ROM Manager Delta Updates - Now on Google Play

Probably super buggy and beta, so use at your own risk ;)

I'll be tweaking the server to accomodate for load and bugs. From another post on how it works:

Whenever a zip is requested to be downloaded by RM, the list of all other zips that were downloaded via RM are sent up to the delta server.
The delta server then uses this to create an edge frequency graph (the actual CS term for this is slipping me at the moment), ie delta paths, from one zip to another.
The edges (deltas) with the highest frequency are prioritized for delta creation on the server.
If the delta fails, it will just fall back to full file. The whole process is pretty seamless/transparent.

Right now, if you want to download a delta, a "Delta Download" button will be  present in the ROM Download screen. Once this feature is fully baked, the button may just go away altogether, and delta updates will be automatically used if available.
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