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Hacking away at recovery touch support all day.

Official ClockworkMod Recovery Touch
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awesome work...will tile mode be possible...just a suggestion
Your work is greatly appreciated, i know tons of people that use the software that you help create.
+Koushik Dutta if you not read/seen yesterday's post...about "jailbreaking/rooting" will be illegal AGAIN some time in 2012 in USA...
+Nandlal Shah U are really kidding me? If its true, why cyanogenmod is still on the buildbot... Why is iOS jailbreaking is still on... We modders still break the laws lol...
Not at present but that is coming +Daniel MM I have Android with CM7.1 but Later this year!
I thought he is from Spain...
if jailbreaking is going to be considered as a felony, so basically, my phone is not actually my phone at all?
Lol. Where do you think is michigan? ;)
Oh I have CM7.1, Clockwrokmod, Tether and desksms from him
Yup, you paid money for a thing that is just kept with you, u can't do any thing u want with it. And the carriers fuck steal ur personal info as well.
@koush I found a bug in the embedded busybox expr command. Where should I report it to make the next release?
Gonna love to have this on LG P990... ;)
This looks great! Once finished will you be sending your patches into the mainline repo? I'd love to see this on other devices.
Roman A
Hm, it's more correct version of the "touch" than the CWM touch beta
thats pretty cool i bet it you have to be carefull not to tooch the wrong one
nice, but I prefer the current one with hard keys, it gives a bit of old-school magic to the update process ;-)
Cool how do i get it. Also i was looking into dual booting cm7 with ubuntu, but in the first step i had to have 2 cwm downloaded. This step confused me. Any ideas?
That's a great start Koush, this will be pretty great I think, especially since scrolling with the volume on G-Nex can get kind of tricky. I'm sure this will be amazing when released.
This is awesome! Can't wait :)
Looks great, can't wait to see a polished off version with full functionality for a bunch of devices.
So glad you're doing this. I actually thought about using another recovery for a minute...
looks great, the nexus is driving me crazy with it bouncing all over the place when you try and navigate around.
Idk if touch belongs in recovery, I've ran into issues with touch recovery on my EVO 3d, was too easy to accidently wipe the whole phone, or SD card... So keep extra menus around... Like a no button a couple times
Those no's got really annoying tho when i used the volume buttons.
you are a genius!!
let us know for beta testers!
I am really looking forward to this for the Galaxy Nexus. The volume keys are very hard to use.

Keep up the good work.
I still haven't gotten over the fabulous hard-button CWM support for my new T989 (TMo SGSII), and I know support for my phone is very far down every dev's list. But, if you please....
hey Koush, please let me know if you ever need any help translating to Turkish/ Armenian or Greek... Great work!
+Koushik Dutta , looks great. Is there any way to eliminate all the no's when you are trying to select a "yes" lol.
+Graham Scholton The idea is to make an inadvertent "yes" unlikely. I like a UI element in FX (the beta file manager) for file delete -- it's a little dialog with a "Yes" and "No/Cancel" but also a checkbox that has to be clicked. +Koushik Dutta could improve that and maintain the anti-reflexive protection of the present "moving yes among many nos" by moving the checkbox at random just enough to make reflexive actions unlikely.
way cool man, cant wait till its nice and shinny and ready for us to brick..erm i mean play with it! :)
+Richard Reich , good point. I have never thought of it like that. It will be interesting to see what Koush comes up with.
You're awesome :) Thank you very much!
The Motorola Devour needs CWM too. It would need a bootstrap application like other Motorola devices have. If you're willing to help I'd be willing to donate or lend mine. Please get in touch with me if you have any pointers.
Looking forward to a future version that is Rezounding :)
Thanks allot for your work Koush. My phone would be something completly diffrent with out CWM. But im nor actualy sure if i like it as touch version. That hardware button only version realy had style. It kind of show that CWM isent just an App, its much more :-)
I was wondering when you'd be doing this. Thanks for the great recovery. Use it on 10 of my Android devices.
+Nicholas Neveu And on how many don't you use it? Just trying to get a feeling for the full extent of your electronic Versailles.
I guess me and +Nathan Grebowiec are no longer needed in the touch recovery business, oh wait, I'll be making another new font for this one, expect a bigger Roboto variation
Oh man that's fucking awesome can't wait til its released
That looks awesome man. I'm excited for the final.
nice! Will this be available for my lovely Nexus S or will it be only on the Galaxy Nexus?
Thanks, your effort and hard work.
Como siempre, buscando la perfección , gran trabajo.
Very touching video ;).

Can't wait to see it on my SGS2 I9100! You're the best, man!
nice! :D is full phone encryption supported too? :D
Hello Koushik! I just want to say thank you for all the awesome programs you have made! I am going to be going to college for computer science. I was wondering if you can recommend any books to me that have helped you along the way!! Thanks
hello. i downloaded it to my windows 7 64bit pc, installed it. enabled usb debugging at my phone. nothing happened. what am i doing wrong?
I have the touch version working great on my Epic 4G Touch. I was wondering is the cwm a touch version for the HTC View Tablet?
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