Carbon - Android App Sync and Backup (Beta 3)

New Features:

*Support for non-root, stock, Android devices*. Requires desktop app. See below for details.
Box Cloud backup/restore support
Notification area shows backup/restore process
Backup/restore process can be canceled
Performance enhancements and bug fixes
New bugs ;)


Carbon Desktop Windows Installer:
Root users do not need this! If you haven't rooted your phone, you will need to enable application backups on your phone by running the Carbon Desktop app. Once you have enabled it, you can disconnect from the desktop and everything will continue working. There is one caveat: if you reboot your phone, you will need to reconnect to Carbon Desktop to reenable Carbon.

Carbon Mac Installer:

Pastebin me logs of any crashes or issues (especially if you aren't rooted) in the comments.

This beta APK will stop working on January 30th. I plan to have a Google Play release before then. There will be a free version (with no expiration  and a premium version.
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