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idontknow... the laser looks like it might be shopped.
Michael A
I shared this on another of the same photo...

Maybe we aren't going to die. As I see it in this photo... Jaws is going to eat the Marshmallow man and the aliens are going to shoot Jaws. The storm will take out the alien ships which will land on Godzilla knocking him senseless and he'll go home.

I'm just not sure about the dragon.
Holy shit! That's real? Amazing I'm gonna share this.
No way. That statue on the middle looks like it's made of cardboard...
mars attacks FTW lol

missing a borg cube
Shopped... the shadows on Stay-Puft are on the wrong side.
Will Lane
Holy Crap Sandy did turn out to be a monster storm 
omg! not stay puff too! think he's going to get ate by the other 3. maybe toasted by the aliens.
Godzilla is terrible about photobombing.
Love this pic reminds me of back in the day and wer the hell is slymmer lol
Oh come off it. Why did you have to photoshop that shark into a very real picture? Everyone knows that shark was just a plastic model. Sigh. Way to spoil it.
I think the statue of Liberty is photoshoped lol.
love the pic mate love it i think its epic
Is this about the Maya Calendar end of the world prediction?
GZ Chen
Sorry to disappoint you but the TV say it is fake
This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels, and from seeing quite a few 'shops in my time.
Do you belive they got (Sharks) in the streets of A City .NJ { Now thats a Storm Baby!!! }
This is not real, because the clouds are so stranges 
Lol what is this I died laughing all that just end me. 
I think the Statue of Liberty is fake =/
this is totally not fake genuine pic
I knew the Stay Puft Man would get his revenge!
got to cal ultraman from japan haha
Jun Don
.... When was Michelin man evil?!?
Jaws vs Godzilla  YES PLEASE i'd pay $15 to watch in 3-D
Jaws is out of proportion juxtaposed with Godzilla.
Shot out to the East coast AC NYNY PHILLY hope u all safe from FATBOY GR MICHIGAN SOUTH SIDE UP TOWN
because that's the real issue with this pic ;-)
Jun Don
yea had a derp moment -_-
CRAZY WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the only fake thing is a statue of liberty. I reckon!
As a mid-westerner, that's pretty much how I envision NYC.
Where are the avengers when u need them
this and parking tickets is why I'm never going to new england
Wait a minute! That's not the REAL Statue of Liberty! Who ya trying to fool? (The rest of that "Sandy" shot looks terrifying! Glad I'm not in NY, NY.)
That Godzilla reminds me of the cover of Guttermouth's album Teri Yakamoto :-)
stay puff was bigger than that iirc. i think its a fake.
I think New York having a bad day
Guys, +Koushik Dutta is a dummy.  Snopes already disproved this one, because the pixels on that Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are obvious signs of it being 'shopped.
Thats obviously fake

Lady libertys head is 2 small
that could be fake. well, ah, no thats perfectly real!
a combo of some of my fav. movies...jaws, ghostbusters, looks like pokemon in the far backround, and any alien movie (preferably MIB) 
i cant understand this!
But I thought people in NY voted for change?
Yikes! This climate change is a doozie
Where are the Transformers. 
We are so safe in LA! LOL. Stay puff gives me the creeps!
I was there, but i thought it looked more like a Thursday. 
+Michael A. Not to worry about the dragon, it's just looking for Shrek's friend Donkey.....
What is da meaning of the picture???
Die Motherfucker, Die Motherfucker, Die!!!
OMG this is so cool!! Where was this picture taken??
Oh my goodness.. To funny, must of been stoned.. lol. Reminds me of ghost busters.ha

Bits / pieces might be...
Nice cut & paste job! Lol
I like how Rush Limbaugh is bravely standing next to the Statue of Liberty despite the incoming hurricane
All fun and games until the staypuffed marshmallow man gets in the mix!!
karan e
spaceship shark and the dragon everything awesome
They need to do a retake because Godzilla was blinking in this shot...
Don't worry folks, Woody and Buzz Lightyear are on there way to round them up.... ;))
A lot of people saying that it is FAKE ...
Uhmmm... I am starting to think so my self...

so that actually happend at New York City
Time to call in the Avengers...
after 2012 reality?  :)
oh god this isin't going to become a meme is it?
I actually laughed at this one, like I really actually laughing, lol love this!
@Sachin Vishwakarma  funniest shit i've read so far lol
The shark doesn't convince me at all, that's when I realized it was Photoshop 
Should've just left Godzilla in the pic, would have made it more convincing :P 
Boy am I glad I no where close to America,let alone this city they call New York.Such chaos!
dont bug me please
thank you
The real future of news reporting
Lol suiting u're beautiful indeed.god bless u.
I call bullshit. That alien looks waaaay to big. Totally shopped. 
Is this what it will look like on November 7 after Mitt Romney wins the election?
Frosty the snow with a sailor moon school outfit FTW!!!! :-)
why do I keep missing the cool stuff?
Um...that's Sta-Puf from Ghostbusters
Amazing but also frightening.
LOLWUT?! I can tell that's fake just by a glips of that, and not just from the sci-fi creatures
yes I did saw these monsters and UFOs with my own eyes on my computer ;) its true
Oh, come on now. If Godzilla was around, Mr. StayPuft would be lightly toasted to a golden brown and ready to be placed between two very large graham crackers with some chocolate....
Independence Day 3? Lol
The way the media is reporting the current storm, you would think this was a real photo.
Totally real. I know a guy who said he dated a girl whose brother had an old boss who said he was there. 
ultraman should be in this pic to kick godzila's ass
awsm its really awsom cretion naaa ha h ahaaaa
awesome pic. Real?
Wow nic pic....any really great,.....
Which Godzilla would win a fight between the Classic Godzilla or the Remake 98-99 Godzilla... I'm betting on the old school one.
People are in trouble and this photo is making fun of them..... really bad
end of world type of shit, know what that means?....... time to max out you're credit cards now!
end of world type of shit, know what that means?....... time to max out you're credit cards now!
is this could be end of world  ...?
 no ..
That statue looks shopped.
ពិតជាឡុយមែនទែន ចុម ឡូយហាណ៎ ហាហាហាហា thank for post
Where is Will Smith when you need him?
Pretty Kool pic just like that koushik 
Mast Creative Mind......lage rahooooooooo.....welldone
true end..............................................................................................................!
its nicely movements....? 
Hahaha... Thats better and you got a friend named NBC
i KNEW all the others were fakes. this is the real deal for sure.
with all these, the water seems so calm.
yha i wonder very nice picture...........
the storm seems worse than i thought..they did'nt say it was this bad on
i think this pic create with photoshop :D
What BS! Everybody knows the marshmallow man got blown up by the Ghostbusters!
See what the government has been hiding from us? But Hollywood has been trying to warn us the whole time!
You know it's all fake right? 
Anas O
This can't be real. Because unicorn and vampires are missing
OMG...Marshmallow-Man - Missed you so much all these years!!! :-D
greatest hollywood movie!!(hideen the real)
mal. Isah nagya says:u.s has not seen anything yet.
The statute of Liberty looks shopped. The rest seems legit.
Wow the pic is nice but 100% fake
No its not. That cloud is fake. 
GODZILLA is visiting New York from Tokyo?

Did JAWS just bite off Godzilla's dick?
There's two characters from Ghostbusters on this pic.
Yeah, real image, yeah yeah. As if we're all stupid.
I can't beleive the Loch Ness Monster didn't make an appearance at this get together.
The statue of Liberty is obviously photoshopped 
Ha ha, a snowman right next to the Statue of Liberty; definitely Photoshopped.
lol i love sharks, marshmalow man and the spac invadrs
there gonna di so fuck them
Not a snow man its The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man
+Mohammed Noor Abdullah That's not a snowman, that's the Mr Stay Puft Giant marshmallow man from Ghostbusters. With Jaws, Godzilla, some UFO's and a blue thing i don't recognise (maybe from Avatar). So definitely not a photoshop! 
Since when do UFOs shoot green lasers??  Fake!!
In which school you are
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