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I hate to say it, but the new Gmail app for iPad is better than the Android tablet counterpart.
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How so? What about the iPad app is better, just visually it looks better?

From my perspective it looks more like the Google Now / G+ coloring and styling.  Is that what you mean?
Isn't like that everytime Google makes an app for the iPhone/iPad? :P
+Tim Glaser Different UX.

The Android version shows all the labels on the left, and the messages on the right. Content opens in a separate window.

The iPad shows the messages on the left, and the content on the right. And you can swipe to the right to quickly show the labels.

The labels are extraneous information, as 99% of the time users just want to see messages in their inbox.
the video posted doesn't make the iPad version look better to me.  I wish I had my iPad still right now so I could compare.
Rich S
I'm jealous of the iOS integrated doodle thing.  I'd only use it to send sketches of dongs to friends, but I still want it.
The Android tablet layout did almost not change since Honeycomb 3.0 which is QUITE old. I think the main UI is probably in for an overdue soon. 
Something else I'm not seeing mentioned is the addition of Google+ support on the iPad app.  Is that also there on the Android tablet version, too?  

Basically you can open Google+ notification emails and it'll show the comment thread and allow you to add comments as though you were on the Google+ website.
Doesn't the Android version show the messages on the left and content right in landscape? There isn't enough room even on the iPad in portrait... It does look a tad nicer though.
when you open an email it puts the content on the right and then the messages on the left.  swiping in gmail keeps the ability to archive/delete a message with swyping, whereas back jumps you back to labels.

i love swipe to delete/archive and am thrilled that it finally came over from WebOS.

I guess I wish you could have a 3 panel UX where you have labels/messages/content visible while in landscape mode.
+Ben Baggley Nope. It is the same layout in landscape.

Edit: Ah, nice it behaves better in landscape. Still no swipe action though. It's a bit clunky.
hmm im thinking it has more to do with preference.  Different strokes for different folks =P
+Koushik Dutta if you are in landscape, and you open a message, it switches to message on the left, content on the right.

if its not doing this for you.. then o.O.
+Koushik Dutta that's not how I remember it, also not how it is in the Play Store screenshots
+Koushik Dutta ah I thought so. I like the new style of the iOS app but I think it makes more sense at least on a 16:9 display in portrait to show the content full screen. Hopefully they will refresh the Android version at some point but I can't see it happening soon.
Yes we know koush. Google is pissing me off.
Correct. Which means hopefully we'll see this for Android soon.
hmm i have ipad Mini and the nexus iPad mini i cant swipe to a new email under the new gmail app..neither can in iphone 5..but on my nexus 4 i can the next email
i prefer a full screened view of what im seeing, i always hated how iOS split the screen like that. i noticed the first time i installed twitter on my ipad
+Koushik Dutta replying to the post, I have the same feelings about YouTube apps. The new YouTube for iPads is much better than YouTube for Android tablets. At least I think so.
I never understand why google does this. 
I don't blame them for releasing their software in iOS but you should always bring your best software versions to Android first...why punish your most loyal customers... this is about the 3rd or 4th time they have done this... I really do not understand this!
+Duarte Molha On the other hand... #ingress

I think they use iOS as a test platform, and also because, well, fragmentation... like it or not fragmentation is an issue.
I think it's not quite so clear that the iOS version is better.  They are very similar, with the iOS looking a bit nicer.

G+ app is better on Android than it is on iOS IMO.

I haven't seen the youtube app for iOS but it's quite nice on my N10.
+Eli Fennell Fragmentation is a word many apple fans like to use to prove iOS is a better platform. There is no fragmentation in Android, the same way as there is no fragmentation in Windows . Most software runs fine on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Guess what ? Most android apps run fine on Froyo, ICS and Jelly Bean and google has shown that then can make great apps that are cross-compatible (g+ app, gmail and maps all run fine in the 3 latest android versions.

If you what to talk fragmentation, I'll tell you what that looks like... How about a change in screen size breaking compatibility with all iphone apps in the market? I would call that fragmentation wouldn't you?
+Duarte Molha I've never argued that there is no fragmentation in other platforms. Microsoft is far worse. But this is an iPad app, and as yet iPads are pretty uniform. One screen size, one form factor. Mostly true of iPhones, too, the only difference being a half-inch more screen real estate in the iPhone 5, all of it vertical.

Developing for Android is like web development... so many screen sizes, screen resolutions, form factors, etc..., not to mention different processor architectures and such, and it takes a representative sample of at least a good dozen of the most common types to be sure it looks and works good across platforms. And still there are always issues.

I'm as big a fan of Android as anyone could be and not have their brains fall out, but when it comes to fragmentation, and although it's not the apocalyptic issue iFans often make it out to be, the old saying is true: Denial ain't a river in Africa.
The ios version looks like the webOS email app
+Eli Fennell ... Yes they have to do more checks to make sure things look good in many different form factors... as for different processor architectures ... I do not beleive that is an issue. You develop apps using the SDK that provides a hardware abstraction layer so you do not have to consider the many different processor types out there (unless you are doing something really unconventional in your app). Please correct me if I am wrong. 

And in relation to the app development, I have not had much exposure to it but I beleive that Android SDK provides flexible tools to create dynamic UI that adjust to many different screen sizes so this is not such a big issue especially to a company with so much resources like Google... that is why it irks me when they release better software versions in iOS before Android.
Some Android apps (BW and Pulse) now use that swipe to the left for labels, so I hope Gmail for android adds it soon.
what is this person even doing? ohh the ipad scrolls better? lol.
Haven't tried it on my iPad just yet, but will have to tear myself away from my iPhone 5 and try it out. So far, I'm pretty impressed w/the iPhone version - no matter what I've read so far. Personally, it's better than the default iOS Mail app, and that's all that matters to me.
derp how is that possible?
their one tab has to have the best right
I label each email I read (unless its spam in which case I mark it as spam) - So the Android version works better for me.
+Ekrem Koseli good attempt at starting a flame war... not really bothered... Buy whatever device you want...its you money.
Competition is good and it will make my android devices better, and keep more money in my pocket.  So spend as much as you want on your overpriced gadgets... I am happy for you!... Really! :-)
I wonder what would happen if Google one day shuts down their iOS apps, the google apps are the #1 used apps by iOS users. Just wondering what the iOS users will do.
+Harry Evangelou They would probably sell their stock in Google because that's retarded.

Google makes more money off iOS than Android (as revealed from court filings in Oracle vs Google).
What's retarded is Apple getting rid of Google Maps and coming out with get lost maps. Maybe that is why iOS users are selling their Apple stock (down 25% since).
It took you half hour to come up with that lame response??... but maybe you got lost with them iLOST maps. :)
+Harry Evangelou ... this is +Koushik Dutta post... if you want to tell something to the world, build yourself an audience that is willing to follow your ideas. Until then, try and be a bit more respectful in somebody else's house...
I also prefer android to apple but it is not my place (or yours) to judge someone else's opinions. 

You are acting childish... Peace
Yeah that is his personal opinion... but I kind of like N10 one over the iPad, N10 seems to have more room for the actual content...
I'm a big time Android fan, but I'm impressed on the app quality that Google has on IOS. I got an iPhone 5 after years of using pure Android, and the phone just works. 
+Ismael Rivas - that's exactly my story as well. I still have my HTC One S, rooted and running CM10 nightlies - of course.
The font in the iOS app looks a bit metro-y.
+Koushik Dutta those numbers of Google making more off iOS are insanely old now. Android's market share is way way up from those days.
How is the Android version more "clunky" when it has swipe-to-archive/delete which is far more useful than a random side pane that shows labels that nobody uses anyway?
I acctually find the new window for mails on android better then having a small window next to the list of mails like on iOS.
Hopefully our opinion change when key lime pie come out... BTW I agree with you. 
Dafuq +Google Developers
Why would you bring the better version to the competing OS? Something just isn't right in your department...
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