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(May Day rioting in downtown Seattle)
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makes absolutely no sense what they're doing.
They ain't getting off that easy... I need jordans and a 3D TV where is the sony store...
I've had my eye on a new house and a if only there was something worth rioting about...
Probably started as a protest against the working conditions in their 3rd world factories....turned into idiots looting
+Michael Gardner don't give them that much credit. It was a general protest on things in the area, and people showed up and rioted for the sake of rioting.
This is the same crap that went on in London last year. It was basically just violent consumerism.
What is may day and why should I riot about it?
I work in Seattle and can tell you it's dumb. Most people down here are trying to leave work as soon as possible since the city is starting to shut down transportation routes. All they're doing is screwing things up for everyone else.
Walt B.
What it was,was THIEVES who used the cover of a protest to commit the crime they intended to commit the entire time. 
Oh no not this again... (albeit in a different city this time)
Please dont mess with such criminals. Or you will get sometime a victim of them or the police. Stay away of any trouble!!!
+Andrew Martonik i only suggesting the first brick was a middle finger to NIKE not that the idiots that looted it after had any brains or good taste in fashion. ..or even a social conscience
The bricks were probably intended to go where one of them went: See the upper window in the picture.

I'd like to see a looter get through that window.

Seriously, there are better ways to give the middle finger to Nike. Ever hear of Sidewalk chalk?
I'd like to give a middle finger to Nike, given their high prices and low production costs, that's for sure. However, I do so by buying shoes other than Nike (I only buy New Balance models that were made in the US), because voting/protesting with your wallet is the only effective way to affect a corporation.
The government didn't do this, the stupid occupiers did it. The government is far from good though, it needs a house cleaning.
Guys, I've got to question your analysis of this event. You see, I suspect that perhaps looting wasn't the motive. I reached this conclusion after observing that the store was open for business at the time, making it possible to simply walk into the store and gain access to the merchandise without having to smash the front door.
The 'occupy' movement has, IMO, moved from being a novel, potentially worthwhile cause to being nothing more than a bunch of vagabonds, suckling at the teet of the taxpayer. It was a clever idea, but poorly implemented and now they're trying to hold onto something that has long since died. They attempt to latch onto any cause and protest they can in Seattle, but end up bringing their associated riff raff with them and we get incidents like yesterday.
+Brandon Plank i'm an unkempt rather trampy looking person dressed from secondhand stores. It is called reuse one of the fundamental "R's".. Their appearance may have something to do with their ideals... Unlike yourself they are unlikely to go on a child labour protest wearing Nike or Gap... Try to engage yor brain before commenting.
it's their "ideals" that are starting to destroy this country, along with the present administration. It's a battle that has no winner.
+David Amsler what ideals are those money before people.... No money no health care... Sorry your not rich enough so you have to die. Sorry your jobless so your worthless or is your countries great civil rights advances... guantanamo bay. The great foreign policy of invading countries with mineral wealth. Odd how many of these happened before the present administration.
We haven't taken any oil from those countries without paying for it. It's also odd how we where supposed to be out by now according to the campaign promises, and yet we are still there and guantonimo is still open. I don't agree on going to war without an "exit strategy", we really had no goal set to achieve as an ending point.
I work at a hospital, my healthcare is fine. If your employers healthcare offering is not good enough for you, buy it yourself or get another job. Government isn't supposed to solve your problems or take care of you, that is your job.
+Michael Gardner What are you on about? Saying the occupy protesters don't have the means, so they protest in other ways is only partially true. I know personally several people who quit their modest paying jobs to protest there and now live off state services. Besides, you don't have to be wealthy to protest with your wallet; by shopping at second-hand stores, you're avoiding the aforementioned companies. Maybe you need to 'engage your brain', rather than being contrary to people commenting here.
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