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Yes. Yes. Yes. A million times yes. Now, carriers need to do this as well.
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What do you mean? Carriers already have tiered plans.
Actually, for heavy users, it's going to cost more. The caps will still be there, but instead of warnings, you'll get additional bills.
Carriers need to be thinking of speed based plans. Let us pay more to be throttled less. Pay less and be throttled to a certain speed.
Rich S
At least they're keeping the limits at reasonable levels. I feel bad when I hear of users with absurdly low (25GB) caps in other countries.

For wireless data, I like Tmobile's implementation of 'unlimited' - full speed up to their advertised limit, then a speed decrease, rather than an unexpected bill for overages.
+Koushik Dutta Eh? Verizon offers 2/10/20GB plans with $10/1GB overage. They throttle users grandfathered into unlimited data plans, but I don't think they charge you an overage fee and throttle. (not that I would put that past them)
+Ron Amadeo Oh nice! Is that new? I didn't have that option when I last looked. T-Mobile and Sprint are both faux unlimited.
That's still bullshit! With the speeds they provide 250GB or even 300GB is too little...
It's a monopoly, there is no competition. Everybody is consolidating. They need to break them apart and encourage little guys to offer their services for much better money. Where's this so called "Free Market", why it doesn't work in US any more? Big guys are pushing little ones out and push their agenda and prices that are best for them, not customers. There's no competition!
+Chris Sewell I have broken 2TB of transfer in a single month on my FiOS connection multiple times and have never had any problems.
+Michael Evans I know, we talk about our hate for ISPs quite often. Bouncing this off of him here because fuck all of you that's why.

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i used to work in CSA (customer security assurance) for comsuck - and we had a "no bend" rule when dealing with people who exceeded.... i would say a GOOD 90% of offenders were clueless (open wireless - kids torrenting - etc) - VERY VERY few actually knew about and had legitimate reasons for going over 250gb in a calendar month --- no mercy was shown regardless.... #2cents
on a side note - im FiOS now and LOVE the internet - i dont watch enough tv to care or comment on that service - but i will say the guide is far superior to comsuck.... k, bai
Yeah, I work from home and often need to transfer lots of data back and forth with my office. Also I stream Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD and would hate if ISP would try to hinder my usage.
Hiking the cap up 50 GB and then charging excessive usage sounds fine. I don't think I've ever hit the cap personally, but this is really the way to go.

Personally, I'd love to see speed to everyone be as fast as they can manage, and pay by the bucket for bandwidth usage. But my 30 Mbps Blast service is good enough. Extreme 50 and Extreme 100 are just a little too steep for me though.
Yeah, confirming +Ron Amadeo's stuff, this is standard Verizon stuff. And has been since last year. The one thing Verizon isn't doing right yet, is that you still have to pay $30/mo. more to tether, though on the bright side, if you grab their tethering add-on, they also give you an extra 2 GB of data with it, so if you were going to use that much data anyways, it's not too bad price-wise.
Really? The caps were why i left comcast. I would like a faster option than verizon dsl.
im sorry - but PAYING MORE for 50gb at a time - no thank you.... ill start hacking wifi networks before i go that route - ha
My whole issue right now with my new condo, is I'm very iffy on setting up any wireless at all, because I don't trust any current wireless security standard to protect me.
Just shedding a little info on the matter. I live in Louisiana and I have Cox. I'm on a 3Mb/s plan and supposedly I have a 50GB cap but can increase it with a higher tiered plan. I've gone over my limit at least 4 times in the past 8 months with no negative repercussions.
Hey Google, where's Google Fiber? Since you are the cloud your business model relies on us having cheap and unlimited access to the data that you are hosting for us.

With mobile carriers and ISPs charging by the byte, it's time you deploy your own wired and wireless access nationwide, and show the other carriers how to do Internet.
I'm really confused. I just looked at my account, and according to them I've been using an average of 450 GB of data per month for the last 3 months. No notices of being capped, no internet slow down. All I do is stream Netflix to my ps3 all day for the kid. I dint even torrent anymore.
Personally I'm not a huge fan of Tiered Internet pricing no matter what form it comes in. Data is pretty cheap, and the ISPs way over charge for it. If data cost as much as the ISP's charged us, services like netflix and google, and about anything else on the internet would not be able to afford to operate. Internet charges to consumers is price gouging at its finest. Like a previous individual, im all about paying for faster access, but not the ability to download x number of bytes, with the option to sign up for more bytes if i need/want them.
+David Keymel Pretty sure the reason Google can afford their data is because they're essentially their own ISP. They're plugged right in to the backbone.
Glad I am not a comcast customer and hope FIOS will stay the way it is.
The problem is that Comcast and other cable providers LARGELY over sell the capacity of their network. Data caps are a way for them to scare customers into using their service less.
I have a cap of 100Gb here in Germany. No tears my American comrades.
No cap, no throttle. Finnish way, hopefully lasts for a while longer.
+Rodney Thomas I have a cap of 250*MB* here in Germany! Who are you with and paying how much?!
I wish we had Fios in Charlestown, Ma stuck with DSL 😭 can't stand comcast and there ridiculous prices.
+James Snook I'm with TKS (American robbers). But Vodaphone has a great deal.... good lord man. Who do you have?
+Rodney Thomas o2, the o20 tariff. It's only ten a month but the signal is balls and the cap is harsh!
+Jake Weisz Well, that is exactly the problem, rather than invest the money they are making on upgrading they just try to charge you more for less. They are not trying to make us want to pay more by improving their service like virtually every other service in existence, they are just trying to make us pay more and give us as little as they can, for as cheap as they can. Really the main issue is competition, there is not enough of it to make the market fair and to self regulate the pricing. Each ISP has their "zone" and they all like it that way and keep it that way.
+David Keymel I don't know, in this case they are expanding their service along with the cost. High-speed data past 250 GB is now available for an extra fee, where before it wasn't.
+James Snook do you live in a village that doesn't have true DSL? Does Kabel Deutschland not have service?
+Rodney Thomas I just realised I was reading comments on a story of DSL, not Cell. Saw yours mention Germany and thought "how!?". Not a lot of sleep these last two shifts is my excuse but in reality apparently I was being a bit stupid!
+Jake Weisz Yes, but, if you really think about it, its just letting you get to the point where you have to spend more money faster. You get 250GB data limit, sure download at 50Mbits, and get to your limit watching tv online or downloading random junk off the internet in a week if you are really into downloading large files, watching lots of Netflix/Hulu. Maybe more than one person watching things at the same time, Onlive gaming... Once you hit that limit, you start the counter for paying extra money per gig, which will count pretty quick. Netflix, Hulu, and Onlive and other such companies are going to get hurt here since ppl have to scale back, and probably consider canceling them because they cannot use them anymore. All i know, is we went through this in Rochester, and TWC tried to convert to this, and it was not reasonable. they did effectively the same type of thing. "oo faster speeds" and itty bitty data allotment. It doesn't make sense as a consumer to want that.

I am all for paying for stuff i use, but when you charge a markup of a percentage you probably couldn't fit onto a sheet of paper if you were to try and write it down, then there is a problem.
Good application of Net Neutrality +John Davis ...

Reading your stories, I feel happy to leave in France, where broadband access have no data cap, and where pricing is not based on usages types.
... At least in dsl/cable/fiber broadband. In wireless 3g, it is an other story...

I'd like to add that I work for a French ISP, so I know that really unlimited Internet access are possible, and viable on the economic side.
I'd much rather have cap and throttle than cap and pay. The reason I was upset to see the caps in the first place was I saw overage fees on the horizon. Fortunately I can get DSL from a local ISP.
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