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Ok, I've had it, I'm taking over Superuser development again.

Gotta see if I can get JesusFreke on board too.
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WOW! I haven't heard about JesusFreke since the G1 days.
depending on the flavors of OS, it can be danm right shizzly.
Merge it with Voodoo OTA RootKeeper abilities to preserve itself and it's game changing on a number of levels.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru +Jriani Morales He's pretty secretive, but he's been working at Google for a little over a year now :)
He was at Samsung prior to that.

Employment by those two companies probably forced him out of the scene, to, well, maintain employment.
+Koushik Dutta What about Cyanogen? Doesn't he work for Samsung? And of course Trae tried the Samsung thing out, didn't work out for him. I've always been curious how they handle those things.
What's wrong with SuperSU?
No need. You do enough good already. :) sufficient. 
What's wrong with the current options? (Not defending them, I genuinely don't know.)
Has anyone fixed multi-user root yet? 
Like +Cole Mickens said what is wrong with SuperSu? I've been using it since its released and I don't have any issues. Is there a technical reason why you want to develop superuser +Koushik Dutta ?
I don't have any problem with supersu, love the ability to survive flashes. Also the constant updates, great dev support. 
JF is still around? I haven't followed what he's been up to since he dumped the ROM thing and started banging away on smali. 
The work you guys are doing over at Google is AMAZING +Jean-Baptiste Quéru . My nexus 7 is running pure AOSP with no glitches since day one, and I'm loving it. I do hope the future does bring a lot of customization. At least a native theme chooser, which in my opinion is a great way to meet third party OEMs right in the middle.
Better fix that crack in my g1 screen than 
Some time ago, I unchecked " delete old log entries" and have never had an issue with superuser sense. I didn't turn off logging tho, I just occasionally manually delete the log history. 
I've never had issues with Superuser, but I'm always finding myself having to play around to get SuperSU to work nicely. It works but Superuser feels like the safer choice 100% of the time. Hope you work wonders on it.
On tablets, I can never get the 'Tap to check for Updates' thing to work.
Time to update the icon too... 
Wow. JesusFreke. My first ROM ever for my G1. Thanks for the flash back. 
First, can you please get Carbon to properly work on the N4? I paid for the premium version in excitement when it came out. But since then its failed to backup to Google Drive 3/4 times and errors out every time I try to restore from a backup. I've tried different ROMs as well as performing full wipes with no success.

... Dissapointed. 
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