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They should just say this instead, "oh sorry my body cant digest awesome, so i stick with these lame food groups"
+Merk Mernerlerter  or "I'm allergic to bacon".... that would end the conversation instantly and not waste my time :-p   LOL
I'm a marathon running, Prius driving, vegan. I don't know which one to bring up first.

ROFL! hit the nail on the head!, no matter what the conversation....'so how's the weather where you are?....Oh, i'm vegan, it's great...'
Rich S
Also, doesn't own a TV, just found religion/born again, and "never use Microsoft" guy. 
+Koushik Dutta was joking. whoosh That was the sound of the joke going over your head. My dog is eating the bone of the steak I just consumed.
You can see the face. They are yellow and pale.
Not the rich. Because they have money to buy vitamins and proteins into pills.
+Friedrich Sinofzik It's completely possible to get all the nutrition one needs on a completely vegan diet without the use of supplements. It's difficult and tedious, but possible.
+Keyan Mobli  No. Its not. A diet 100% Vegetable or  "vegan" ( VEGAN ARE THE RADICAL ONES, NO EGS, NOTHING).  Is impossible.
+Keyan Mobli - Vegans need to be particularly careful about getting enough calcium and vitamins D and B12, and iron and zinc can be problematic as well.  Calcium and iron tend to be co-extant in vegetarian sources, but they interfere with one anothers' absorbtion.
+Christopher Tate yeah, I'm aware, hence it being difficult. +Friedrich Sinofzik You're wrong. However, for things like B12, they have to NOT wash their fruits and vegetables to ingest the b12 the bacteria are producing.

What component of their nutrition do you think they would be unable to obtain +Friedrich Sinofzik?
+Keyan Mobli a friend mine in school from mine 13 to 15 years become RADICAL VEGAN. She died. After this in school they invited  doctors, specialists and EX VEGAN EXTREMIST to lectures. Since I read a lot about. 100% NO MEAT PROTEIN. IMPOSSIBLE... 
the Proof? We don't have EXTREMIST VEGANS before the vitamins and pills in our history. Why? THEY DIED.
+Keyan Mobli Example. Try to get  3 mcg daily of  vitamin D and B12 not drinking milk or meat. do the calc of the amount of GREEN you need to eat.
VEGAN is different from vegetarianism.In vegetarianism ( sorry if i'm not using the correct term) They can Drink milk. sometimes eat products with some traces of meat or eat fish. VEGANS no.
+Friedrich Sinofzik protein is protein is protein. It is broken down to amino acids in your body by peptidases and then you have amino acids. Your body doesn't need proteins, it needs amino acids.  Furthermore, only a handful of the amino acids are actually biologically necessary, the rest can be made from intermediates in your body. 

The body is a pretty complex machine, but it only really requires simple things to keep it running. 

Like I said, it's difficult to be a pure vegan and get all your vitamins, however, it is possible. Your friend, although it is a tragedy that she died, was not eating her vegan diet correctly.

It's entirely possible that we had extremist vegans before vitamins and pills, and it is entirely possible that they died, because they didn't have a grasp on nutrition and such like we do now. 

The fact that you distinguished meat protein from just "protein" makes me think that you don't understand this stuff as well as you think you do. 


By the way, please stop trying to tell me the difference between vegan and vegetarian. Not once in this conversation did I mix the two up. I know the difference, thanks.
"My food shits on your food."
+Keyan Mobli  I know a lot about metabolism. 
Seems you don't understand well the the amount of everything. and the entire digestive process.
They need Vitamin A. Ho yes they you get this from vegetables in Beta Carotene. but to convert this you need some kind of FAT. Hoo. but vegan don't eat FAT. Then. You need HORSE DOSAGE of beta Carotene just to get a single amount of vitamin A in organism.
You need all 8 kinds of B vitamins. not just one b12.
Vegetables you have a lot of amino acids  But meat they are complete proteins or they come all amino acids complete. . And in a easy digestible way. 

and I'm not in wish of remember mine study days now. And all process.

EXTREMISM in life do you sick. Being in politics, religion or food.
Saying "vegan don't eat FAT" basically proves that you don't understand nutrition as well as you think you do, +Friedrich Sinofzik.  It's not like plants don't have oils, y'know?
+Keyan Mobli hoo. then you know how easy is for our body to break legumes and grains to get amino acids . Try soya bean for example with the amount of digestible  inhibitors they have.

Our body  have evolved to eat a bit of everything. Our body supports well  moments of deprivation of certain foods and can get from other sources. But we have limits.
+Christopher Tate Yes and this is another problem.
VEGANS radical say the meat FAT is dangerous and start to eat a lot of GRAINS and nuts,  like Brazilian nuts, Makadamia and others for zink and lot other minerals. then they come from doctor and don't know why they have blood fat problems ( don't know if I can write this way in English, "hight blod fat")
+Friedrich Sinofzik thank you for wishing me luck in my career... Of medicine... Where I make a career of studying this stuff.

You say the proteins in meat are more complete. That's not true. At all. In fact, the proteins are very similar between plants and animals.

Vitamin A is fat soluble, yes, but its contained in the plant with the oils so it would, in fact, be easily digestible. Carrots are currently the best way to get vitamin A into the body.

Why do they make fake meats? This shit drives me insane, a lot of vegans think that meat is just disgusting or the killing process bothers them but then they form their soy protein (ha ha ha) and beans or whatnot into burgers and bacon. This is the same as a lesbian using a plastic penis to me. Makes no sense to me. 

^ worst analogy ever ?   vote away !
+Keyan Mobli THANK YOU DOCTOR.  I'm not to try a technical discussion with you, DOCTOR. English is not mine born language and I'm limited to express myself ( and typing using phone). But I could easily find MEDICINE diploma peoples who opposes you in radicalism about raw vegan diets. Lot of good papers about. I'm not to do it.

Our metabolic system have a  a good operating margin to collapse. Both hight and low.

The best is live in the middle of this margin's. Good food, Balanced food, Exercises. Sun. No stress. Not live in the edge.

A hight FATnes, caloric, sodium diet is risky for overloading your system. The same way a RAW VEGAN RADICAL diet will stress your system and you will live in the edge of a collapse. An oversight and you will have serious problems. Your life will be you doing by yourself what your organism do by itself when you have a varied diet.

In both cases you disrupts their metabolism and the whole chemical process.

Being a MEDICINE MAN. I wish you teach about risks and not give motivation to LIVE in risk.
+Koushik Dutta You can mute your own post. It won't stop people from commenting. Personally, I'm enjoying feeding the  troll, despite him not knowing he is trolling.

Subtle troll, the best of trolls.
Oh come on, +Friedrich Sinofzik -- he's talking about vegan diets, not raw diets.  Raw-food diets are a very different issue (and are indeed a good way to wind up malnourished or dead, particularly for young children).  If you're getting confused on this then this conversation is going to go nowhere.
Top right counter notification> scroll to post in pop out>. bottom right. Desktop browser. 
I'm vegan! Well actually just vegetarian. We shout it out to everyone cause we want you assholes to stop killing animals ;-!
+Christopher Tate This conversation has been going nowhere for a long time, I'm just stomping what was +Koushik Dutta's troll post into the ground.

+Koushik Dutta you have to mute it from a notification, but you can indeed mute your own posts. 
+Christopher Tate  thank you to rememberer what I write. 
"Friedrich Sinofzik22:42Edit
VEGAN is different from vegetarianism.In vegetarianism ( sorry if i'm not using the correct term) They can Drink milk. sometimes eat products with some traces of meat or eat fish. VEGANS no."
+Friedrich Sinofzik: you write "But I could easily find MEDICINE diploma peoples who opposes you in radicalism about raw vegan diets", which is curious because Keyan never mentioned "raw" in the course of this entire conversation.
+Keyan Mobli the "pancreas" thank you doc.
And "VEGAN" dean't mean "VEGANISM" or  the practice of not eating, wearing, or using anything that comes from an animal?
+Friedrich Sinofzik you're mixing things up though. Raw vegan and strict (or in your words, extremist) vegan. They aren't the same thing. Lots of people are strict vegans but don't only eat raw food.
I like beef and pork, but I will not eat chicken. I don't have a category but would like to be called a Vaginist. What is this "Vaginism" +Clint Shepherd?  I think I eat that too. 
+Keyan Mobli The one's I meet. Do it.
Then DOC. A good chance to explain the EXTREMIST ones about it and not FEED their "religion".
X Rellix23:39Reply
I'm vegan! Well actually just vegetarian. We shout it out to everyone cause we want you assholes to stop killing animals ;-!
It's a bit hard to get B12 from non-fortified vegetables/supplements though. Not sure if "not washing" vegetables would be enough. This is really a question since I honestly don't know.
+X Rellix I do. But I eat lil fluffy animals too. How else would I fry the veggies?
+Miguel Raimundo - It's pretty hard to get B12 reliably from vegetable sources.  "Not washing" does make it more likely, specifically because it attempts to leave the B12-bearing bacteria in place on the food for ingestion.  The problem with that, of course, is that it also greatly increases the risk of E. coli infection, giardiasis, etc.  :(
+Christopher Tate yeah, I understand the theoretical mechanism behind, just had my doubts about its feasability. The few vegan patients I've seen all took B12 supplements by their own initiative. I noticed that most people who opt for these diets are usually well informed :)
I'm so glad I came back to this post.
Which is more annoying: vegans, or the people who get really upset about vegans and lecture them on nutrition?
I don't go around announcing that I'm vegan, but I do encourage others to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet (or even the popular "meatless Mondays" diet), and people can generally infer that I am a vegan.

I encourage others to adopt this lifestyle in much the same manner that I encourage others to recycle, to vote for the legalization of same-sex marriage, and, yes, to be kind to other animals, including other people. Even if you don't have any ethical qualms about the horrific lives that factory-farmed animals lead, or their often inhumane slaughter, factory farming (particularly of livestock, but I concede that all factory farming is bad) is immensely destructive to our environment, unhealthy, and selfish. (It takes many pounds of grain to produce one pound of beef–plant foods that can, instead, be directly consumed by people. In our own country, 1 out of 6 people go hungry.) A recent UN report claims that a global shift toward a vegan diet is vital to save the world from hunger and the worst impacts of climate change.

I'm sorry that you don't like to hear about it, but I will continue to advocate vegetarianism/veganism because I believe it is the socially responsible thing to do. I hope that, one day, you will feel the same way. 
Anyone upset about slaughterhouse conditions shouldn't watch me cook. I chop the living hell out of some veggies. It's a bloodbath. Seriously, sometimes it's so bad I'll catch myself crying while cutting onions...

People do realize that the amino acids found in meat comes in part from the veg animals eat right? 
"I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals.  I'm a vegetarian because I hate plants. "
Us vegans are the same who nagged a 100 years god fearing people that owning humans is immoral ;-)
HAHA +Koushik Dutta reap what you sow, wind it up and let it go, when it will stop, nobody knows, Brilliant, brightened my day.... ;-)
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