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The Carbon bug I've been tracking down has finally been found. Motorola managed to break the Backup Manager (adb backup) built into Android 4.0+.

My fix, don't allow Motorola phones to download it.

Friends, this is why you buy Nexus devices.
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I've tried a couple of betas on my GNex and S3 and it works like a charm on both the devices.
Can't wait to try the final version once it's out on the store.
Well now, that both sucks and limits the potential market share of Carbon. Sorry Koushik.
This is what I tell people constantly, then they come at me with "I'll just flash an AOSP rom one day when it finally comes out and isn't buggy as fuck, it will be just the same as a nexus!"

Then I laugh at them when shit doesn't work. 
I can't plus this enough: "this is why you buy Nexus devices."
Can someone make a website where we list all of the stuff manufacturers do that breaks stuff for devs. At best it shames them into fixing it at worst the devs know what to look out for. 
motorola have better hardware then any nexus phone. Any chance of getting Motorola supported?
+Ashley Albans sure, call up motorola and tell them to stop breaking AOSP code.

good luck!
I'd buy Nexus for my whole fleet if they supported LTE and had at least 32gigs of storage. Our business happens in too many places that only have Verizon coverage, and I spend too much time in the air to try and rely on cloud storage. It's a shame after I swore I would never buy a non-nexus device again. Also: You are awesome Koush. Thanks for all you do.
CM 10 beta for the RAZR has been released.. Wonder if that will make any difference. Or any other rom. sigh At least you found the bug.
Or I'll trade my RAZR for a Verizon nexus.
Ad that's why i left my atrix in the dust and got myself a sgs3
You waited 4 minutes. Calm down. It's going to be a Play Store release.
Wait, cm10 for razr? Please tell me it's the xt912 flavor... 
+Mika El Geeko And every single one of his posts contained a URL to a timed beta. Not sure what you're missing here. He's prepping for a final Play Store release.
Walt B.
THIS is why you don't buy Motorola if you plan on getting the most out of your Droid experience.
Oh, and it isn't a daily driver yet. Still in beta.
I'd rather have a perfect phone that i can actually buy... Nexus phones are nice but
1... you can't get hold of them
2... camera sucks on them
3... screen sucks on them
4... one of them cracks easily and the other one is made of cheap plastic 
I guess I'll have to switch to the next non-Motorola smartphone with a keyboard that comes out for Sprint.
keyboards AND sprint? whoa. it just got all 1264 A.D. up in here.
Wait, I know. +Koushik Dutta, for the Motorolas, make 4.2 a requirement.

[I am in no conceivable way heavily implying that all the RAZRs, being on Verizon/Rogers/Bell or small carriers of no importance, will not get Jelly4.2 because of carrier profit maximization requirements. Not at all. Ever.]
Exactly my point... I had other android phones before my GNex and was thinking of getting the S3 but I cannot in my right mind..... 
The thing that gets me I that Motorola mobile is now a division of google. All moto phones should be nexus.
I'd get a Nexus if they had expandable storage, and in the case of the Nexus 4, a replaceable battery.
I've learned to live without a replaceable battery. The expandable storage, however, is almost non-negotiable. The only way I would even consider buying a phone without a micro SD card slot is if it had >= 64GB built in. Even then, I still would rather it had the SD card capability.
+Adrian Patrascu weird. I backup all my stuff online, so the storage doesn't bother me, but given several times I have had to pull my battery, that is a deal breaker.
Non removable battery doesn't bother me like I thought it would... I've lived with my RAZR for over a year with nary an issue. But I do live in an area that doesn't have good data coverage, so removable storage/expendable storage has been a must for me. But if Verizon keeps their promises then maybe I could live with less? Fortunately I have unlimited data... Wonder how long that will last.
My Galaxy Nexus is still running 4.1.1. I paid for a nexus and this is what I get? Shameful Google. I am disappointed. Should've got the EVO 4G LTE instead. 
+Charles Bosse On the Nexus 4, long-pressing the power button is the equivalent of pulling the battery. It's a hard-wired function, no software support needed for it.
hmm but will there be a root version? so moto users would have a way to use it anyways?
I guess you know about the start a backup, rotate and carbon crashes bug?
Using a Nexus 4.
Thanks. Got me twice this morning! 
Man, I do not miss SD cards at all with the Nexuses that I've owned. I barely keep anything on my phone nowadays and use my Nexus 7 for anything big like games, music, or ROMs. All the cloud services I use (Google, Dropbox, Box) are reliable and wifi is becoming so ubiquitous in any major commercial and consumer areas that I don't have to worry about no access. SD cards suck compared to onboard storage and LTE isn't a showstopper next to HSPA+ 42 with cheap prepaid plans.
If only Google, apple etc could use their purchasing power to buy internal flash that wasn't 5 times the price of an sdcard, poor them
Can't wait until Nexus phones ship with decent cameras, battery life and, you know, a decent selection of cases.
I couldn't think of a better fix. I will never buy a Motorola phone again.
only if Nexus is available to buy :(
Hello +Koushik Dutta
Is the direct sync between devices, under /restore and sync/my devices/"other device", supposed to work already?
Devices, i9300 and n8010, can see each other in Carbon at each refresh np, but I get "An error occurred while retrieving your app list" when I tap on the listed device on both of them.
Also I can't backup to memory on the n8010, you should have two error reports about this :-)
Keep on coding in a free world!
+Anthony Garrett LTE is not for bragging rights lol. I hosted an entire LAN party on my LTE and everyone was using the Internet to download steam games and watch YouTube simultaneously. You'll be singing a different tune when T-Mobile has its own LTE network up and running. 
I thought something was wrong with it when it would only backup 2 or 3 apps.
+Tony Allen Yes LTE is only for bragging right. You just did.
FYI, I hosted hotspots for my parties with my HSPA+ GNex and it topped 12Mbps download, faster than TimeWarner Standards, and of course with that speed everyone can watch Youtube while downloading their games.
+Tony Allen you act as if I've never tested or experienced LTE before which couldn't be further from the truth as I was using it before users even had an LTE phone. I mentioned this before but unless your paying for a service that allows you to use all that bandwidth its just an unachievable number.

I do understand there are some other use cases so dont get me wrong I'm all for the latest and greatest tech but LTE isn't a deal breaking as so many suggest unless you just have crap coverage with HSPA.

P.S. Tmobile will be launching LTE Advance not just basic LTE but either way Im very pleased with HSPA
Well T-Mobiles push for unlimited should give users a service that let's them use all of that bandwidth +Anthony Garrett

Most people do have crap HSPA coverage, even a lot of people that live in metropolitan areas. If you have it good though, HSPA is great. LTE and a further advancement LTE advanced which is based on the same technology, are the future and for someone on Verizon with unlimited data LTE is a deal breaker when you'd have to move to something that doesn't have it.

AT&T has already said they will be upgrading to LTE Adv. and I'm sure Verizon will follow suite. T-Mobile's move to LTE is great, shame it's coverage will be even more limited than their HSPA though. A network is only as good as it's coverage. That's where I feel they're always going to fall short. 
What's the symptoms of the carbon bug with the Motorola please?

My DROIDX gets all jumpy inputting text and related.

So this is the reason why ADB backup hangs after some time. +Koushik Dutta is there any way to backup apps data before unlocking the bootloader or do I have to deal with the data loss?
Looks like I'll have to stick with Titanium Backup on my Razr Maxx HD
+Piotr Prucia Titanium backup works great on Moto phones with locked bootloader but I'm assuming it isn't using ADB
+Sam Abuelsamid I have XOOM tablet but I guess there is no difference. In my case the problem is that it's not rooted so TB will not work for me. ADB backup hangs and Carbon doesn't seem to work either (currently). Unfortunately to root it I need to unlock bootloader and say good bye to all of saved game states and other data.
+Shivam Parikh you could root your phone and download the AOSP 4.2.1 to have the most up-to-date version of Android. That's the solution I came to with the same issue.
+Koushik Dutta It worked but iboutgh the premium version and its always write "buy prenium version"and when i click on it and choosse recover license it tell methere was no purchase found. What i need to do?

There is a wi-fi only backup option?
How do I permanently or temporarily remove my email address from anything I email out?
I de de de realize not including it is a start, ya know im saying from the detail available to scum hackers doing ID scams.
Thanks oh holy Dutta one
No joking please?
And are those compatibility issues listed for Motorola only something to do with 4G phone option issues?

Unlike say a DROID X that might not even manage the task?
Thanks again master.
Motorola failed to update my phone, lied to their customers.  You don't need to worry about updating your motorola apps for android 4.0 because motorola isn't even updating their own phones to 4.0, NO, not even the ones that they told users they would update.   And when the next OS update follows, they'll likely fail to support that.
I'm sorry +Shaun Duncan you had an issue but my Motorola devices have been updated to Jelly Bean and that was under old leadership. New leadership under Google is doing big things. I get tired of people crying about Moto. Hell has Samsung send a jelly bean update to the GS2? Prolly won't. I have it on my OG RAZR Maxx tho unrooted.....
N e way not to hijack koush sorry about that 
Has this now been fixed? I see Helium as available in the play store for motorola devices?
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