Carbon becomes Helium! And a new release too.

Some of you have already started noticing that Carbon was renamed a few days ago...

I was notified of a possible trademark infringement by "+Carbonite", so I needed to rename "Carbon" to something else. I went with "Helium". Paying a trademark attorney to fight it would put my yachts in jeopardy, so I decided to just let it go.

So, if you can't find Carbon in your app drawer, just scroll down a bit until you see Helium!

Since I was in there doing a find/replace on the app name, I figured I'd release a few bug fixes as well.

 * App icons are now stored in a .nomedia directory as a hidden dot file. Dear God, I hope this works. Redo your backups to hopefully clear out the gallery spam.
 * Fixed a bugs with PC Restore.
 * Helium's Windows Installer now includes the Universal ADB Driver as part of the installation. If you had device detection problems before, this may fix it!
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