ROM Manager issues on 4.2

The new multi-user stuff in AOSP has thrown a wrench into ROM Manager.

The sdcard is now segmented and an emulated mount is available per user on the device.

So, /sdcard for user 0 would actually be /sdcard/0
And /sdcard for user 1 is /sdcard/1

This is causing a mismapping when rebooting into recovery from ROM Manager to install a zip. It will try to open, for example, /sdcard/, when in reality, it should be looking in /sdcard/0/

This broke all the things.

I am hoping to do this fix entirely in ROM Manager, but I suspect a CWM rebuild may also be necessary for 4.2 devices. Ideally, I'd like to avoid that.


ROM Manager is broken on 4.2, and I have a fix in progress.
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