
I get tired of people making these post and never leading others in the right direction. You go on YouTube and you find the worst tutorials. 
Hi. I was using Superuser by ChainsDD. Now flashed your app. And everything is running great. No FC's and other issues so far. Thax a lot. BTW, i am using Sony Xperia V, stock ROM, Android 4.1.2.
+Brevard Smith If you don't know what to do with this, based on the information provided in the post, you probably shouldn't be using it anyway.

This is a BETA version, which means it likely still has issues. If you are unwilling/unable to recover things when/if issues occur, you shouldn't be using this yet.
So what does this mean for my purchase of Superuser Elite licence on Google Play?
Nothing because it's a completely unrelated app.
Love the app, works flawless! Future suggestion +Koushik Dutta could you allow a black or dark theme. That would be awesome!! 
Now all the rooted apps need to add the super user permission to their app.
+Koushik Dutta very impressive what you have done. would you mind if we use it for paranoidandroid after the beta phase? im still going to use it personally from now on. but we were actually looking out ... for various reasons.
all about the magic...
finally got it to work by repacking the zip.
+Koushik Dutta I figured that it would not matter. I am in the process of forking the project so I can help but I have never used Github other then just hosting my private projects Any pointer would be appreciated. 
Could someone please try to reproduce this: Turn of logs for ROM Manager for example, open ROM manager, notification now says "...granted to app_109". Can't provide any logs where I am right now, sorry. Seems it can't provide correct appname for an app with logs turned off.
Hey heres this cool thing you can do with your Android device. How do you install it. Just Google it, but if it bricks your device I am not responsible it's still in Beta. Stuff Android Users Say.
That moment when you've realized you would rather open a terminal to reboot your device in recovery. What have I become... Thanks for the beta, trying it right now!
Rob M.
Seamless so far; it's quick and does what an SU app should. Glad to have an open source solution to the SU whoas on 4.X+
Will this eventually be the standard SU app in CM if all goes well?
Working great so far and it looks amazing. Thanks Koush.
+Koushik Dutta I have tried twice to install from recovery. The 2nd time I wiped cache and dalvik prior to installing. It didn't install and I lost root. I'm running 4.2.1 on a Galaxy S3 ...

I also attempted to move the APK to the /system/app directory, but w/o root I wasn't able to.
EVO 4G LTE - set the PIN, decided I didn't want a pin - no way to clear? Entering nothing in the PIN seems to forceclose (running a ROM that doesn't show fcs). Runs fine so far though
Hi +Koushik Dutta  should I go ahead & uninstall the old SuperSU as I have already installed your Superuser by u. Pls help. Thx in advance for the nice work.
+Koushik Dutta I solved the problem! I was installing from a subfolder w/in /sdcard ... moving to /sdcard and repeating the process seems to have worked.
Apks-Zips ... it's a general folder of mine for "unknown source" apps
+Koushik Dutta yes... I just checked and the actual folder name is Apks - Zips for the full path of /mnt/sdcard/Apks - Zips/
guys i can't get it to work with flashing the zip .. also i pushed the apk to system/app and su to system/bin and i have the superuser visible in the drawer and i can access it but there is no root .. so what i'm doing wrong ? .. it's cm10.1 on gnex and i'm use to flash after every nightly 
Simply Brilliant! Not a single issue Galaxy Nexus Stock Rooted 4.1.1 BRILLIANT!!!!!
Superuser looks killer! Great work +Koushik Dutta

This may be a dumb question, but this is the only flashable zip I've seen without an updater-script file. How does that work? I looked through the contents but couldn't understand it.
Really need per-app settings on notifications.  Nova needs su to hide the notification bar clock on the home screen but now every time it's kicked out of memory there's another toast.  Gets old quick.

Hopefully replacing SuperSU ends my wife's problem where occasionally Titanium can't get root permissions to run her scheduled backups.

Thanks for your hard work.
Eze Uba
OK, how does one go about replacing the old superuser (chainsdd) with this?
"Busy box works but su does not elevate to root" message when running titanium backup
+Koushik Dutta will this replace Superuser and SuperSU?  We just need to delete both and then flash with CWM?  I'm sort of confused as to why I need multiple SU apps...would be nice to have just one that does it all...not sure where SuperSU even came from or if I even need it since I have Superuser and it's actually a system app whereas the SuperSU just shows as an installed app.
+Michael McGrade Just flash the zip file. It will replace the other superuser apps. From the looks of it this is going to be the ultimate su app. Chainsdd's Superuser has been the standard till recently where it hasn't kept up with other development. There are quite a few technical issues with it and changes don't merge often to its source. It's quite slow in granting su rights for one (in all the JB ROMs I've tried). Problems with Superuser were the reason Chainfire made SuperSU, but unlike Superuser, it is closed source. It also doesn't look very nice in my opinion. Various shortcomings of both apps are the reason +Koushik Dutta decided to make his own Superuser app. The main features of this are that it is completely free, performance well, includes all the features the other apps include in their paid versions and more, and has a much more aesthetic UI.

Also, you shouldn't have more than one su app. The reason you have both Superuser and SuperSU is because Superuser came with your ROM (system app) while you download SuperSU from Play Store (user app). Remove the user app (SuperSU) and flash this zip. It will replace the system app (Superuser). 
I tried installing via TWRP but keep getting failed - error status 4.  I downloaded it twice and got the same error.  Tried  nuking cache/dalvik same error.  Trying to install it on a Razr Maxx on Fuzion JB rom.  Help?
+Chris T Cheung is it in a folder on your sdcard tht has a space in it by chance? There's a bug with that. try sticking it on the sd card root.
K Gill
Hi. Koushik... Seems to be no option of unroot like in chainfire su app....? Or unroot option is hidden some where.? Thanks 
+Chris T Cheung is your device not officially supported by Team Win? That version is old. Lol

After a failed flash attempt, go to settings>advanced>copy log to sd card. (May be labeled slightly different) post that up here. We'll be able to see exactly what's up. The zip location shouldn't be the issue.
+Koushik Dutta it goes crazy with "shell" superuser access and freezes my devices.

Superuser (ChainsDD) did this too. Only SuperSU didn't :(
+Koushik Dutta I see that if an app is allowed/denied for 10 min it will be added to the corresponding allow or deny section within the superuser app.  Would it be possible to get some kind of toggle on the apps in the list that would indicate those apps that only have a temporary setting and allow it to be made permanent (or vice-versa)?  Even better would also be to have the ability to convert an apps status between allow and deny.

I can create an issue in github for tracking if you would prefer.
Installed it into Galaxy Ace S5830M with stock ROM. Apparently it works correctly, for permission has been granted for X-plore, but ROM Toolbox Pro doesn't detect root. The su binary can't be updated?
A nice new superuser app that's open source? Awesome! Thanks for your great work, +Koushik Dutta 
Is this supposed to automatically remove SuperSU when installed from market?
Can I make a request? I switch over and I miss the temp unroot feature found on chaindd superuser elite 
+Koushik Dutta  Check email please. i sent you slovak translation. Anyway, here is latest version with "today´s" strings ... I "made" (apktool, etc..) own version with SK, but will be better if translation will be oficially in your App. Thanks
I was playing with the app yesterday and saw the feature is already included. For ppl who don't know it is under superuser access disable..great app..thanks
Mikey C
Bug report: When an app issues the command "su -c killall processname" the result is an error message that the id cannot be found even when the process name is confirmed running.  The same exact command works fine with Chainfire SuperSU.  Thanks.
I thought: why only flashing Superuser on a Samsung i9001. I also flashed Unfortunately the phone only wants to enter recovery, nothing else anymore - even a normal reboot goes into recovery. Fortunately TWRP works, but I prefer the combination ROM Manager/CWM...
FYI there seems to be a bug. When I disabled superuser access, superuser access is still granted to apps previously given permission. This happens on both my nexus 7 and s4. I have not tested whether or not this is the case through adb. Not that it matters but I rooted both phone without installing the superuser.apk, then installed superuser through the play store. I used the su binary found attached to the apk on the cwm website.
anyone tried rooting an unlocked (fastboot oem unlock) Nexus 5 with the "manual installation method"? 
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