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Basically what I've been saying: The fuss over same sex marriage now is basically the same thing as the fuss over interracial marriage 40 years ago.
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If they really wanted to defend marriage, seems to me they should abolish divorce. :S
I love this post! You know what though I know I'm sort of saying what the picture says but 40 years down the line people are going to think why was that even an issue like we do today with racial segregation etc (I know it's over 40 years ago before somebody comes to be an ass)
rudy s
If "race mixing" is Communist, is gay marriage terrorism?
The sad thing is that many of the people who were fighting for their civil rights 40 years ago are against the LBGT community from having those same rights today.
I will never understand how gay marriage negatively impacts anyone who is not gay to warrant the idiotic debates over it.

A must read piece:
rudy s
+Laurent Dinclaux while not openly admitting it, there is a large contingent of religious people that would like to do away with secular government and establish a government based on their religious beliefs.
You know what I bet my local vicar would allow me to marry assuming that the U.K would allow same sex marriage (rather than a civil partnership) so I don't understand the religious side of that argument. Something I don't understand much (no offence to anybody) but why would you want to get married anyway? To me its a piece of paper saying I have to stay with same person and when it's over (unless a pre-nup' says otherwise) I have to share everything.
rudy s
+Stanislav Tarnovsky the difference is that OUR religion is the right one and THEIR religion is the wrong one.
rudy s
+Mathew Hanley in the US there are a lot of financial, health, and family implications to marriage.
+Laurent Dinclaux , I agree and I don't think this should be an issue in all honesty if somebody wants to get married they should I just think both sides are making to much of a big deal out of this.
+Laurent Dinclaux It's not that I disagree what I was saying is that it shouldn't be an issue both sides are making a bigger deal out of this than it should be gay marriage should just be aloud it shouldn't not be aloud!
News flash....Christians didn't invent civil unity. Egyptians were doing it..Greeks and Romans did it.
In all honesty I wouldn't wanna get married in a civil partnership or otherwise I'd feel chained to one guy. I get that some people think it's important to get married I just think that it should be allowed so people feel more equal
People still protest against same sex marriage? That's so... retarded.
if you look at the picture... it's probably the same people from 40 years ago protesting this now...they are just repeating their own history...
The problem is those redneck-hillbilly fucks still act, talk and feel that way.
This is a perfect illustration of what it is to be "on the wrong side of history".
Ben E
lol theres such a big diffrence between both pictures its sad that your even comparing same sex marriage isnt normal at all
Except that the gay agenda has nothing to do with the civil rights movement. You are comparing apples and barbie dolls.
The current world will not be here in 40 years. In ten years you wont even recognize it. Self driving cars are now legal in Nevada. We have video calls from our phones to others phones all over the world. Something horrific happens the whole entire world can see it minutes later on Youtube.

Humans went unchanged for 3000ish years and now within the last 110 things have completely exploded and are increasingly picking up pace. Just the difference between 2000-2010 its a completely different. Social networks with almost a billion users that can instantly connect? The world has become a place that at a moments notice could take a right turn before anyone knew it. We truly have become a school of fish. Unfortunately our environment is not the open sea but rather its a fish tank that everyone is dying to break out of, some more than others. It will be interesting to watch it all unfold.
+Glen Williams Because some people care about more than just themselves. Some people want to let the world becomes a better place instead of working against it.
+Nate Cook "Gay Agenda" = Be happy, and be treated like everyone else. It's pretty much the same as everyone else's agenda, but kept in a more fashionable note book.
+Glen Williams
Basically it comes down to the gays effort to indoctrinate and force their views on everyone else. It's their never ending quest for complete and total social acceptance. The gay agenda will continue until every human being fully and completely accepts homosexuality with all of their hearts, might, minds and strength. Until the entire world celebrates gay day and dances around in underwear the gay agenda will continue.
+Bradley Uffner I doubt it. Most supporters of the gay agenda are the most hate-filled, angry people I have ever met. If I'm not prancing around the pride parades dressed in pink feathers then I am called a backwards, hate filled, religious bigot. Gay's always seem to have a bone to pick and are always angry. I rarely see happy gay people.
Equal right? You mean special rights. There is not a single constitutional right that straights have that gays do not. Name one right in the constitution that straights have that gays do not. Name just one.
+Nate Cook Perhaps you never see happy gay people because the only ones you see are the ones you just finished insulting.
I have to disagree. The same sex marriage debate is not a race issue, nor a civil rights issue. It's about whether or not same sex marriage is moral or immoral, right or wrong. Religious beliefs aside, you can't deny that the human species is designed for male/female mating. Same sex mating is contrary to survival at it's core. It goes against natural design and hinders reproduction of the species. Many are of the opinion that it shouldn't matter what we allow since obviously there are still straight people to copulate and populate, but I don't feel that's the way we should live. Things that go against natural design tend to cause more harm than good. Going against the natural order of things doesn't equal betterment. Genetic mutation and cloning are good examples of that. There are laws in place to prevent other sexual deviations from its natural design, e.g. sex with animals, so why wouldn't people feel the need to outlaw this as well? I'm not stating that homosexuality and bestiality are the same. I'm simply saying both go against natural design and while one is obviously wrong to 99.999% of the worlds population, the other is widely accepted and being pushed for equality with natural design.
Rich S
+James Powell Should people with genetic defects or infertile people be allowed to marry?
Gays can get married as well as straights. There are restrictions placed on marriage that apply equally to gays and straights alike. The restrictions are as follows:1. You must be of legal age to be married. 2. You must not marry someone of close relations. 3. You can only marry one other person. 4. You must marry someone of the opposite gender.

These restrictions are equal for gays and straights. A gay man and a gay woman have the right to be married. Two straight guys can not get married. So you see gays want rights that straights currently don't have - the right to be married to someone of the same gender.
+James Powell In order for something to go against "natural design" you first need to prove the "design" part.
+Nate Cook The same argument could be made if you add "Must be of the same race" to your list also, and it would be just as offensive.
+Bradley Uffner No it would not. Nobody can choose their race. People can choose who they have sex with.
+Nate Cook The argument could be made that a gay man choosing to have sex with a woman doesn't make him any less gay. That invalidates your argument.
ok y would someone think protesting is stupid.......the old one isnt stupid AT ALL WUT R U TALKING ABOUT.
Straight people have no interest in being married to their own gender, and a lesbian doesn't want to marry a random gay guy, nor does the gay guy want to marry a random lesbian, they want to marry their partners, just like straight people want to marry their partners, except for the part where straight people are ALLOWED to marry their partners.
+Bradley Uffner I'd love to discuss the discoveries science has made in recent years that show life randomly generating and existing is mathematically impossible, but that's not what this discussion is about. I will say that there is certainly no proof that there is no design.
umm.....y r u talking to me????
+James Powell Wow... just wow... There is obviously no point in discussing this with you any more. I'm going to go do something productive now.
I agree boy & girl, but I would marry my Mom to change her last name back to "Betty Davis Eyes"
umm...excuse me?? this is your mom
+aaron miller because logic is somehow irrelevant these days? I made my point. The stance of "just because it doesn't affect my sexuality I shouldn't care" being detrimental is my point. Or at least one point. And yes I'm aware that other species have homosexual encounters, but that doesn't change the fact that it's against the reproductive design of that species, nor make it right. Other species kill and eat one another as well.
uuh....ya bye yur confusing me
+James Powell Some animals evolved specifically to defy the traditional male-female reproductive norms. Some species don't even have genders. Some are both genders. Some swap gender roles like male sea horses being pregnant rather than female.

Calling homosexuality unnatural is simply ignorance. It is how evolution works.
Dammit, I just can't stay away from this train wreck...
+James Powell Yes, Evolution... If your side can trot out its fairy tales thinly disguised as science, our side is allowed to bring out the real science.

For reals this time, I'm outta here.
+Devin Gaughan you have proof seahorses weren't designed to operate that way from the beginning? Or more to the point, that they haven't always operated that way?
J Agnew
It's not a comparison between gay marriage and civil rights as much as a comparo between two moments in time (latter one projected) where something that was widely fought/protested becomes accepted. And yes, you're going to look stupid but probably no more than you do right now.
The amount of moronitudeness in this discussion is mind-boggling.
+Nate Cook is right. Who you have sex with is a choice. However, who you are sexually attracted to is NOT a choice. I don't want to marry anyone, but I would like the law of the land to allow me to marry a person that I am attracted to... That has never been a woman.
We don't have equal rights under the law because I don't feel the same way about the opposite sex as heterosexual folks do. I did not choose to be attracted to men, that is just how God made me. I respect that straight people don't understand the difference, mostly because it is hard for me to understand why a man would be attracted to any woman.
J Agnew
Well +Crixtien Chukwu I agree...partly, it was purely a political move (though risky) but it doesn't "stab sensibility in the back" it smacks ignorance in the back of the head and shouts "Wake the fuck up!"
+Crixtien Chukwu gay marriage is between two consenting adults. Pets, cars, etc. cannot grant consent so your argument is silly. By that logic you could bind Haley Barry in a marriage without her consent just because you wanted it to be so.
There is a big difference in the two pictures, in the older one, the people were being discriminated against and had done nothing to provoke it. Gays make the choice to go against what is natural in nature and then make it public, therefore putting themselves in the place to be criticised. They are the ones trying to change others views on true morals.
I'm LOL'ing at the people that think being gay is a choice any more than being black (or Indian like myself) is a choice.

Way to go Straight White America. Represent.
+Devin Gaughan I'd like to see them. I'm interested to see how a fossil shows that seahorses couldn't always change sex. And no I don't know how evolution works because so far no one else does either.
J Agnew
God damn, I hope a lot of people in this thread don't have kids. Let the ignorance die with them.
J Agnew
Newsflash: The entire planet could be gay. Lesbians can still get pregnant.
Marriage should be between a man and a woman, this is the basic foundation in a family.

Same-sex marriage will only lead to the decay of morality in the family, and the society.
Read: Leviticus 18:22
+Evelyn Smith, statements like "Gays make the choice to go against what is natural in nature and then make it public..." is a slap in the face to evolution, which is all but proven by the adaptation. The issue here is there are laws and constitutional amendments that discriminate against the gay and lesbian community. If you're a hetero and don't want gays marrying, that's fine, but denying their right to a similar union, as most states in the US do is discrimination and wrong.
Gays aren't going anywhere and just like blacks in the 20th century, they can only be discriminated against before white, Protestant society is over-powered and forced to treat them as equals. For as many people as claim to be 'Christian' in this country, their quickness to chide and treat gays as a sub-class of humans is VERY unlike their Jesus.

I'd also like to point out that 'marriage' is NOT a religious union. It's a contractual agreement, licensed by states. If Christians are so concerned about their precious 'marriage' (which I laugh @ given the 50%+ divorce rate), then they should have never allowed states to control the regulation and licensing of those unions.
I think that everything including science has proven God has and always will be in the equation. unlike how no one knows how evolution works because there is no proof whatsoever it just a theory to attempt to disprove...which hasn't ever worked, so it remains a theory. Just a theory, and God infact is real, there is no such thing as the "theory of God" He simply IS GOD!
And the other difference is that inter racial couples can still make babies.
These same people causing trouble now will act like they were always for it years from now. Just like the ones who opposed civil rights.
+Koushik Dutta , just the fact that you think the struggle and injustices of racial inequality are anything close to what Rosie Odonnel has to "suffer" through proves that not only your statement, but also you, are retarded.
J Agnew
Sweet Jesus! Gays aren't infertile.
Gay couples can "make babies" too.
+Evelyn Smith no one knows how evolution works? Did you graduate from high school or are you just from Kansas? Evolution works by biological adaptation to environment over generations. That's why there are fish with no eyes in cave water environments and why there are thumbs on primates. Adaptation. Isn't it just possible that homosexuality is an adaptation to over-population OR, since you're a religious one, it's G-d's way of prolonging the extinction of humankind by preventing procreation? Naw... that's silly talk... it wasn't in your bible, so it's not possible, right?
J Agnew
+Eric Welchel It's like a car wreck, I want to Mute but I can't look away.
+Nate Cook you say "Nobody can choose their race. People can choose who they have sex with."

That does't follow because people of different "races" can choose not to have sex with each other too.

I thought the question was about marriage, not sex. What relationship does marriage have to do with sexual activity?

If the objection is about homosexual sexual relations, which will occur with or without marriage, why focus on marriage?

For all the arguments around what is "natural" that essentially seem to say "men and women are meant to have sex and procreate, and that is natural, and only that is natural, and only that type of sexual behavior should be allowed and accepted" - doesn't it also follow that contraception, and any kind of non-child-producing sexual intercourse should also fall into the same bucket of wrongness? At least that's what makes sense to me if you're trying to use any kind of logic.

I think that if you want to follow that thought-path, you should also be proscribing many other non-functional activities that humans pursue simply for pleasure and the enjoyment of life - like dancing and art.
+Warren Rehman not sure I follow your logic on races choosing to not have sex, but marriage and sex go hand in hand. Sex is the physical union of two people.
@ Matthew Couto: your "relationship" doesnt. but a "marriage" does. Because it would redefine the purpose of marriage, from something that is a responsibility and duty to those outside yourself (biological family), to something entirely selfish. Legal marriage is not a "right"; properly viewed, it is a contract, and a burden.
Note: fighting for marriage so you can have social status, is selfish. If you want legal inheritance, blahblah, thats what civil unions are for, go mess with that.
+Matthew Couto Nothing you do effects me personally. But, the ever increasing de-moralization of our country and world does concern me greatly.
+Philip Brown Civil unions are not recognized by many states and between states. Marriages are. Civil unions can have different inheritance rules from marriages. They are not equal or recognized. Incidentally, NC actually also banned civil unions with their last vote.
+Brandon Plank incase you didnt read the other posts i was just agreeing with James Powell on the subject of evolution, there is nothing known about it, its assumptions of how things happened.

and thank you for acknowledging my faith I'm glad i can share :)
I'll bet the same people and/or their relatives are involved in both protests.
+TRENT BORCHARD btw its not hate of people that are doing it, its hate of the practice and were its take our country........
I've never had an issue with same sex marriage, but I'm in an area of the country where religion is pretty popular. In my neighborhood there is a literally a church at ever major intersection, sometimes 2, and if there isn't one, there's one not too far away from the intersection.

Looking at your meme brings a very interesting point to light. I never made the connection until now.

I wonder if the grandparents of the people that are against it in my area looked much like what you portray here.
+aaron miller I made no such statement. Way to twist my words. Good thing they can be read for proof. If you have to lie to stay in the discussion just mute it.
+aaron miller yea sorry i did not completly read the comment by james powell correctly. no, i do NOT think evolution is credible at all, its not credible. i believe the bible and creation for sure only.
I can end this argument right now....Homosexuality is nothing more than a gene mutation and if they were characters in an X-Men movie, you would all want them to have equal rights before the credits rolled anyway, so get over it.
They didn't care last time, why should they care this time?
Anyone who hasn't quite noticed that about the X-Men being more of equal rights for gay couples is quite ignorant. Hence why I find it funny when an extremist conservative loves X-Men but despises homosexuals.
+Evelyn Smith I never said that gay marriage would lead to the whole world turning gay. I simply said that it (homosexuality) is in direct contrast to God's natural design for our species.
Rich S
+James Powell then don't get gay married. But don't expect everyone else to abide by your silly religion, I'm sure you wouldn't want someone else's religious law pushed on you.
Amen, Rich and Koushik.
James--How come we have other gay animals on the planet? Yes, homosexuality exists in all species.
+Pat Anderson animals kill and eat each other too. There's a good reason we don't live like animals.
One man One woman, no matter race... everything else is unnatural.
Is there a large social network that isn't liberal? I thought the conservatives were afraid of change (by definition) and world-wide sharing of open and different ideas.
Ponder this:
You can have a child and raise it with no training.
You cannot do the same if you adopt one.
You can get married with no idea of the consequences of the financial or political or religious impacts on your life.
You cannot do the same to end the marriage. Divorce is ugly and expensive.
You can get sick and go to a hospital but only people who say they are related to you are allowed to make decisions for you, regardless of whether that is what you wanted.

What marriage doesn't guarantee:
That you will have a loving family. That only comes from loving hearts.
That you will have children who want to be with you. That only comes with generous hearts.
That you will set an example for your community. That only comes from involved hearts.

So if you want to disenfranchise a community from the bonds of marriage, ask yourself, Am I loving? Generous? Involved? And will that other person's happiness make mine less valuable?

I bet it doesn't.
These two are totally different pictures.
Steve K
yup,and in another 20years it will be about marrying a goat.baaaaddd idea
The need to feel closer to one's God, is a simple fact or flaw of human nature, depending upon how its viewed. And since God is unchanging or immovable, we as worshippers, are left to joust amongst ourselves, for His assumed favor. During such maneuvers, we often take our eyes off of His fundamental teachings.

While turned away, we form ideological coalitions, religious denominations and political parties - attacking the smallest - believing that fighting in numbers will increase our chances of being right.

In this battle, we join 'only' the armies where the soldiers are like us, living with the sins that are mutually agreed upon as acceptable or less binding. And in doing so, cover our ears, close our eyes and lock our hearts, when God tells us all in James 2:10... " For whosoever shall keep the whole law, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all."

Hence, the need for some to feel nearer to their God, is the reason Gay Rights is a struggle!

This conversation is ludicrous! People should marry the person they love (no talk of goats required), and above all the gender of that person is superfluous to the discussion.
+Greg McAteer This argument would be valid if non-religious people were not allowed to marry. However, religious people or otherwise are allowed to marry as long as they are not of the same sex.
+Greg McAteer: you realize that, for example, the Catholic church is not required to perform marriages for non-Catholics? And yet it's still legal for two non-Catholics to marry? This is no different.
Maxx D
When did you choose to be attracted to a particular gender? When did you choose to not be attracted to the other gender? How did you go about making that choice?
If how you look is a self deterrent, then change your look or your protest. What's it going to be?
I wonder what signs will be up in 40 years: "Stop polygamy" or "Stop Bestiality" or "Stop (fill in the blank)".
+James Powell oh ok thats what i thought at first but when i read it again i also saw how it could mean different
How come in our democracy, majority wins UNLESS it doesn't turn out like you want it to?!
Steve K
what really gets me is all the people worried about who marries who and the real problems are tossed aside. I.E;jobs,hungry kids,illegal imigration,military personel getting canned cause of cuts.suck it up G.A.L. and get over it
That's the plan, do whatever it takes to keep voters away from the country's real problems...
According to a recent Pew poll* support for gay marriage has gone from 57% opposed and 35% in support in 1996 to 43% opposed and 47% in support in 2012. Whether or not the Bible prohibits homosexuality is irrelevant. All laws in the United States are based on the US Constitution, not the Bible.

Regardless, this chart shows that those that oppose gay marriage are going against the tide of history:

Polls mean nothing, they can favor either side depending on who you poll.... votes matter, and a poll was taken in NC... guess which side won??
Maxx D
"Majority wins" is simple mob rule, not democracy. Learn the difference.
I never thought of this this way before. I like this picture! It makes a good point. Someday our kids will be like "but that's so awful! why would they protest against that in the first place?" just like we were when we learned about racism.
+Eric Snead If the facts don’t support you; deny them.

Which side won? The extremists.
Don't support me?! They voted!! How much more proof do you need?
And how in the world can you say majority wins isn't democracy?? What the hell is a vote?? What is an election?? The guy with the most votes wins, last time I check more votes = a majority....
+Eric Snead The fact that bigots are the majority in North Carolina doesn’t really constitute proof of anything. Except that NC is a state I wouldn’t want to live in.
Excellent, obviously they wouldn't want you there... I actually live in VA and we passed the same law six years ago, and life is good. The state hasn't crumbled, the so called boycotts were a joke and I am proud of my state...
Rich S
+Eric Snead North Carolina would probably legalize slavery if it was on the ballot. Or ban interracial marriage. But human rights shouldn't be voted on.
The past? Lol, that vote was last week, not too long ago... it will NEVER change as long as people have the right to vote. NC proved that, hell even the people in CA proved they didn't want it until the courts stepped in.... you talk about the past, well its people like us that are trying to keep this country from suffering the same fate as the Roman Empire....
silly liberals trying to equate the democratic party 50 years ago with the republican party now.
What about somebody that wants to screw a horse?? Do they have a civil right to do that??
And yes, animals do have gay tendencies.... but what happens to that animal if it never corrects that and breeds?? It DIES without continuing the species, that's not natural no matter how you look at it! The one rule in life is to produce life and keep it going, how does homosexuality do that? And don't say adoption, the baby still had to come from someone.....
Rich S
A gay couple I know used a surrogate to have a baby. More couples would adopt if the hurdles were as easy to clear as it is for straight couples. But who says marriage is about having children?
Its not all about children, but if you are going to use the nature argument then that is the focus, survival...
Highly doubtful, the people that are opposed to same sex marriage are because they believe in the Bible. Last time I checked the Bible has not changed a whole lot in the last 40 years.
mohamad hassan - u cant ask normal people to accept up normal, however victories write the history. we will wait 40 years and c who win...
Everything goes against the bible until it doesn't. Thank goodness the Americans aren't harping on pork, that would be the end of civilization.
+Eric Welchel Unfortunately, I was not alive 40 years ago so I cannot attest to that argument. What I can tell you is that there is nothing (to my knowledge,) that goes against being in a interracial relationship. What the Bible does say is that you must be equally yolked, which means you and your spouse must have the same religion.
Greg S
I love how bestiality and pedophilia always get brought up in these (I'm being kind) "discussions" - because two consenting adults are the same as one adult and someone who can't consent, of course. And also how it's "god's design" - hey, anyone who says that, the onus is on you to prove it! Now get cracking! And please try to remember, just like all the people who are claiming that the pictures above aren't more or less exactly the same have forgotten, that loud assertion isn't a method of proof!

[ETA: this may come in handy - try to stay off the bottom of the pyramid, OK? ]
Wow, what a loser of a comparison. Sounds like you have no tolerance of religion. Did you ever think that to get respect, you have to learn to give it?

As far as the bottom half of the comparison itself is concerned, those are you folks, carrying your signs.
Having faith is vital.
Living your faith, is vital to happiness.
Pursuing happiness is an American right.

Legislation that forces someone to adhere to your faith is fascist.

To me gay marriage isn't about sex, nature, children or god. It's about being able to comfort a sick or dying loved one. Right now hospitals can deny that comfort because of faith based legislation. A dog will comfort you when you're ill. Why wouldn't god? This debate isn't about procreation or evolution, it's about love and grace and the human soul. Those things don't fit in a little box. Or in the words of narrow amendments. If your heart is big enough and you soul allowed to grow large, you know what's right and what's wrong. You know what's freedom and what's fascism.
+Philip Brown What you and others fail to realize is 'marriage' is no longer a religious ceremony, so the definition HAS changed (long ago, in fact). Today, 'marriage' in the US is simply a contract/license between two people, issued by the state, that allows them to share certain benefits by the state and society. The Christian claim that gays marrying would redefine marriage is simply asinine, because the term refers only to the union of two people; any sexual orientation connotation is subjective and related to the lingering religious feelings for the word.

It's time Christians realize 'marriage' is a state affair, NOT religious and we all move on to more important shit, like how our economy is going to fail in a few years if the US doesn't stop borrowing like a teenager with a new credit card.
+Brandon Plank Marriage predates Christianity, true marriage is independent of state and religion. it's just been hijacked. I am against gay marriage as much as I am opposed to heterosexual marriage, Mugs game. :-)
40 years ago was 1972 when color cameras were available. That picture is likely from 1964. #nitpick
+Eric Welchel woa woa woa, What you are referring to is Matthew 19:21. This in no way says that everyone must sell everything they have to get to heaven. This was a parable where a rich man wanted to know if he could follow Jesus, and Jesus told him to sell all his possessions and give the money to the poor. Jesus did this to prove that the rich man's heart lied with his own money, rather than loving his neighbor or trusting God.

This is why it is important for people to not use one verse as a reference, because you can spin anything you want off of one verse. Sure when you read that verse alone it sounds like you are supposed to give up everything you own. However, he was strictly speaking to the rich man, not everyone as a whole. Many people also think Leviticus 11:9-12 says that we shall not eat shrimp, because that is what it says. However, the book of Leviticus was written as rules for the Isrealites.

You have to fully read the Bible to understand it. You cannot just scower the internet for verses that say radical things and exploit them, because the Bible is meant to be read all together....just like every other book.
+Koushik Dutta ... everytime you post one if these gay marriage things, I get worried about the human race... and it's not because of the gays guys/gals.
Anybody else wants to LOL @ the homophobes when the first gay president takes office?
I've read many of the books of the Bible (or at least the books that now make up the Bible used by the Cathlotic Church) so I know that we shouldn't live our lives simply based on it, and if I was going to live my life strictly by what the Bible says I'd choose the more positive passages "Let he who is free from sin, throw the first rock" and so on.
Now if all of you want to live according to the Bible then get ready to have your daughters get you drunk and have sex with you with the aim of getting pregnant by you, because hey, if it happened to one of the Patriarchs then we should follow their example, right?
Six Color Rainbow is the new Black ...
+Koushik Dutta Stereotyping "Straight White America" isn't cool. I'm in that group, and I firmly believe marriage should be allowed between consenting adults, regardless of gender. Stereotyping the way you did is no less ignorant than stereotyping Indians as bad drivers. I am no less bothered by the ignorance and bigotry on this thread than you are, so please don't lump me with them.
+Ben Epstein please tell us why it isn't the same at all, both deal with people meddling in the affairs of people they do not know because they are personally uncomfortable with it. If you don't like gay marriage then don't marry a dude, but why should you tell someone who you don't know what to do? That doesn't sound very "free" to me
+Nate Cook you ask for one right that straights have over gays? How about the freedom to get married to whom they love?
+Nate Cook and just saying they can get married to someone of the opposite gender is completely ignoring the fact that the people you are talking about are gay...
People are going to do what people are going to do. So, why should some groups of people get all bothered about it. There are more important things in life than to worry about what others are up to in their own homes!! This applies to many issues some groups protest about!

Can I protest about too much protesting?! :-)
I don't condone the behavior of homosexuality but will never treat a gay as a sub human and treat them with the same respect as every human deserves.
On the issue of marriage, eliminate the marriage license.
I only see white people at both gatherings. Must be something...
Does anybody else find the "one man + one woman FOR LIFE" in this photo as amusing as I do? Especially when many of the people fighting SO HARD FOR THE SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE have rates of divorce many times higher than the already pathetic average
Can we outlaw the ignorant,magic god people from being allowed to speak instead? Then the rest of us could finally make some headway in our INTELLIGENT DISCUSSION. It's hard to get anywhere with all that 'my morals are better than your morals' crap and the 'evolution is a theory and God is REAL!' garbage they throw in to attempt to make the rest of us into little scared animals huddling in a cave together, thinking the Lightning God must be angry at us because we didn't burn the right leaves and say a magic spell before we ate our dinner.
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