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ClockworkMod Touch Recovery

I've started rolling out ClockworkMod Touch recoveries in ROM Manager (v5.0.0.0, new on the market)!

They will be available as a $1.99 in app purchase, or as a free download on the ClockworkMod website:

Currently, supported devices include (stay tuned, as I am updating this list as I build):
Samsung Nexus S
Samsung Nexus S 4G
Samsung Galaxy Nexus (CDMA and GSM)
HTC Desire
HTC Desire HD
HTC Evo 3D (GSM and CDMA)
HTC Thunderbolt
Motorola Atrix 4G

I will be following this up with more popular HTC and LG devices. More manufacturers may follow as I work out various kinks in the new touch panel code.

The touch code is still beta, so please report bugs and be patient :)
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Is it flashable through cwm? You should check out the current topic of conversation in the ns4g forum in xda right now.
I'd love to see this on my LG G2x if possible :]
Gonna try it out soon! Great news, thx Koush!
Next up? Localization? In case you need it-IT, just drop me a line ;)
I installed the touch beta from the post you made on +ClockworkMod, that said it was for the CDMA and GSM models. There are multiple comments about it on the post.
+Chris Gustafson I was mistaken, that one will screw up flashing ROMs if you flash the GSM one on CDMA. This one is a proper build for toro (cdma nexus).
Purchased! Thanks for the work on this!
I just bought it to help support the project :)

Thank you very much for this :D

Edit: touch control doesn't work :(
(Nexus S i9023)
Great. Are you planing to release the sourcecode, so we can port it to devices not supported by clockworkmodmanager?
+Eka Wirya Erg, I have a Nexus S i9020T that I tested on. Works fine. Does the UI have the big buttons and such? Is it recovery version
Touch ( didn't work on my i9023 :( The recovery itself seems to work, but just not touch.

edit: +Eka Wirya's first post didn't show up when I wrote this...
No, it looks just like the old one ( but with a lot more space between the lines.
Nice work! Is Galaxy S2 support far away?
Thanks for your great work.. please add support for HD2
That's really quick :D

I can confirm that it now works :D

Thank you very much! :D
Flashed on GN. Working great but can't scroll when I interact on bottom of page. Is it normal ? An other issue, I can't get out of key test.
Hummm. Can you do gestures on the bottom of screen ? btw still stuck on key test :) I understand for key test but how do I get out of it :)
Any source links? Id like to try port to this to Droid 1.
OK. I can't explain it seams sorry. I have seen an other touch enable version of your recovery and in this other one you could interact on the "bottom of screen" to scroll, go back and so on, is that possible in yours. Am I more clear ?
Yes it was this one, with arrows rigth. So "gestures" are not in yours. Rigth ?
Has the recovery version changed fro everyone? It still shows my recovery as instead of

Also, does ROM Manager use flash_recovery +Koushik Dutta ? I tried using it the other day to flash the one you posted and it didn't work - I had to flash via fastboot
+Scott Spence Nah, flash_image wont work. Need to use dd or fastboot. I recommend fastboot.

Refresh the download page if you are on crespo. You'll get a link.
dd scares the crap out of me so yeah fastboot ftw!

I flashed this version via rom manager, shall I just get it from the dl page? I use a GSM nexus
Purchased and works great. Thanks.
+Koushik Dutta is the GSM EVO 3D supported? Couldn't find the 'missing' information thank you.

Never mind, rom manager told me that it's not :)
Please add a way to go out of key test. All is great and easy to use. Thanks.
Not familiar with in app purchases. Is it a one time purchase? Or will we be charged again for future updates?
If i have purchased Rom Manager (Premium) ?
I need to buy another to allow touch imput ?
Nice work, Koush, thx! Used the in-app purchase to honor your work.
But it's a bit confusing to have 2 "flash recovery" options now, the old one and the new touch version. The old one at the top now says the latest version has a lower version than the installed version ;) And the new option does not tell you something about versions at all. Would be nice if this can be integrated somehow. But that's only a little bit UI nice-to-have :)
+Koushik Dutta got you the 1,99$ :) works as desired. didn't try flashing a rom or something but touch works good :) awesome!
Hi...HTC Desire is showing "CM Touch Recovery is currently not available for your device"...when i tried with ROM Manager....
any advice ?
Just bought it for my GSM GNex :) Great work!
+Tomáš Pytlíček Yes, this is a separate product.

Some users prefer a Android/ROM Manager touch input and get Premium. Other users prefer using recovery, so this is for them.
+Melvin James It's definitely there. Can you manually get it from my website? is your internet connection stable? It may just be freaking out and not detecting it if the connection failed when searching for it.
nsx nsx
works perfect on galaxy nexus gsm! thank you
Hey +Koushik Dutta ! Awesome work! Just wondering if you could extend your support to the Samsung Galaxy SL GT-i9003. It would help us out immensely! Thanks for you contributions to the Android world!
I got the image from the site...trying it now..
Worked perfectly on my Desire GSM. Flashed it via 'fastboot flash recovery" and went without a hitch. Thanks for all your hard work.
when will you add support for touch recovery for wildfire s? Cant wait to test it :)
Can't wait for Sensation support!
this thing made my Galaxy ace dead :(
Ok if this works on 19000 variants that would be first gen Galaxy S devices correct? So this should work on my Samsung Mesmerize?
It says its not currently available on my GSM GN..
very classy! gone are the days of rocking the volume buttons! :)
Installed via fastboot and it's work fine! BUT how about to add it to premium version? Fail as separate purchase :(
+Koushik Dutta hey i have bought your Rom Manager Premium will this touch feature be on Htc My touch 4g Glacier?
cool, that amazing, excelent, i realli like CW, thanks, buying now XD
Ilya K.
Can we expect the source? Would love to hack it onto my OG Transformer :)

I've just bought the Touch version through ROM Manager (Android Market), but i don't have an option to flash it? I've rebooted my handset and still dont have the option. If I tap the 'Flash ClockworkMod Touch' option, it prompts me to purchase it again? Any ideas?

EDIT:- Fixed, needed to clear the data
Still no rezound support i wasted my money should have bought the junk sammy nexus :(
Still, should I uninstall and reinstall?
+Koushik Dutta any chance of getting it on a tablet (i can build for the Galaxy Tab if you want - OG, 7 inch)
+Leonardo Gandini This is a separate product. Not actually part of CWM but usable through CWM. When you buy a $300 CD player ( i know showing my age) do you expect to get all the CD's free? Anyway +Koushik Dutta I applaud all your hard work and devotion to your customers. If only all manufactures would listen to their customers as well as you do, we might have better products out. BTW congrats on 1M+ downloads!
This is great and everything, but do we get a look at what it looks like?
on the toro recovery, we cant mount the phone via usb in recovery? maybe im missing that option or its not an option.
just installed by adb works perfect but clearing dalvik did have a slowness to it

+Koushik Dutta, any chance this will support the ICS encryption stack in the future? I'd really like to make use of it, but that isn't currently viable as it blocks all use of the internal storage (nandroid backup/restore, flashing ROMs, etc.), and the Galaxy Nexus doesn't support a removable SD card.
Thanks man. Purchased the in app version just to support. Been using your apps since the OG EVO.
Saw the new version in the market. Unfortunately, this version doesn't work on the Bionic either and I had to fall back to again. Will you ever fix that compatibility?
Waiting (im)patiently for HTC Vision/G2 version. Love this work, Koush!
. . . still nothing...... ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for galaxy s 9003 ;-)
Cool looking forward to this release on optimus 2x hope it stops the vibrate issue I have in recovery!
Excellent! I am hopeful to see support for the HTC Rezound on that list soon!
Koush check your in app purchasing. Was able to download and flash despite my payment being declined (hadn't updated my new CC) on google market. Made a payment on paypal afterwards.
Paid to support your awesome work for Android!
+Koushik Dutta my device doesn't yet have the support. But makes me wonder whether it is fair to be asked for support by purchase if i already have paid for the premium rom manager? This is giving you pretty bad ratings currently in the market.
+Koushik Dutta, my only question:

Why do you have TWO Action Overflow buttons in your app? :P (A couple of lines of code should make it to where the top one shows up only on ICS phones.
Works like a champ. Though I could flash it via fastboot, I chose to support your efforts through the Market. Keep up the good work.
Thanks man, don't think people appreciate how central your recoveries are to Android development when they are barking about something you develop for no cost.
The most absurd thing of it is that the recoveries are free... FREE... go to the website and download them for FREE.
Yet there are still reject troglodytes that love to rage over anything they can.
So I say rage on trogs, or have some dignity, and show support for someone that puts so much effort into something we all use, if not love.
It's a tax for lazy people, deal with it lol. :P

Will this eventually be standard in CM +Koushik Dutta?
Hey..what about xperia series.....pls do sth wd xperia..plssssss
amazing work. devs like yourself make android what it is.
Just bought this for my maguro, working well. Wingray next please.
Please support galaxy note, thank you for all the uptdates.
Worked perfect on galaxy nexus GSM. Bought paid version. Awesome!
Jordan, it's a different product altogether, no need to complain about not getting free stuff.
Just bought it, it is great, thank you very much!
HTC Desire is supported but no HTC Desire S? C'mon! :P
Juan D
I love ur work man, so I just purchased it Y deserve to get paid because it seems like ur not dropping the love for android any time soon.. Good job bro and thanks for the hard work. Keep em coming uve got a loyal base of fans
+Koushik Dutta is there a flash_image binary somewhere that works on the galaxy nexus so I cab flash this from a terminal emulator?
Just flashed to my Nexus S 9020a, and it's awesome! Thanks man.
+Koushik Dutta will you be makin this available for the evo desire 4g? my wife has it but aside from lack of custom roms the only available version of your recovery is an older one.
+Koushik Dutta sadly it still has the offmod charging bug on the GSM EVO 3D. When my battery dies, I am screwed :P might wanna fix it ...
Eze Uba
Pls don't forget the Droid Incredible. Thanks Koush...
still getting error on installing roms on nexus s 4g. I am not complaining about the awesome work that koush has done and I know it is a beta. Its just that if I am paying I would like for it to work mostly.
no love for premium ROM manager members? lol :P j/k Thanks for the update!
+Koushik Dutta , heads up. When I went to download this, the in-app purchase failed, refunded my $2, then installed the recovery anyways. I am saying this because I like to support our devs. Might want to look at that. I am going to donate $2 to square up.
+Tim Norris it is the same as manually rooting. Just skip to the flashing recovery part. Iirc fastboot flash recovery.img (replace with proper filename of course ;)
I agree with +Jordan Calton - if you already have purchased ROM Manager premium, an additional charge for the touch recovery isn't fair.
Just want to add my name to the list of hopefuls for Rezound support in the near future. I'll gladly pay when it becomes available. =)
+Koushik Dutta just wanted to let you know something i've come accross. Galaxy Nexus CDMA - tried to flash kejar's gummynex 0.7.0 with touch and it failed every time. Flashed back to non-touch, and the zip installed without a problem. No idea if the problem may lie with kejar's installer, a zip of tranquil ice installed fine, but just thought i'd let you know.
Thanks for all your support for we rooted users! Just curious... I have an Droid X2 (not my choice thanks to Asurion)... anyway, can you tell me if there are any differences between the Droid X and the X2 when it comes to ClockworkMod? Also, I had ClockworkMod installed on my D2G and did a clean re-install on my X2 but I'm still getting the D2G ROMs listed. Thanks again!
I don't suppose this will find its way into Bionic Bootstrap?
+Koushik Dutta can I pull it right now since im back on or do you need me to pull it after a failed install?
+Koushik Dutta tried it and it was great. Only issue: no way to exit from key test mode on GNexus GSM except pulling the battery :(
+Koushik Dutta Just to verify, using Rom Manager to flash Touch, even if we have Rom Manager Premium from the market already, this is a separate payment to unlock the touch correct? No issue donating extra $2, just want to verify before.
+Bill Clark Yep, it's separate from ROM Manager Premium. Lots of users prefer using recovery manually over ROM Manager, and I'm trying to target them with Touch.

I didn't think ROM Manager users would actually care about Touch Recovery.
Still waiting for some TF101 love
I seem to have purchased your touch recovery. Koush deserves lots of cash.
Will the source code for this be available, i.e. on github; Would love to be able to port it to the HD2
Version for my Nexus S 4g is great! Small bug I found where when on the "no, no, no, yes, no, no" screen. When you touch 'yes' it appears to highlight the 'no' choice directly above it. The zip (or whatever you're confirming) installs fine though. Thanks man!
+Koushik Dutta I care about both. When I have to flash multiple files and whatnot, it can't be done in one reboot in Rom Manager, so I boot into recovery. Once true nightlies start, gapps will be flashed automatically, so I won't need it as much anymore, but touch-based is still much nicer :)
Rowan D
+Koushik Dutta Not trying to keep bugging you, or to beg. But could you upload your source (i looked over github). Samsung Galaxy S variants are very similar to the Nexus S, except that they do not have a recovery partition. The source would let developers add this to kernels, expanding your work. Thank you.
I just got a '(Status 7) Installation aborted' when trying to flash a ROM via Touch ( on my i9023. And is there a way to shut down from recovery ? I can only see reboot.
SCH-i500 Mesmerize PLEASE!
+Koushik Dutta are you going to get RM to show when there is an "update" for the touch recovery version?
+Koushik Dutta good deal. Side note, I have yet to find an app you've made that I don't use and eventually pay for. Keep up the excellent work!
Looking forward to the HTC ThunderBolt version :-)
+Koushik Dutta, any chance we'll see this on the Samsung Galaxy Note any time soon? I've been holding off rooting my phone because I want an official ClockworkMod recovery.
So much easier to use, just flashed a theme.
Does this backup wimax keys on the evo 4g? I went into the backup folder and didn't see a wimax.img
+Koushik Dutta are you working on getting battery status into CWM? This would be great to prevent accidentally flashing on weak battery... I got a chance to support a couple devs today with app purchases ;-)
Market version works great on the CDMA Gnex. Thanks Koush!
I would purchase on the in-app but I am poor until 4 months from now. Well not poor poor just on a strict budget lol.
brilliant job :) downloaded and installed it myself :) then flashed an older recovery and then used rom manager to install it again :) well worth 1.99 :)
Will there be Touch recovery for Galaxy S i9000?
Hey Koushik. I bought the CWM Touch via the ROM Manager Premium. I asked it to install it. I then booted into Recovery and all I see is my old v2.5.0.7. The Touch that I installed isn;t even showing up. Have I purchased a something that simply will not work for me ? Or am I doing something wrong ? Hear from you. Cheers.
Moshe S
Hey Koush, On my sensation, I downloaded touch recovery and fastboot flashed but it wouldn't reboot into recovery the phone just restarts. I then purchased it in the market through rom manager (v5.0.0.3) and it automagicly updated the recovery via rom manager. It still wont boot into recovery, the phone just reboots, rom manager says current recovery
I am using firmware 3.24 unlocked (revolutionary) with hboot1.27.1100 the phone is unlocked and rooted of course. Thanks keep up the amazing work.
Same problems with Sensation. Flashed normal CWM (i.e. without Touch) and it worked perfectly.

CWM version:
CWM Touch version:

I can get you recovery logs for either recovery on request!
+Koushik Dutta If you go into the Key Test mode, there's no way to get out on a Galaxy Nexus, considering there is no back button. Had to battery pull. That's fucking scary.
EVO-3D mounting USB storage not working?
:-D so glad you made a touch recovery!
wonderful job. but unfortunatelly the usb mount storage failed on my gsm evo 3d
I've the same problem mentioned by Moshe S, purchased by RomManager in-app process and flashed on my Desire Gsm, Rom manager says that I've version but I'm unable to boot into recovery, it stucks at the bootloader in a loop, the only thing I can do is to reboot my phone and it load my rom (cyanogen 7.1) correctly.
+Koushik Dutta I know you are doing hard now but I have to disturb you :P on the GSM EVO 3D there are two major issues. 1: Charging when the phone is offline is not possible 2: Mounting USB Storage does not work, too. Sorry for disturbing and I hope you can fix it:)
Htc Legend support!!! touch clockwork recovery
I'd love to see the Touch recovery made available for the Nook Color. It would be awesome on a tablet screen.
Thanks for the ThunderBolt version :-) Works great.
Thank u for the atrix support my atrix is alive again .
dumb question, but how do you go about flashing the free touch update I downloaded from the website?
How about some Epic 4G Touch (GS2) love?
One vote for Samsung SGH-T989. Would love to see it there.
Please keep BACK battery states and touching scroll. (Galaxy nexus GSM)
hmm i may have stumbled on a bug
using, i went to keytest and had no way to back out had to do a battery pull

edit: flashed the free version using fastboot if that makes a difference
+Koushik Dutta Nice work with touch version of CWM Recovery man
but sadly the touch version for LG Optimus 2X is not working, scrolling is fine but can't select & choose menu using touch.
The only way to navigate is by using volume & power button to choose
(the capacitive is not working like it did on
Edit: Using touch version & flashed using NVFlash
Purchased for O2x as well and Touch Screen is not working either. Can't scroll or anything, need to use Volume Buttons to use the recovery :(
I have a GalaxyS2, just begging to be flashed with whatever you link me ;)
Flashed on DHD. Works well! Thank you so much! Now I don't have to fiddle with those annoyingly small, flat volume buttons!
I've tried buying via in app purchase like 5 times, but it keeps failing. :(
Bought Touch via in-app, it took a few attempts and quite a while to install but finally did and it works nicely on Galaxy Nexus GSM.

ROM Premium license is not downloading despite in-app purchase :( It appears in the market as if I hadn't purchased it.
I sent you an email about it from the market order receipt +Koushik Dutta
touch for mytouch 4g is not working i tired to flash manually and keep getting failed errors what should i do the errors are when its writing the img

i did fastboot didnt work also tired the android terminal
I have T-Bolt and successfully flashed via fastboot, although my ROM in ROM Manager Premium is showing as Anyway to fix? Thanks.
Is there any way to go back in the Galaxy Nexus CDMA version of CWM Touch?
Awesome work Koush! Works great on my T-Bolt. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication.
Wow... uh... Android's in app purchasing is an epic fail. It just auto cancelled my order for taking too long (Crappy reception probably caused this), yet Rom Manager proceeded to download and install touch recovery.
Just put it on the Samsung Galaxy S2 this afternoon. Looks like it works but just went to do a backup and it fails at data image. Twice. ALso cant install zip , can't mount sd card. Any ideas? Oh yea. Go MSU
While exploring touch earlier, (showing off) I noticed no 'yes' option under "wipe data/factory reset". Used arrow soft key to back out and it looked like "yes, cannot be undone"? flashed for a sec under the #2 no like they were overlayed. Either way there were only all 'no' selections visible. Didn't test further, didn't want to actually wipe. Thunderbolt p.s. you rock!
Thanks for the great recovery. LGP970
Ha! I feel like an a$$! That menu scrolls. Lol. I will never question your skill again! I know its 'touch' and all but I was afraid to 'touch' it! Lmfao!
got it for is the terminal emulator code...

flash_image recovery /sdcard/touch.img (or whatever the recovery image is named)
reboot recovery

thanks Koush...
just brilliant! bought touch recovery via app in purchase;-)
+Koushik Dutta could you fix the installation? if you have touch recovery and update to it installs version, instead, on LG O2x :)
+Koushik Dutta +Ricardo Cerqueira now LG Recovery is perfect, just a layout bug, in most of the views, you see a last voice under the line, in others, line ends the view... is it meant to be as that?
If flash image is not working in your rom flash a cm7 rom that's what I did I was miui and it wasn't working till I saw on xda some roms don't allow certain things and now I have touch recovery my touch 4g glacier :-)
Just installed Touch Recovery on my Sensation. So much easier to navigate around and perform tasks.

I went with the paid option. $1.99 is a small price to pay considering the quality and the amount of time that has gone into creating not only ROM Manager but Touch Recovery as well.

Thanks a lot +Koushik Dutta. Love your work!
Just Successfully flashed roms and did backups on my atrix and inspire! CWM touch is awseome gladly donated thanks for this .
Asking for an additional payment from premium users for touch recovery is ridiculous.
"I didn't think ROM Manager users would actually care about Touch Recovery" is as silly as it gets. As if ROM Manager completely eliminates the need to use recovery from time to time.

I never even used rom manager for anything more than installing CWM. Back in the day, I only donated as a token of respect for your work on CWM. Now I'm asked to do it manually, or pay 2 more dollars. Seriously? I'm disgusted.
As promised, +Koushik Dutta, I purchased the touch recovery for my G2 and flashed it. Thanks for your hard work on this and your faithful dedication to improving the Android community!
+Florio Alagna I'm sorry you feel that way.
Unfortunately, the way software works, a purchase does not entitle you to all future upgrades forever. You do not get a free copy of Windows 8 simply because you purchased Windows 7 2 years prior. Furthermore, ROM Manager and ClockworkMod are two separate entities. ROM Manager Premium did not lose any features because I created an improved version of recovery. I could very well have just made a separate flasher app, and asked for a $1.99 donation, but that seemed silly.

ClockworkMod recovery supports over a hundred devices. Every single one of these device recoveries have been provided by me, for free, for 2 years. It's also an open source project.

The reason you get high quality, fast downloads, from ROM Manager for recoveries and ROMs is because I pay for hosting, out of pocket, to handle the 60 terabytes of data that is sent out every month. Once again, done for free.

Now, I spent a significant amount of time to create and improve ClockworkMod Recovery to add touch support, and have once again, provided it for free to the community. I find it odd that you think your purchase of ROM Manager entitles you to get my most recent downloadable content, which is already free, for free within the app. Is my ongoing development time and server costs not worth your inconvenience of $1.99 or a 5 minute install?

Regardless, both ROM Manager Premium and Touch Recovery will continue to see iterative and independent improvements.
+Florio Alagna actually I was also accounting for a fresh download of ADB to flash the recovery, sorry for not adding it to the list.

Cry on crybaby.
+Koushik Dutta Well put.
I think you set an excellent example of what highly accessible software development can be.

Those that complain never bother to take into account the overhead of bandwidth and disk space to host this volume of traffic.
Or the fact that your development is also supporting the employment of individuals at data centers and network operators.
You have overhead, and so do they.

Naturally that does not matter as soon as it gets between someone and their self-assumed right to get everything free forever, even those remotely related to another project because they paid for another item in the past, and/or have a similar name.
The people who complain about it being an extra $2 are stupid.

If you're so worried about wasting your hard earned cash, go setup adb, download Touch Recovery for your phone, and type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img (renaming the img to recovery.img, of course).

+Koushik Dutta is one of the best devs Android has. Donate to him and he can only get better.

+Brandon Thompson, also well put. It seems you and I see things the same way!
OK +Brandon Thompson, you have successfully demonstrated how perfectly you resemble the "American douchebag on the internet" stereotype, good for you. Now shut up, I've probably five times the money you have on android projects, not considering how I support devices - for what I can - without asking for a cent. You really believe it's about the $2, LOL. Prick.
Happy to see your buddy +Philip Oakley came around calling people stupid himself. How nice of him! Sorry to disappoint you, but everyone around here already knows his way around ADB. :\

+Koushik Dutta come on, we both know you make way more money from ROM Manager than you spend to maintain it, or you wouldn't keep it up. :)

You are by all means entitled to money for your work, nobody is questioning that. But I think it's in bad taste to ask for more from people who already decided to support the exact same work you're updating. Don't tell me ROM Manager and CWM are two different things, they're two components of the same thing and I'm sure all donations come for the whole package, if not just for the recovery...
Did I think, when I donated, that I would get everlasting ROM downloads within the app? Hell no, it was evident from the start that this distribution model will hit a brick wall sooner or later when donations won't be enough to support the increasing user base. But would have I ever imagined not to be allowed a CWM update? Not a chance.

I don't think that's how you treat customers. Especially when they're really donors. And you could have avoided telling ROM Manager and CWM are two completely unrelated products or that you didn't think Premium users would want the touch recovery because it really only sounds like the excuses Samsung provides.

I'm sorry but it's very disappointing and something I wouldn't have expected from you.

Seriously, not sure if this is a troll that decided to skip on the bridge and goat, or someone honestly that deluded/stupid as to really think that CWR and CWT are the same thing?

By your line of thinking, Ford owes my grandfather a new Viper because he happened to buy a '65 Mustang.
Hey they are both cars, they still make the Mustang, but he bought one of the first and has had it for a very long time.
How dare they make him pay for a new and better sports car!
I paid for Premium because it offered the ability to flash "premium" free content within RM. You're not charging for CWM Recovery, you're charging for the ability to flash "premium" free content. Which is exactly what I paid for. If you had decided to make the touch recovery a paid product, and charged everyone for it, I would have much less of an issue.
I don't know if this is the best place to contact with somebody of ClockworkMod Team who can give me a solution.

I have a SGSII (International version) with Android 2.3.4 and Kernel version and I can't install permanently ClockworkMod Touch Recovery.

First, I can't reboot into recovery mode from Rom Manager. When GSII is loading the recovery, appeared an Android with a triangle which has a exclamation point inside. I have to turn off the mobile phone pressing the power button a few seconds. When I turn on it, it loads ClockworkMod. I install CWM Touch Recovery (I have tried to install it once and twice). When I go into RomManager, it keep saying "ClockworkMod Touch Recovery is now available for your device" and that I have installed ClockworkMod Recovery

I want to know what I have to do to can reboot into recovery from Rom Manager and to install permanently the Touch Recovery.

I hope receive an answer soon. Thanks.
+Daniel D. Mata The permanent recovery installation will need to be integrated into the kernel by codeworkx. If you start up your recovery mode and install, it will take you into touch recovery mode.
+Florio Alagna, you're not being made to use Touch Recovery, nor are you being made to pay for it. You can download it direct from the website and not pay a cent. That said, considering the amount of work that would have gone into it, $2.00 is a very small price to pay. Personally, if it were me I wouldn't be offering a free version. I'd be asking for $2.00 regardless. If you want it you pay the $2.00, if not then no one is forcing you.

Some people want and expect everything for nothing. Give credit where credit is due. I'd like to see you try to develop something similar for less then $2.00. Be sure to make sure that when/if it's complete you offer it to everyone for free.. OK!
+Ray Wells I'm not expecting anything for nothing.
I simply find it odd, to say the least, that my already paid for ROM Manager Premium is asking for more money to add a feature. Can't help but feel like I'm getting milked, especially because of the poor excuses provided. Once again, that's not to say Koush's work isn't worth the money, it's simply a bad way to act towards customers which I really don't like. That's why I'm not going to give Koush any money (which I migh have very likely done otherwise) and will instead donate to +Ricardo Cerqueira, who promptly localized the recovery for LG phones and, with his usual elegance, never asked for anything.

I'd actually be more OK with it if it was made a paid only separate app instead. :)

Now I believe the argument is really exhausted. After being called a cheap bastard by multiple rude imbeciles, who probably never donated much more than those $2 to developers and possibly didn't even have ROM Manager Premium (because of course they're convinced it's about the two bucks), I guess nothing more is there to be said. Once again thanks to +Brandon Thompson for keeping on confirming us how douches behave on the internet, there's always a chance we might forget. Your car comparison is brilliant!
ROM Manager and ClockworkMod Touch are different products.

Let's put it like this. You go on the Android Market and find your favourite dev, only to see he has a new game out, a spin-off from one of his others. You bought the original game because it was fantastic, but you're not entitled to this spin-off for free, are you? No, you have to pay, just like the people who didn't buy the original game.

It's the same way with this. You bought ROM Manager Premium, say three months ago. Now, Koush has ClockworkMod Touch. It's a different product, but he's using ROM Manager to distribute it.

You don't need ROM Manager Premium to buy CWM Touch. You can do it with the normal ROM Manager. But ROM Manager Premium and ClockworkMod Touch are different products.
Nice work on the touch stuff Koush.. so far so good on my G2.. in for $2
+Koushik Dutta Is their anyway we can build this for our phones and test it out and then get it made official
while i did download and flash with adb for free, i am still buying it right now anyways, thank you for all your work, $2 seems so trivial a reward for it, the coffee i drink on the way to work in the morning almost costs that.
+Ekansh verma thanks fir the terminal code ... +Koushik Dutta your work is awesome ... keep it up ... when I can I'll donate some for ya ... thanks for making it available on the site ...
paid for this touch recovery app for sgs2 last night and it still didnt install the recovery, now this morning it says i have to pay again????
Now it says its installed but i get android stock recovery load up???? any ideas??

Now I read its only a fake flash on certain roms and it has to be added into the kernel..... im running ICS 4.03 I9100XXLPB and it didnt say pay $2 for a demo did it which I still ain't seen yet lol but "I PERSONALLY" see your point, everybody wants something for nothing and I do like the direction your heading with this, it might have saved my down button on my HTC desire lol TOUCH is better and the fact i wont have to search for the right file when it becomes available has gotta be worth the $2. Next to pay for it CWM itself.

thanks anyway

I don't know if there is a better way to contact someone from the ClockworkMod Team who can help me out.

I just installed CWM Touch Recovery through ROM Manager on my rooted GSM HTC Desire (with CyanogenMod 7.1).

I bought the $1.99 app, to support the project, and everything installed ok, according to ROM Manager. But when I reboot, I keep getting the old 2.x recovery. Does anyone have any idea?

Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks and keep up the great work.
Just found out what happened (see comment above).

I didn't have S-Off. That's why I could never flash the recovery on my HTC Desire (although I previously managed to install CyanogenMod 7).

Followed the instructions to gain S-Off and to install a custom Recovery and now it all works.

The touch recovery is great. Bought the $1.99 app to support the project.

Keep up the great work.

Thank you.

PS: for those people in this thread that had the same problem with the HTC Desire, just go to the CyanogenMod site, click the button to get it, in the main page. Then choose your HTC Desire. In your device's page, click the link to the Wiki. Follow the instructions to gain S-Off. It involves using the Revolution software, which is great and super easy to use (at least in Linux).

There are easy to follow instructions there and it just works. On the Revolution site, make sure you read the documentation page, especially the FAQS down bellow. I installed superuser, as advised there, to get root (don't know if it was needed, since I had already rooted my phone).

And when asked by the Revolution software, I installed their recovery.

And then replaced by ClockworkMod Touch Recovery. Which is great.

If you can, donate to the Revolution guys. It's a great project.

If anyone needs some help in this issue, let me know.
Ups. I hadn't seen your reply prior to the comment I just made, Koushik Dutta.

Again, thank you for everything.
Works great with i9023 Nexus S! Congratulations for your amazing job, but I find a bit "wrong" that we are not able to flash the touch recovery trough ROM manager even tough we have the premium version of it. Anyone who wants to donate you will do it.
+Koushik Dutta I paid the two bucks and installed ClockworkMod Touch from rom manager. When I tried to boot into recovery the very first time I didn't have any issues, but when I tried to boot into recovery again I was taken to the Android with his chest open and a something red coming out of it. I had to pull the battery in order to get back to my home screen. When I installed ClockworkMod Touch again and booted back into recovery it worked, but when I tried for a second time I was taken back to the Android with his chest open. It seems as though right now I have to reinstall everytime I want to boot into recovery. Any ideas? I have the Verizon Galaxy Nexus.
I've been using this recovery for a bit now +Koushik Dutta and I have to say it is simply incredible. As always thanks for your continued hard work and effort.

I would also like to apologize for my post the other day as I made it based purely on assumptions I generated on my own when I originally purchased Rom Manager Premium, and well you know what they say about assumptions however it's usually only half right making an ass of only one person... and that was me.
I've bought the touch recovery in the ROM Manager, flashed successfuly , but when booting intime recovery, theres still the old Where is my misstake? Have to clear any chaches or something like this?
Hea how do i go about porting this, i cant see a git repo anywhere :/
+Koushik Dutta i purchased and installed clockwork touch recovery on my evo 3d and while I have no problem making and restoring nandroid backups I get status 1 errors when trying to install any rom. I did not have this issue with another recovery. i am s-on but unlocked via HTC. is there something I am doing wrong or could it be an error with the program.
Okay, i finally got it! My HTC Desire was "rooted", but not rooted ;) Means it was not S-Off! Thanks to +Marco Silva for his tip how to solve this problem. After that, i just reflashed the touch recovery via Rom Manager and everything is fine!

Great work +Koushik Dutta
is the tmobile galaxy s2 clockwork recovery mod download supposed to be a .zip or a .img
i only see .img files, too. but everyone's talking about .zip files! where are the .zips??
recovery works flawlessly on Desire HD :) but theres one major bug i've found. when i turn off the phone and start charging it, it boots into recovery without any of my doing.
I bought this then got a replacement phone a week later and it is asking me to buy again any ideas?
+Jeff Kingsmore Please start a private conversation with me on Google+ and I'll send you a code. For some reason Google+ won't let me choose your name if I try.
I got the in app purchase to support CWM (and also I was curious to test in app purchase with a trusted developer)
Galaxy Nexus Verizon. Its a nice improvement over volume button toggling.
It's not letting me send you a private message only join a hangout?
ROM Manager v5.0.0.6 when i try to flash ClockworkMod Touch it says Error while downloading from server. please make sure that you have a stable internet connection, and that your SD card is inserted and has free space. NEXUS S.
I flashed the new Touch recovery for my G2 but rom manager still sees the old recovery. And please may I have a redeem code? My other question is how do I get rom manager to see the new Touch recovery.
Is it possible that on next version of the recovery, there can be a back option and a power off? But this is still amazing and so simple. Thank you for your hard work.
N Kumar
Dont like that I paid for the touch recovery for nexus and I had a replacement nexus and it is asking me to repurchase again. Why do I have to repurchase the same touch recovery twice? I don't get it, I get it if it was a different model phone. I did solve it by flashing it manually, but I like to support your work.
+Koushik Dutta I still can't get Touch Recovery to work on my Galaxy S 2 running an ICS ROM on Bell Canada. It keeps going back to regular CWM. I've tried time and time again. I've flashed via ROM Manager and also tried flashing the zip file. Nada. Any help is greatly appreciated! Touch recovery works GREAT on my Galaxy Nexus, though! Love it.
Koush, glad to hear you are interested in supporting encrypted phones. It appears that the stock recovery can write and mount the disk on an encrypted phone from a warm reboot, just not a cold boot.

The stock recovery is open source I think. I think the warm reboot to recovery keeps the disk mounted or keeps the kernel resident? I really don't know enough and perhaps I am making too many assumptions here. Also, all those steps I posted above was because I had a stock secure kernel. I am sure I could have used root explorer to place the OTA in /cache and just use terminal to reboot to recovery and eliminate the whole nexus toolkit and booting a temporary insecure kernel. Still cool that you can boot another kernel on an encrypted phone.

Having said that, if the stock recovery can patch the OTA (aka write and mount the disk), why couldn't clockwork recovery patch the OTA and or run a Nandroid etc?
Jon K
Just wanted to say, i happily gave up my $2 even though i could have gotten it for free. It works great- things like this make using an android device truly amazing.
+Ron Hamelin SGS variant phones need them to be integrated into the kernel for them to stick. What you find in the rom manager website is a temp touch, meaning you have flash the zip every time you are in recovery and it will stay until reboot.
+Koushik Dutta I didn't see an answer for this here, do you plan to release source for touch recovery?

I have a SGH-I777 and i am not sure if ClockworkMod Touch Recovery is available for this device. Rom Manager says it is not available but ClockworkMod website says v5.8.1.5 is available for Samsung AT&T GalaxyS2.

Nagaraj VL
+Koushik Dutta , recovery touch is awesome! Even as a premium user I don't use it often but each time I go there it a pleasure to use :-)
Are you going to support ICS encryption in the recovery? I'd love to see that implemented and wouldn't mind buying a separate, secure version of the ClockworkMod touch recovery again.
+Koushik Dutta Just a heads up, I paid for the Touch Recovery in app, and ROM Manager locked up and gave me a ANR when it was done downloading... When I rebooted into recovery, it was still the old CWM... Anything I can do to get this working?
So that really didn't change nothing...unless there is a more up to date version than what's on the market??
Mike C
at least the "60tb per month of hosting" was free through the entire history of rom manager up until 2 months ago ;) (at least in the gapps department)
an LG Optimus L3 or LG E400 (its the same phone) CWM recovery would be nice. I have been trying to port it but having trouble with it.
Great stuff! Love the new version. Thanks so much for your hard work and dedication.
How do I reinstall the touch version (paid) after replacing my phone? Rom manager is trying to make me pay $1.99 again...
what is the deal with buying the in-app CWM Touch Recovery? I have bought it twice and it never downloads. i have tried emailing you, but never got a response!
If I bought Touch recovery on my Atrix, can I now download it on my SGS3? 
why did I wait so long to get the touch version!?  thank you for making life even easier to flash!
Hi! please your help, i have a Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100). I tried to flash CWM Recovery via ROM Manager (it gave no errors) but i think it failed because when i reboot into recovery it shows me the default Android recovery. I don´t want to use ODIN or HEIMDALL.
How and which is the safest way to flash CWM into my device?
I have two options using terminal emulator from root with the recovery.img file copied to my sdcard:
1. dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6
2. flash_image recovery /sdcard/name-of-recovery.img

+Koushik Dutta  does both methods should work? i read you talked about fastboot, how i flash it using that? 
Hi :)
Rom Manager suddenly wants to charge me for downloading the new update for the touch recovery, while having paid for it earlier and recently downloaded the second last update.
Is there some error somewhere or do you have to pai again after a certain time?
Prior to the space saving changes, I used to archive my backup folders to 7zip and store them on my home server. With this new blobs method, what is the proper way to archive and back up individual backups? Or is this no longer possible?
i bought the auto download touch recovery, and always error download from server
i bought the auto download touch recovery, and always error download from server
I purchased ROM Manager premium and also purchased the Touch Recovery for my SGSIII, however when I try to download it to flash it just sits there and will not download, tried wireless and mobile data
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