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Revealed: NSA collecting phone records of millions of Americans daily
Sigh. Cancelling my Verizon lines tomorrow right now.
Exclusive: Top secret court order requiring Verizon to hand over all call data shows scale of domestic surveillance under Obama • Read the court order in full here
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While this doesn't bode well for Verizon, this doesn't mean that other carries are not doing it as well.  Verizon was the only one that was leaked though.  Realistically, if they are doing it on Verizon, chances are the other big carriers are under similar orders.
first ATT then Verizon
As long as they are not collecting texts ;-)
Kelvin N
guys you have to understand NSA has been doing this for a while for international call already
Jesus...WTF, Obama & Verizon?
God bless the ol' US of A. 
On a contract for T-mobile one of our projects was called NSA Rack for each of the data racks that did just that ...
Phil K
Isn't that just peachy.... But not wholly surprising.
Yeah, you're kidding yourselves if you think this isn't happening with all the carriers, just saying. Verizon appears to have been the ones caught with their finger in the pie though.
Really, I think all this does is confirm everyone's suspicions.  Unless you are living under a rock, it should be obvious now that the government is spying any way they can.  Now we have proof is all.  It has been happening for years and will continue.  Welcome to 1984.
I am so far beyond appaled right now I do so sollomly swear I will never give +Verizon Wireless another red cent of my money... And should I find out that +T-Mobile is doing the same thing there losing my money as well... To hell with a court order we have to end this kind of thing before it's to late this is absurd
The article did say that they weren't sure if all the other major carriers were involved but they very well could be. 
Well why wouldn't they be? I mean.. U.S. citizens don't only use Verizon shrug
+Koushik Dutta that's OK Verizon does not support android with freedoms (unlocking bootloader, rooting, verizons apps/ui changes), locking them down tight and adding bs apps 
Anybody surprised? I don't think there is any form of communication which is not taped. 
+Ben Leonard sorry but the "I have nothing to hide" argument is saying that you don't care about privacy
+Ben Leonard It sounds kinda meh until you decide to blow the whistle on your employer and the NSA decides they don't like it.  Then, boom, you're a "terrorist" and have lost all rights.  This kind of thing can't be shrugged off.
Not sure what the big surprise is here. We all know they have been doing this for years. And don't be a fool its not just Verizon its any form of communication.

+Kerry Fath but but we have to be mad, because this is Verizon, they're evil and this has to be projected on a carrier because this is wireless related. 
Oh no... The NSA is gonna know about all the secret conversations I've had with my local papa John's... Hyperbole!
Omar Leon
Our privacy has been compromised since that Patriot Act gave them power to track and listen in on just about anyone they want. 
+Kerry Fath I was being sarcastic. Hell no I'm not cancelling my Verizon contract, there's not a wireless provider here in the USA that isn't subject to this by the NSA. So unless people are planning on being cellphone-less they might as well forget trying to be all activist about this, and take it up with their state representatives/etc 
Tyson C
If they're doing it to Verizon, what's to say their not doing it the other carriers. I doubt they are singling Verizon out.
just don't mention any Key flag Words and you should be fine
Yeah I'm pretty sure they are just recording everything from everywhere all the time. They had to build a giant data center in Utah to store it all.
yes +Brock Tice  and monitoring too as well...i would hate to be the analysts doing that job...
+Tony Allen I know you were being sarcastic. I think what bothers most people is the intrusion of privacy. Its a sick world we live in and this is what it has come to. But where does it stop? That's the million dollar question. 
+Ian Thomas that one little star that AT&T got that Verizon didn't.. Yeah I don't know if you heard this or not, but congress nullified it anyway, so no matter how much they "fought for user privacy in Congress" it obviously didn't help. Not that the patriot act wouldn't sidestep them regardless. The fact of the matter is, none of the carriers give a single fuck about us, they are all looking for the next big way to monetize the wireless industry and turn something into a cash cow. Meanwhile, they're subject to whatever/wherever/whenever the government gives them as orders or instructions to oblige whether they like it or not. 
There are a lot better reasons to cancel Verizon than this shit... Terrorist or not.
Regardless of how this is wrong on so many levels, the NSA collecting phone records is probably part of your contract in some way that you unknowingly agreed to.
If you think it's limited to a given provider, you're deluded.
+Tony Allen You miss the point of the chart. It's not who can protect your privacy it's about who tries. Our government clearly doesn't care about our constitution so its a given that no company is immune, even Google has been forced to cave on nsl requests.
And so does every other country's intelligence agencies.  *derp!*
+Ron Morris the batshit crazy thing you guys call The Patriot Act would be downright illegal in most other countries on the planet. Except maybe Iran. 
No one is off the grid unless they're living in a cave.  You could always get transcripts of phone conversations.  There are no secrets especially in countries with nationwide Internet and ANY kind of phone access.  This really isn't news.
Wait, you honestly believe that bulk surveillance of law abiding citizens is normal?
Soren, I'll admit the Scandinavian Alliance of countries has probably the lowest amount of corruption of any group of first world nations, but don't think for one frakking minute that your intelligence agencies cant produce transcripts of your phone calls.
Lol, Obama is not the issue here but politicians that don't give a shit. These illegal tappings started with Bush and won't end till young folks like us write and call our representatives. 
No dude, I'm saying it completely violates the right to privacy, but somehow every government is doing it.
Corruption is everywhere.  it's disgusting, but true.  It just so happens that the USA has more than most.
+Jon Weber Wire taps didn't start with Bush, dude.  They started long before that.
+Evan Anderson they were under court order its not like Verizon just walked up to them unannounced and gave it up. 
As terrible as this is Obama's NSA got a warrant and W's didn't so progress? Yeah didn't think so. 
Eze Uba
Eggs must be broken to make omellettes... To fight a faceless enemy - terrorism, some rights have to be waived. It's just a pity it's on a massive scale as this... In my country Nigeria, there is a state of emergency in three northen states where terrorists were having a field day maiming and killing. The people of those states have been stripped of some basic rights but I'm sure it's a small price to pay to bring an end to the menace of those terrorists operating within those areas.
1984.....i'm wondering why all you US boys are wondering...?!?
No conversation contents?

... Okay, so... nowhere near as big a deal as the title makes it out to be.
and you guys blame the democrats for this problem (as one of the minor u.s. problems)? sounds more than funny to europeans.
first if all the democrats are the only ones who still believe at least a little in what was (in former times) the true quintessential of human or civil rights. all the republicans do is make the public believe, that letting them have guns is freedom - these guys must sit in their earchair giggling whole night long about that.
and what the states really have nowadays is an absolutely legal surveillance of all spheres of human life - and still pretending to stand beside the flag of freedom.
and +Ron Morris: having the ability to do something doesn't mean, that you are forced to do it. i know, that this might sound strange to americans, but to think over the consequences of an action (or a law to be passed?) is definitely a first step...
Well, probably it's time to switch to VoIP calling and to these new-bells-and-whistles Hangouts
You think its just VZ?? I am sure all US telcos are under the same rulings
no government can ever be trusted.

Our only defense is large numbers: they cannot tap/filter/parse/listen/follow as much as we can communicate :)

so, everyone start talking shit all over the place and they won't have the time to make any sense of it :)
If you trust government then you deserve that indefinite detention
If you have nothing to hide why would anyone be so bothered about this. I'm confused
Americans get a freaking grip on want to be protected from terrorist attacks, and you ll be the first to gripe about violations of ur civil liberties. U dont like being mowed down on the streets by fellow Americans gone berserk, and yet you dont wanna give up ur guns....if a terrorist attack happens on your shore you rant and rave and blame ur government, and when the same gorvernment does something to protect you, like a spoiled whinny child you cry. Try living in Saudi Arabia, China, or the soviet union, or any where else for that matter, and see what lenghts these countries are going to protect its citizens, and thier people are glad and thankfull for it. Quit ur whinning already and support your gorvernments effort to protect you. To stop terrorists, a concise monitoring is required, albeit on the entire populace.
+Karl Wolfgramm I disagree that normal phone conversations can be interpreted as terrorist activity. The is no smoke without fire IMO.

My phone conversations are like....
Hi honey, whats for dinner, how's the kids. Hey, it's the second Friday of the month next week, will you do that special thing I like, great!! Love ya, bye.

If they can nail me as a terrorist from that then good luck to them. 
+Barry Ward you honestly believe you have nothing to hide as long as you honestly believe you have done nothing wrong. Now, your definition of "wrong" may be very different vs your governement's definition of same word... 
Damn, I'll do the same tomorrow right now
Put on a foreign accent. The transcripts will be all mumbo jumbo. 
An 'above top secret' NSA document defining the meaning of words for the purpose of communicating with their own nation?

To state the obvious:  there is something profoundly undemocratic about that.
So does this log pron sites, my friend...likes to visit?!
Interesting that it is mentioned that this is 'under Obama'. No word about a republican majority having voted it through, or anything else of the process that made the Patriot's Act a law. It's always all the president's fault.
Shows me how much (or how less) people really care and understand how law is made in the US.
I don't blame the president because he walked into the president having to
sort out and figure out how to pay for the war that was not paid fot me
personally I'm glad Obama is president I just happen to know that Nasa
fills the president in after what they do

When you covertly violate the Constitution, it's unlikely you put it to a vote. I doubt Nixon asked for a vote on the Watrgate bugging ! Of course, if you need 2/3 Congress, to approve an Treaty (and you know you won't get it), you simply change the name and call it an "agreement" like Clinton did with NAFTA.
I can't believe the apathy in this threat.  The NSA is classifying the meaning of its own communications 'above top secret' - meaning that you cannot trust what you hear.  Why would they want to do this?

The NSA even seems to act autonomously from government and without competent accountability.  Why the blind trust?

It isn't the Obama administration that is doing this really - it is permanent, unelectable government.  And people are happy to have all their communications monitored?
+Barry Ward of course you haven't got a clue. You have never lived under a dictatorship. I have and it's not been fun. Now... in modern world... how do you, as a regular citizen, know if your government starts slipping away from democracy and transparency? If silently tapping all citizens' conversations is no such sign, then I don't know what is.
They got the power by using peoples greed and sloth ! ! ! They gave up their Constitutional Rights, for a free cell phone, a chek from the Gvernment, and the promise of Health Care ! ! !
+Koushik Dutta Did they make you pay the early termination fee or were you month-to-month.
+Koushik Dutta Do you really believe that the individuals involved in the Boston bombing had a plan to only use Verizon lines? If so, do you really believe that the government made that assumption when investigating?

If so, then go ahead and move to Sprint or AT&T. We'll stand here and watch you paying your cancellation fee as a token message of "stick it to the man!" laugh
+Koushik Dutta you're a moron.  There's really no other way to feel right now.  Your anger at Verizon and subsequent belief that you'll find some other carrier that doesn't do this is laughable.  Of course, we should demand that this type of privacy intrusion comes to a stop, but leaving VZW isn't going to do that.  
Verizon isn't the only one allowing the NSA to record everything. Verizon was the one that resisted the most visibly. The NSA records every phone call (as far as can be determined) that occurs, in the USA and long distance (to/from any country). They just do not listen to them all until they feel like it, if ever.
I assume that all my electronic communications are recorded. 
Lol not surprising at all. We wanted better protection against terrorism, I don't think anybody can complain.
It's all telecommunication companies...and previous administrations as well. Get over it unless your willing to live like a hobbit.
They are wasting time on my phone calls... Most of them are my girlfriend bitching!
This is my surprised face.can you tell?
Thx Busch and the GOP for this egregious encroachment on our civil liberties
You guys do know this is the Business Network Services and not their Wireless division right?  Granted, it's probably happening to an extent on their Wireless side but one would be foolish to think it's not happening across all carriers.

The order, signed by Judge Roger Vinson of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in April, directs a Verizon Communications subsidiary, Verizon Business Network Services, to turn over “on an ongoing daily basis” to the National Security Agency all call logs “between the United States and abroad” or “wholly within the United States, including local telephone calls."

+Koushik Dutta 
I agree,you seem like a pretty smart young lady...
But I truely believe that its going on through every form of communication...
With this whole terrorist thing on our door step,I dont mind a bit..who's gonna stop it?

From my Android phone on T-Mobile. The first nationwide 4G network.

-------- Original message --------
Unfortunately there is no carrier in the U.S. that is not turning over 100% of everything on their network to the NSA.  Cancel Verizon, but there's no where else to go.  ATT, T-mo, Sprint do it as well.
+Brock Tice NSA DC at Camp William is not live yet, but soon will be if you want to come pick up a copy of your electronic life on Blu-ray DVD.
Verizon is just the one named.  There is no way Verizon is the only one being ordered to do this.  I am willing to bet there are matching orders for every other wireless carrier in the US.  Verizon isn't to blame here, they are complying with a legal order.  If they didn't people would start going to jail.  They are as much a victim of the increasing surveillance state as the people who use their services.

Jumping to another carrier is dumb.  The only entity to  be mad at here is our own government.
Aww your late....that's what the NSA is for, it's been over 50 years!
But since its Obama,its OK. He truly has your best interest in heart. 
+Robert Steburg as true as that maybe there still doing it... If Verizon had of told the to shove it then I would gladly give them all of my money but they didn't they just handed it over
Thank the decider, Mr Bush for this invasion of privacy. Remember the president with the smarts of a fourth grader, but somehow made it through college. Thank God he was a legacy. Blaming Obama while popular is incorrect. 
If the NSA had to get a "secret" court order to force #Verizon to do this, it means that all the other carriers have already complied without court orders. 
Eze Uba
As a side note, look up ECHELON on wikipedia. This did not start today... Quit the whining already...

I love how people are shocked by this. Our country has been decaying for years now. Want something done about it? Go take a look at the constitution it gives explicit instructions as to how to react.
+Chelsey Thomas ...Believe me if you want your government to stem the tide of terrorism or elliminate entirely from its shores, then you must give up certain liberties. Id like to know how you propose for them to do this without listenning in. And yes the citizens of China, and Russia dont seriously mind being spied on if the act helps the government crack down on insurgency and terrorism. I know I have lived in both countries. 
+Jere Maya Maya "National security" and "Terrorism" are being used as an excuse to deny basic rights given by God. Yes, terrorism exists, and yes it is horrible, and yes there are reasons to protect national security, but most of what is happening isn't this, it a a diversion to allow a power grab.

If we want to make so much use of these excuses, at least focus it where it belongs; gangs, drug cartels, mafia (what little exists today), etc. That is where terrorism largely happens today in the US. Yet most of it is ignored or left relatively untouched. They are more interested in peaceful Muslims or peaceful Christians or ...
Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.
Ben Franklin

NSA (National Security Agency) of Defence(related to Military) in USA collecting phone records is not nice . Defence has no rights to hack good people phone records .
good thing i never call anyone and take all my calls in gmail

also my phone screen is broken so i couldn't if i wanted
Mykl Em
Oh thank goodness so glad I have tmobile where they don't monitor my phone calls about 2% or whole milk! Dodged a bullet there
Unfortunately I'm sure there are similar orders for the other wireless carriers... Hopefully time will tell on that.
They do watever they feel like ........ every1 hav der own privacy .n that shud b maintain
Yawn, what else is new?
They can listen to me regale my doctor about my boils and puss all they want. All the other important stuff, everyone knows you use a homing pigeon. 
Surprise, surprise! This has bee going on now for 7 years. If you live a good life then you have nothing to worry about. They can listen to all my calls and read all of my texts. I have nothing to hide. 
If I speak in code will the C I A get upset and start following me RED ARROWS SAILING BLUE DANDELION TONIGHT
Get real whos going to read it and what are they going to do What if the person who read mine died on the way home will what he read dissapear or is there a team backing that one up. How manny peoples lives are dedicated to following my life? Man Im so important.
ZZZZZzzzz...Something for the tin foil hats and doomsayers to get excited over. Big fucking deal. Not.
So if everyone I'd so mad how come we aren't storming the Capitol and shutting our government down???? That is the question. What gives then more rights and how come every single thing the government does is secretive and we can't know about it? Fuck that
I told my wife last night the government cell phone plan was just so they could listen to calls-she called me crazy and now this is on the news today! 
I read 2 books that predicted this. Both are several decades old. One of them stated the sole reason computers were invented was so they had a machine that can track Societies movements. Now look what's happening. ..
This is not right. No one has rights anymore. What happend to private!!!

This is sickening and I'm switching providers and maybe even sewing them. Now I know what happened when my brother in law went to pay his bill and the cashier showed him the screen and it said, warning this is a secured government line. I see a huge lawsuit on the horizon. By the way thank you Verizon!
You think this is bad? The new Xbox One will have Kinnect on at ALL times 2 even use ur machine. It scans Your room constantly for what your wearing & doing 2 advertise just 4 You...(Bullshit)!!! Then
once a day it sends that info back 2 Microsoft. You don't think the government will use this 2 finally invade our homes? This IS THEIR WAY 2 finally get into OUR HOMES!!! I'm a founding member of Xbox Live, and soon they'll stop supporting their current systems! And as soon as I'm forced 2 switch over 2 the new system, I'm DONE!!! Their playing on the fact that we want all our devices 2 work cohesively together! They made it happen! The trade off is YOUR FREEDOM & PRIVACY!!!! 
Americans luv 2be their brothers keeper.
Heh he he their using the patriot act on me smh
Lololol, you're all fucking paranoid!! They're coming to get you!!! Shhh, they're tracking you through your cell phones, tablets, pc's, implants from the dentist, car gps, contact lenses and credit/debit cards!! RUN!! HIDE!! What a fucking joke... ZZZzzzz
Not only Americans. They are sticking their dirty nose into everything.
" Under the terms of the blanket order, the numbers of both parties on a call are handed over, as is location data, call duration, unique identifiers, and the time and duration of all calls. The contents of the conversation itself are not covered." Big whoop. They already have this capability and do this at businesses.
So den we need to abolish this bs patriot act
Gets me thinking what they will do with Google glass. :-) 
+Kerry Fath i was just telling my friends how every elected official should have to wear Google glass at all times. The people can say its in the name of the Patriot Act. 
Look up 4th amendment on the bill of rights if you want to know why this is bad. Wikipedia explains it in 4 sentences. 
Hello all my friends wish U best.
Just because something is legal does not make it right. (Jim Crow Laws) the whistleblower came forth because he witnessed abuses of this power but when he reported them, no one cared. He should list what the abuses were to be taken more seriously, though. Just my opinion. 
If you are so worried you should also close your FB Google+ and twitter account if you have them. They can get more information of you through the social network than what they could have get by listening your line. And anyway, if you do not have anything to hide, which is the big deal?
I have nothing to hide but I also wonder how this affects small business in America. In order for these opsrations to work you need companies that have monopolies! It makes it much easier to collect data. I know microsoft has had trouble with the Sherman Antitrust Act a couple times but honestly if these companies are necessary to national security there is going to be conflicts of interest with our government! What do you think? 
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