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App Backup and Sync Progress

The name is now "Carbon", because I hear that's the working name for all Android vaporware. /zing
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i still have my Nexus One, my trusty back up. 

edit:i need to flash a new rom, this was back when ICS came out. it doesnt really work work lol 
Any chance the G1 just needs a battery? Mine had been sitting a couple months and after charging it, it still wouldn't boot, not even a flash on the screen. New battery fixed it like new.
Wow, brilliant! Finally a more user friendly method than ADB backup / restore
Dropbox Support! Yes! 
anyway i know you are still working on this but here's some design feedback.

Change the cyan blue from list titles to the same blue you are using on the action bar, try and find a holo phone icon, i'm sure there are some if you look hard enough. that's all at the moment.
+Koushik Dutta that's brilliant, I've always wondered why Google don't do this properly. Losing app data is a real incentive to not upgrade for the normal consumer.
+Koushik Dutta  awesome app, cant wait to try.   Interesting thought though, considering its ADB based automation is there any possibility of nandroid backup/restore through this in the future? remotely pushing roms would be so badass
Answer: Not me, I'm using TitaniumBackup and always set the # of backups to 1.
If I'd really care about some specific backup state, I would move it to another storage. 
I just did one from a GN to an N4 and certain apps were not included. No apk and no data. Used "adb backup -apk -shared -all -f backup.ab"

To answer your question, i only care about the latest apk.
Versioning seems like a feature you wouldn't want or feel the need for until the first time that you do. That having been said, it'd be a "nice to have" thing and I'd never use it anyway. The only "data" on my devices is all backed by something hosted or mirrored elsewhere anyway. It would just be settings that I hate having to reset on each device.
+Koushik Dutta +Andy McDearmon funny, I saw a post just the other day about how great the n10 was for developing with (testing) due to its size and resolution, you could use it to emulate basically any screen size/DPI configuration.
Feature I most desire is fast back up with app data + automatic restoring, cloud back up is a huge added bonus.
+Koushik Dutta the setting is enabled by default, you'd have to explicitly set it to "false" to exclude your app data from adb backup. Recently a lint rule has been added asking you to explicitly specify the value instead of using the implied "true" value.
I have to look up forward locked ...
multiple backups can also be very useful in case of screwing-everything-adding-ads-without-warning updates of apps.
happened to me 3 times already, perfect apps suddenly locking most features and adding ads :/
Looks very promising! Where do I get it?
Shen Ye
ETA plz! </xda>
This looks like a great tool. To answer your earlier question +Koushik Dutta only the latest backup is really necessary, unless you need a redundancy for sync.

I would really like to keep certain apps synced between two devices - game saves, for instance. Or settings. Being able to play or configure an app on one device, install it on another, and have my progress or settings just automatically match that of the original device would be ideal. I don't know if that's the direction you are going or not.
I like the device icons, long live the Nexus One. Mine is still going strong alongside the Nexus 4.
Feature request: Tag applications so it is possible to restore all apps with a given Tag. For example "restore favorites" instead of going through the list and picking them one at a time.
Would love to see FTPS support. I have a 2 TB network drive I like to back up to. Can't imagine I'm alone in this. 
+Neil Choinski I second that, SFTP support would be great.
Would it be possible to do an automatic sync? So that I can play a game on the phone, then pick up my tablet and continue with the save game from the phone?
how about sync across cloud storage service like dropbox or ?
+Koushik Dutta problem is when a user needs an old backup.. say the latest oen broke/corrupt or its fine but messed up something in the actual app..

yes dropbox support is a must! :D

is it available yet btw?
Really looking forward to this, though right now my uses are just a one time moving my phone game saves to my tablet... I should probably just adb backup my self...
+Rémy Faure-Vincent is there usually a paid version if the app as well? If so, do you expect developers to give stuff away for free? Nothing against you personally, but one of my big pet peeves is that a lot of android users expect every app for free. There are a ton of free apps out there, but if a developer wants to monetize their work somehow, more power to them...
Oh man, I've wanted something like this for so long. Who do I need to kill to test an alpha/beta version?
+Jason Downing, I have quite a lot of paid apps, but I am talking about free apps that suddenly switch "business model", lock everything and then go paid.
That's called bait and switch, and whatever the quality of said app the developer WILL BE blacklisted.
Either you call that a beta and be clear about your intentions from the start or you go paid from the start as well.
Wow! waiting for a new version to beta test. ;-) Please if this is going to be paid keep it under U$5.
+Koushik Dutta I used multiple versions of backups when I was switching between android versions. gb+sense, cm, AOKP. Was helpful sometimes to have multiple versions of backups of system apps. After sticking to CM for a while now, only the latest backup is necessary for me. 
+Rémy Faure-Vincent I definitely understand what you're saying and it can be frustrating. Even though it may not be the best way to do business, in the end, if they feel they have a good product and want to start making money, I can't blame them.
+Jason Downing I'm aware of it, but sadly it requires root. Additionally, the real magic of the thing will be the cloud syncing, which wasn't included in the released alpha.  What Koushik is showing is the game changer that I'm so looking forward to.
I cannot believe Google has not made a way to sync your apps data to the cloud so when you DL from the Google Play Store is sync with the data..Like what iCloud does.
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