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Superuser: Work in progress

TL;DR: I need an icon

Some of you are probably wondering why I'm rewriting Superuser.

* Superuser should be open source. It's the gateway to root on your device. It must be open for independent security analysis. Obscurity (closed source) is not security.

* Superuser should be NDK buildable. No internal Android references.

* Superuser should also be AOSP buildable for those that want to embed it in their ROM.

* Maintenance and updates on both the market and source repositories should be timely.

* I want to be able to point users of my app to a Superuser solution that I wrote, that I know works, and that I can fix if something is wrong. Yes, this is selfish: Carbon does not work with some versions of Chainsdd's Superuser. SuperSU works great, but I am not comfortable pointing a user to a closed source su implementation.

* Handle multiuser (4.2+) properly

* Handle concurrent su requests properly

It all works right now. The only thing left to do is access logs and policy management. That'll only take a day or so. I'll have a beta out shortly.


Screenshots below are what it looks like now on the N4, N7, and N10. I think I need an icon. Probably can't ship with trollface.
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Dude you made it look very slick by comparison to what I remember it being when I last used it, and I can honestly say I really appreciate your values.

Kudos to you, well done! :-)
Awesome my only request would be dark holo theme for prompts similar to the account permissions prompts.
+Matthew Garbett Account permission prompts are holo light now. At least all the google oauth ones now. See Carbon's google drive login, for example.
Oh OK on jelly bean or on ICS too? I just setup this ROM and they were black lol.
Trollface is played out now, I'm sure you can do better. Looking forward to this!
BTW will this be a drop-in replacement for SuperSU/etc, ie I can just uninstall SuperSU from the Play Store and install this?
So different colors for different things I guess I'll see how it looks.
Nice, Koush.  Looking forward to trying it out.
+Koushik Dutta you are more than a successful developer; I love your philosophies. I fear if you keep this up, you will probably change the world in your own way.
Amazing! Looking forward to seeing it in future CyanogenMod builds. 
great work, i cant wait for cyanogenmod to change to this
My thoughts - keep it simple, like Carbon - just a cloud with an arrow - simple and effective.  Don't need a superman or anything  (although the xray android is cool +Simon B ) - I just think it needs to be real nice and simple.
SIMPLE. That's all I got.
Icon could be a gate... like Carbon is a cloud (carbon copy in the cloud), SU could be a gate.  It is like a gatekeeper...
Ideally it would be great to use +Adam Shanks icon, or something similar. Just stay far away from anything that resembles SuperSU. Shits ugly..
Great to see that Superuser is open source and active again. Just ask +Adam Shanks to use the logo. It's the same app as before, so in my opinion the icon can be re-used. Looking forward to try the beta!
I have no problem with you using the icon. I'm glad the +Koushik Dutta is picking up the slack that I've left with everything that's been going on in my personal life. Hopefully him and I can work together to make this transition as seamless as possible. I also hope that him developing Superuser can only be a temporary solution, as I love working on it and hopefully soon my schedule will free up enough for me to come back to the project full time. 
Great thoughts. Keep up the good work.
Could some one please help me to switch from super su to superuser I bought elite but can't use it. Excited to see new development though:)
As long as you build it with a choice for Holo Dark, good on you.
Waow... You're such an awesome dev to rewrite superuser from scratch and open source it.
+Adam Shanks The su binary is heavily based off yours. Though, I had to make a lot of changes to make it ndk friendly. Also rewrote activity.c as a result.

I'm going to rewrite the wire protocol to be more future proof: the data will come in name/value order, rather than in a protocol specific value order.

Just decided to do the APK from scratch (not that I had a problem with yours), as ActionBarSherlock + AOSP build forced CM to essentially completely fork your project.

But yeah, I'd be happy to have you contribute on this if you wanted. Real life happens, so I understand why you aren't/weren't able to keep up with the maintenance. I'm glad you kept it open source though, so I didn't have to start from ground zero :)
+Koushik Dutta I am happy if I could help you to create the icon. The new maildroid icon is one of icons I created. :)
I really like how the radio buttons collapse into a spinner in landscape orientation. 
Superuser should be open source. It's the gateway to root on your device. It must be open for independent security analysis. Obscurity (closed source) is not security.  +Koushik Dutta for president!
Jot Sat
How do you switch superuser apps? From, for example, SuperSU to Superuser? 
Why did you decide to go full screen over the standard AlertDialogue popup?
If people only knew that 'su' meant switch/substitute user and not 'superuser' :P  Anyhow, this is going to rock :)
Eze Uba
From today onwards, I dub thee Sir Koush...
Koushik please check your mailbox, I've just sent you several icons.
+Koushik Dutta I am always amazed at the way you churn out great, functional apps, that manage to obey design guidelines, and continuously update them, and yet some major companies can't manage to put out a decent app to begin with.
Eric S
Really looking forward to this. 
I really have liked the quality of all the apps you have release so far. I would love to get my hands on an Open Source super user app. While SuperSU does appear to work well as do the other apps that the SuperSU dev releases (Triangle Away and such) I prefer to have some more transparency in my security applications. So thanks for this an all the other apps you have made.
+Koushik Dutta would you please confirm receipt of icons I've sent you to rommanager mailbox
awesome :) when we can try it ?
Really great stuff. Looking forward to more on this, and loving that its open source as well.
Should pick up some great open community developers over time. Thank you!!
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