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TL;DR: The former webmaster of +CyanogenMod, +Ahmet Deveci, is holding the domain hostage for $10k. We don't really care, since we already moved everything over to
Furthermore, he was impersonating +CyanogenMod leadership to fraudulently extract money from other businesses.

Money always complicates things. This is why we can't have nice things.

We'll get the domain back anyways, since we hold the trademark to +CyanogenMod and it is a .com domain. Ie, we can recover it via a trademark dispute with ICANN [1]. It's just annoying as shit that some scumbag decided it was time to cash in, and screw everyone else. 

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Honestly doesn't surprise me. Goodluck dealing with the unnecessary b.s.
Well, I just got another CM device, so this reminds me to donate $10 as is tradition when I get an android device and load CM on it. Good luck guys.
Lets by him an iPhone....there I said it....I went there.
an iwhore in cm skin, thats despicable, let the community know what we can do to help, im sitting here looking at 3 different devices on my desk running cm, i think i owe you guys a little something

this guy wasnt an actual dev on the team was he? i assume he was just domain owner/admin
see thats what happens when you have university students running your website..they see some $$ and they quickly want to cash on it.
hope you guys get your proper domain back!
That's just so wrong. Holding hostage the name of a group that does stuff for free so people can haz teh uberz...
As a rule of thumb, the Android Community does not negotiate with terrorists.
As Peter Sebastian said, the Android Community DOES NOT negotiate with terrorist. Hence Samsung's refusal to entertain the idea of negotiations with Apple. Said without apology! 
Strong, strong, strong recommendation: make sure you have backups that are going Somewhere Else.

I'm one of the developers of the Slony replication system (  The web site is hosted by someone from a consulting firm on the other end of the continent from us, and while he's a good guy, we wanted to be careful about not being vulnerable to continuing good graces, because Stuff Happens.  As a result, I run backups of the site (excluding password-related stuff) that gets published to GitHub: <>

If you make sure there are offsite backups of this sort (and by the way, I make sure there are dupes in various places, which git pull makes super-easy!), then this discourages people from even thinking about getting into shenanigans.
What a prick, I hope karma catches up with him soon. 
MONEEYYY!!! Dollar dollar bill, y'all... 
Eh - the money'll all go to the lawyers, in a case like this.
Comments that are comparing someone that's basically a criminal to an iPhone user.  Woooow.  Don't you actually have/use several iOS products, +Koushik Dutta? Lol.

Anyways, good luck dealing with this crap.  Can't believe he's doing this.
That sucks. I value the amazing work that many people in their own free time put into CyanogenMod - that is freely available for everyone at no charge at all. 

It's utterly ridiculous for him to demand $10,000 from a community that make no money, demand no money for their work, which is given for free.
The guy is getting a pounding on twitter account @MrAdeveci! 
The guy has even received tweets from Anonymous! 
Post a home address and you'd get that domain name from him quickly. 
Please don't post his address.
After reading the whole thing from start to end in about 10min.
I wonder, if its not all just a big hox. To explain the move to .org ? #conspiracytherory
i love that +Ahmet Deveci doesn't allow comments on his explanation post.  he doesn't seem to realize that "the haters" are probably hating because when you purchase a domain name of a known group that you're not really a part of, it's pretty clear what your intentions are.  Thanks +Koushik Dutta for keeping comments open (because now the internet can know what i think of this matter)  /s or some such... :)
It's probably just a complete coincidence, but day before yesterday I applied Cyanogenmod to both my Android devices.  The next day, first time since 1993 on the net, my PayPal account had fradulent transactions.  But probably a coincidence.  All my other accounts seem fine, but I am changing passwords.
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