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ClockworkMod Recovery 6: Create Android Update zips on device

Using this new feature, anyone can create an package of their currently installed ROM for others to use.
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Nice!  It's a nandroid-in-a-box!
Excuse my ignorance... how would I use this different to backup/restore?
Oh, this is cool! My wife and I have the same phone! Will this be part of Touch?
so you falsh ROM then boot-> install/uninstall some apps and make "your own" ROM by this new feature?
Thanks for your hard work Koushik. Will this be available for Samsung I777? Will the I777 get a touch recovery from you?
this is best recovery feature from G1 times for me! thanks a lot +Koushik Dutta ur the man!
Available for download yet for Gnex GSM? :o
This is a great feature. I'm never disappointed I went premium. Thanks!
Beautiful work, glad to $upport your efforts! Thanks for sharing your hobby with us.
Wow...when we can expect this feature on HTC One X :)
Yeah, I remember when everyone used to hate on CWM/rom manager because noobs would use it and fuck shit up. I understand the sentiment, you should really know how to do shit manually before you use a "shortcut", but CWM has really matured to the point that I doubt anyone is talking much shit now. +Koushik Dutta has done some pretty amazing work. 
Does this fix the issue on the EVO LTE where CWM 5 nuked the /misc partition?
+Koushik Dutta  Sorry for the post earlier. Just received the update from Rom Manager. Thanks for your work!
Would be nice to know if there will be installed custom Apps (without personal data)  included if i will create a zip in this way. Otherwise i could flash the "original" Rom-Zip from the Dev, there would be no difference.
If it doesn't include /data, it doesn't include installed apps. And there are plenty of changes to be made in /system
+sven daw I do not want to create a feature that could be blatantly used for piracy. If a user wants to create a ROM zip with apps preinstalled, that can go in /system/app.
+sven daw That would attract a lot of negative attention due to it's obvious ability to foster piracy. 
+sven daw A lot of apps don't check. It could be spun as a way to pirate apps en masse. 
Its not worth it, those who don't want to pay will crack it easily, best to focus on making an app people want to pay for
+sven daw  It's not at all. Most apps you can just transfer the .apk from one device to another. I've done it tons of times (for market/play store compatibility reasons, I don't pirate android apps at all). 
+Alan J. Ortiz I would assume it will be included in the next update to CWM recovery for all devices that currently have CWM recovery.
+Koushik Dutta will this be an option in ROM Manager?

So before flashing a rom you can chose to backup or create an .img zip

That'd be a pretty handy option 
The new CWM is about as fast as it's going to get for now, unless you manually backup the partition. 
Does anyone know how to stop the boot loop on galaxy s plus phones without the need for a computer? Every time I flash a new rom I have to put stock recovery back on to get out of the boot loop. I've searched and all the fixes have needed a computer. Please help as its frustrating having to change all the time.
This is great news! Any chance of getting one without the iOS linen background ?
+Koushik Dutta It sounds like the kernel will be included in the  What about the modem?
Hooray! While I loved the backup feature, I was mildly unhappy because it always created RARs. Now, ZIPs are awesome, and save space. Hooray!
Could this be used to flash all our favorite apps after a fresh rom install?
Zac, read Koush's posts up above.  User apps will not be included in the unless you push them to system/apps.  This is to prevent piracy of paid apps.
Abhi Ak
awsm, its looks so classic
this is so sick. been waiting for something like this for a long time. thanks
+Koushik Dutta i am new to clockworkmod recovery and dont know about it much.Is your clockworkmod open source so that i can study it.
Cool feature!

Is that an image in the background or is it just some weird reaction between the screen and the camera? It looks like the 'classy grey fabric' that Apple is so fond of lately. Haha.
Seriously cool feature, man. That's a pretty "big time" thing to do, so I give you props and thanks and look forward to the next update for the HTC One S.
Anyone know why the version for the Xoom is still at 4.x with no touch?  I am just wondering if there is some limitation or something thats keeping this version from coming to it.
+Koushik Dutta Koushik, I was curious if anyone else has been noticing this issue: I've got the Sprint Galaxy S3 and when I go to install a new ROM via CWM I can only see the internal SD not the extSD where most of that stuff is stored. Any thoughts?
+Koushik Dutta Do we have the option to revert to the old-style backups yet? I'd really like to be able to archive off my backups quickly and easily, and the current method that CWM Recovery is not very portable OR quick to copy (with thousands of files per backup).
Although I'm not currently using it, that is truly both a terrific idea and implemented option. Well done!
Blah, thanks +Koushik Dutta you just made my app pointless. Fuck, I worked on it for about a year :( ROM Factory
Nice! Best feature :D

Can this be runned under jb kernel on mango (sk17i)?
could we include /data/ partition?
i need this.. :(
one flashable zip to rule them all.. :D
This seems really cool. I know this would maybe be off topic, but is there any chance we can see support for the Galaxy Note? Maybe at least the new one coming out at the end of the month?
For my old LG P500 junker? I could really use this baby.
damn, i was going to put this in a toolkit! :D
Man,, when u will share ur great hardwork ??
can be wait fo' dat .
i need help with installing the driver for my ZTE Merit when i started the process it stated an error message like this
C:\Windows\adb.exe And error has occurred while trying to replace the existing file; code 5. access is denied
Dude I love the new update and keep up all the great work u do for everyone out there.
Please integrate in new CWM and recovery.c :

-        if (abs(selected - old_selected) > 1) {
-            wrap_count++;
-            if (wrap_count == 3) {
-                wrap_count = 0;
-                if (ui_get_showing_back_button()) {
-                    ui_print("Back menu button disabled.\n");
-                    ui_set_showing_back_button(0);
-                }
-                else {
-                    ui_print("Back menu button enabled.\n");
-                    ui_set_showing_back_button(1);
-                }
-            }
-        }
The solution on everything!! Great job!
Any flashable cwm image file for odin for SGSIII coz I am not able to work fastboot to recognize my device.. Thanks..
This is a great idea, but the new CWM6 takes over 40 minutes to back up my rom on NS4G.  I'm not switching back to v6 until he backup time is comparable to CWM5's 5 minute process.
For the sake of those battling kangers and those who take without crediting... can you add a custom flag in build.prop so it can be identified that the user didn't create anything? =) It's a great idea but as with 99% of the kitchens out there, it leads to donation whores and kanging and someone packaging others work up and deploying as their own.
+Misagh Zayyeni I found out why. You signed up with this email:


However, Google recently stopped using that domain address for all gmail users and moved you to:


So, when that happened, your purchase was lost. I sent a code to your email.
Any help on installing it on SGSIII as there is no flashable zip and flash boot doesn't work on SGSIII.. any way to flash this with adb shell or something.. Thanks..
I try use for my device from my recovery.img.
As I see in log all buils ok exclude next:
----- Making recovery image ------ /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/host/darwin-x86/bin/mkbootimg --kernel /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/m805_892x/kernel --ramdisk /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/m805_892x/ramdisk-recovery.img --cmdline "console=ttyTCC0,115200n8 androidboot.console=ttyTCC0" --base 0x80000000 --pagesize 8192 --output /Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/m805_892x/recovery.img error: unsupported page size 8192 make: * [/Volumes/Data/hudson/workspace/android/jellybean/out/target/product/m805_892x/recovery.img] Error 255
Can I buld myself recovery.img from ready kernel and ramdisk-recovery.img? How do I get out of this project?
hi koushik, could you tell me the whole process how to make for any android phone, because m having micromax a56, its not an well known phone, i want to backup my stock rom, please replay, thnx
hi Kaushik, I am looking for CWM for my samsung sch i589 (Ace Duos), where do i get it?
more like a question. Where can I download touch from for samsung galaxy s3 from sprint,
Please helop me , i want to creating CWM Recovery img for Android ..Pls help me..
Cannot get the created to flash on my HTC One.  It creates it just fine (I can browse the zip in root explorer), but when flashing it it says it does it, but only takes about 1/2 of a second....a bit too quick to re-write /system.  What can I do to get this flashable??

Thanks!   :)
Where stores the output zip file highlighted. How to remove or copy?
"create image zip" with CWM touch and Nexus 4 doesn't do anything, when I press it it just returns to the previous screen. Anyone knows what's going on?
^ Did anyone figure this out?
how can I delete this image file, I try to create one but this file fill all my memory, I don´t see the menu to delete, I use CWM in galaxy s4
same here, I keep searching for the file '' to move/delete but it's not in the clockworkmod folder as was told when the image was created.
I use Moto G 1st Gen. I would like some help, I can't free that memory.
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