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Full bracket for the Worst Company in America on Consumerist. Hilarious stuff.
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Comcast so beats EA... what are they thinking! haha
Worst companies in America:
1. PayPal
2. AT&T
Best Companies in America:
1. Google
2. Best Buy
Why is Facebook against Sprint?
What's wrong with PayPal? Yeah either BofA or AT&T should win this wonderful title.
EA beat Comcast. That game must have come down to the wire.
Yeah Best Buy should be in the running for worst too.
Rich S
Seeding was flawed, but no way that ATT is a better company than EA. Should have been a showdown between BofA and Walmart at the end.
+Rich Stone Depends on your criteria. Sure, EA and ATT both hate and abuse their customers, but EA hates and abuses their employees, too!
rudy s
Sony vs EA, man what a crappy first round
+Zack Davis +Randy Kelly lol I don't know why you guys dislike Best Buy.. I think they have excellent customer service.
I have had terrible experiences with AT&T and PayPal, I hate them both.
Well I guess you have to differentiate consumer experience with corporate intention as well. A lot of companies look harmless on the outside.
paypal and ebay are the scum off the earth.

EA at least made something good, once.
microsoft haven't made anything lately... hard to go wrong when you're just sitting there doing nothing
For all the people who's mortgage went up or had their house taken by bofa, I wonder if they still picked EA? Lol
Ea is terrible for treating its paying customers as beta testers, but they didn't cause us to enter a depression so BofA wins.
+Tim Matthews Be sure you acknowledge that a bank alone couldnt do it, the people who knew they could never afford a loan helped.
This is funny because ea isn't even based out of America. Its headquarters are in vancouver, Canada.
How in the world did best buy lose to target!! Something is wrong there
Canada is still in America, just not the US. Mexico, the US, and Canada are all part of North America. I'm pretty sure all the countries in South America technically still even count as America. Just sayin'...
Time Warner Cable sucks even harder than Comcast.
It's clear from this chart that Origin being an annoying piece of shit makes a company worse than violating our civil liberties. Sometimes I wonder why people in this country deserve them when I see this kind of stuff.
Yeah, this is all about Origin. Nothing to do with all the DRM that cakes everything they sell, how poorly they treat their employees, or their business model of buying successful studios only to gut them a year later. Clearly just Origin.
I don't understand how anybody could've beaten time warner cable with all of their outages that I've endured over the last 1.5 years. At least with EA I could just choose another reasonable game developer/producer to purchase my products from.
Because of EA there's a notable decline of such to choose from ;)
EA worked hard for this title. Can't knock them for that ;-) I want to see them return to their roots and really create some quality tired of the same old repainted horse every year.
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