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Couple handy feature coming in CWM 6:

* Recovery will confirm that your ROM still has root access. This is useful on stock ROMs.
* Recovery disables the stock recovery flasher. This is also useful on stock ROMs.
* If you're on a stock ROM and get an update, it used to not allow you to install it at all. Now, it will give you the option to confirm the installation.
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At least this post won't spark a controversial political argument.  :P
Sweetness. I don't know how (non)trivial it would be, but it seems like CWM Touch could have a slightly more streamlined interface than a bunch of Nos and a Yes thrown in. Not important, though. Just curious if it was in the pipeline somewhere down the road.
+Benjamin Morris it's a holdover from the non-touch days, when you had to scroll through 6 'No's to get to 'Yes' to be sure you were going to change things. Now you can just hit 'Yes', so it's pretty redundant, but a better confirmation is probably in the works.
EDIT: Koushik ninja'd me.
+Koushik Dutta Cool. I think TWRP did a great job with their UI, but I've been using CWM forever, so I don't feel like switching.
+Jordan Schnaidt Yeah I know. Totally makes sense in the old paradigm of buttons, but it's showing its age now.... :-p
Excellent things to have after just having had to deal with that on the galaxy nexus and JB. Thank god the device is simply unlocked.
I'm still feeling 4ext's touch over CWM's
One thing TWRP does is flashes boot.img which is important for us HTC One S users. Will CWM be able to this?
Here's a political argument: ClockworkMod gets sick whenever you play Beethoven's 9th Symphony. Therefore, the work must be banned because it infringes ClockworkMod's rights.

Great work btw, +Koushik Dutta!
Always impressed by your work, thanks for being such a great contributer
+Koushik Dutta I have been using CWM for a long time. Was using CWM latest version up until a couple weeks ago. Sadly had to stop using it to make it easier to flash roms on One S so not to have to use PC. Had to fastboot flash boot.img seperately. TWRP does it for you. I believe this is issue only with One S roms. That is why I am asking you if it is in the works. Did you know about this issue with One S phones? New HTC phones?
Wait a minute... It does flash the boot.img? Why in all these dam room threads out says flash through CWM and then flash the boot.img through fast boot, OR use TWRP..

Edit: also a HTC one s user 
+Anthony Torres +Rafael Lopez Was there a exploit or something that allows boot flashing? WHen I originally built the recovery, boot was not actually flashable due to the HTC lockdown. CWM still attempts to flash boot though.

Does it use the hboot flash method or something? Where it requires confirmation from hte bootloader to flash it?
+Anthony Torres they say flash boot.img separately if using CWM recovery cause it will not with CWM. It says use TWRP recovery because it does work.
+Koushik Dutta it does have to do with HTC. Idk why TWRP is able to bypass it. Hoping you knew why? I am not a dev but a knowledgeable rom addict:)
Btw love your work. It has turned me into a rom addict,lol.
+Rafael Lopez +Anthony Torres One S on what network? Also known as the ville right? Doing some research now.
Edit: I know a couple people with the Ons S that are saying boot restore works fine. It's only the One X that has the boot restore issue.
Just flashed cwm touch on my S3. Keep up with the awesomeness!
a screenshot function would be nice in cwm! but i'm not sure if that is possible!
How about answering my email about having bought CWM Touch Recovery from the Play Store but after getting a new Galaxy Nexus losing the ability to download and flash something I paid for?
Since we are talking about a new major release 6.x I do hope it will come with a fresh new layout more touch-friendly.

Consindering both recovieries almost do same stuff, the main reason I switched to TWRP is the interface.
Hmm, interesting. So it's the way they make their roms that doesn't let cwm flash the boot.img from the rom's zip?
man, i loved you when i first had android but twrp owns 
+Koushik Dutta you know any device without your CMW its dont worth to buy i have padfone now and i feel its nothing without your Cwm i wish its release soon or i will sell it . Thanks for your great work
So if I get an FOTA on my Galaxy Nexus running stock firmware, I can now install that update without having to use fastboot to flash the stock recovery? If so, that's awesome.
he developed clockworkmod!!
How about a speed increase on backups? I wanna come back from twrp
Keep up the good work Koushik Dutta!!
When CWM 6 release its a root for me virgin HOX hahahah ;-)
when we can expect the release.... :)
Thank you very much. I look forward to you releasing the new version soon.
+Koushik Dutta I think a bit of time should be put into reorganization of the menus..  For example.. Instead of having format system under mounts and storage you could make a "Wipe/Format" Section that would have:

Wipe Data/Factory Reset
Wipe Cache
Wipe Dalvik Cache
Format System
Format SDCard....etc

I've used TWRP before and one of the main reasons I didn't stay was because it lacked the "professional" appeal, similar to AOKP lacking the "professional" appearance that CyanogenMod brings..

However, some of their menus were a bit more organized and I feel that is one thing that CWM lacks..

Just a suggestion..  Great work! 
Kyocera Echo, HTC Hero, Evo Shift, Evo 3D, Galaxy Tab (OG), Asus Transformer (OG), Galaxy Note, HD2... and a few more... Sadly, the only one I think will even get v6 is the Evo3D and Galaxy Note... Some are still on v3! CWM fragmentation is worse then Android!

I cant fault Koush however, he doesnt have said devices or probably time to develop for them if he did! Sadly, this causes me to have TWRP on some, CWM on some and even 4EXT on a few!
I for one think as much as this is used there needs to be a team to port it over to other devices as well. I mean there isn't a new version for the Xoom since Also I am wondering if this will ever land in the bootstrap for the Bionic?
ok, so if i upload those specific files needed it will build a recover using I know you just came out with the touch recovery for the bionic but i am curious as to how this thing works. I found the one for the Xoom or i think i did any how. I am going to give it a go now. I love the touch recovery for the bionic i have now. I am just not really to sure how to use the builder really. Do you think it possible if not already done to make a video showing how to use the builder?

ok after a few tries i got the recovery for the xoom but not touch even though i had it checked is there something i am doing wrong? I have the stingray vzw version. ok i was able to get a touch recovery to build using another touch recovery file to build off of but i would prefer a true touch CWM recovery. Ok after trying to use the recovery i got to work it doesn't really work at all just loads up allows me to navigate through the menu's and flash things but when i goto restore or backup it just freezes.

By the way nice job on everything your the bomb!
+Miles Raymond They are still full backups, with file deduplication. Recovery will automatically manage the backups for you. If you delete a backup, it will only clear out what is unused.

All the data for the "full" backup is stored in /sdcard/clockworkmod/blobs.

I would not delete anything in that blobs directory.

Just delete the backup directory like you normally would in ROM Manager (or in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup) and the directory will be automatically cleaned out.
+Miles Raymond Are you switching ROMs a lot and making a lot of very different backups? If not, you can just pull the entire blobs directory and push that in addition to the backup.
Holding volume down and power on my p990 takes me to a screen that says "S/W Upgrade" which is the stock recovery. That's a pain because a couple of times I've been stuck with some weird unrooted ROM I can't get out of without nvflash. I'm hoping the "disable stock" feature will help with that. Looking forward to CWM6 :)
Very nice, my build from yesterday is working perfect on Toro.  Developing between my daily driver ICS and new JB ROMs
when will some razr love be coming???
Yes option in confirm menu for touch recovery is missing. Normal recovery works fine. (Nexus S)
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