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Boilerplate List UI - Open Sauced

I just refactored and open sourced the boilerplate list UI code I use across many of my apps.
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You know you are fat when "Open Sauce" makes you think that there is going to be a recipe... 
Mmm... Now I'm thinking of open sourced BBQ sauce. 
+Steve Kondik knows some guy who apparently has a pretty damn good bbq rub. I think he kick started it so it is open source funded.
This is O.T. But thank you for your recovery builder +Koushik Dutta it quickly allowed us to make a CWM recovery for the Acer A110 and get root on the 4.1.2 update!  :)
Thanks! I will check it out.
Thanks a lot, nice time-saving library :)
From an initial first glance on it: The ActivityFragmentBase and ActivityBase are only helper base classes. It would suffice to use the view and the Adapter. Correct?
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