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I made a custom +CyanogenMod build that lets me enable mock locations (fake out my GPS location), but lie to #ingress  about it being a mock location.

Game over Seattle World.

Competitive gamers use all the tools at their disposal.
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"Competitive gamers use all the tools at their disposal."

Aka, they cheat. :P
And this becomes available, how soon? ;)
Dear Koush,

I agree, #ingress  is a fun game.

However, your incessant  #ingress  updates are on par with the Farmville spam you see on Facebook.

I hate you. :)
That's cool and all, but cheating at competitive games is lame...
Please tell me you're resistance...
Shit, why would I mess around just in Seattle. I should think bigger. Gonna go to Berlin.
Fucking with people is all you ever do 
I hope to god you're on my team!

+David Wegmuller apparently you weren't the only one with this brilliant idea. :P
that's only half the fun. Continue with Browsergames
True competitive gamers don't reveal their secrets. That's how they don't get banned.
FWIW, I'm not actually going to use it. Just did it to see if I could.

I imagine #ingress  will have heuristics to detect players moving "unusually", if they don't already.

Doing something like teleporting to Berlin from Seattle would probably set off some flags. I don't have a throwaway account to test on :P
+Koushik Dutta I really don't think it matters. The sheer number of people playing this game would make the cheaters irrelevant overall. More than anything it'd ruin the experience for the cheater.
"Cheating: Don’t do it.   Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling or trading accounts." []
But what if I legitimately teleport from Seattle to Berlin? It would suck to get flagged for testing the boundaries of science :P
Koush is juicin' ;) I think folks would rather have the holes exposed in private beta instead of public. There's a game, Google Earth War (GEWar) that also had a lot of competitive gamers - it took a lot of hits before they figured out what was going on. Just another perspective.
Hahahah, yeah... Koush getting banned. That would probably = Game over for Ingress. And hey, everyone has the ability to cheat if they want to learn. If you don't want to learn how to cheat, then your morals aren't going to get you too far... It's like doping in sports. Makes the game more interesting.
"Hahahah, yeah... Koush getting banned. That would probably = Game over for Ingress. "

Could you be hanging on +Koushik Dutta's nuts any harder? Jesus...
What is "The fastest way to get me to stop playing", Alex?
They could hang +Koushik Dutta in the middle of Seattle and I'd still be like "oo.... there's a portal over there"
Just wait, tomorrow there will be a statue of +Koushik Dutta in effigy mysteriously placed outside Google HQ in the game...  
+Koushik Dutta you don't need to build an entire custom rom to accomplish that, you're just trying to show off =P
Ban Hammer! I would do the same just to see if I could but games get boring like GTA for example. 
Nope, give me a portal location and I will acquire it
You should become mayor of all the places
Small world. Used to play quake/3 professionally many moons ago. 
This is genius.  I doff my t'interweb cap to you sir, it is doffed.
+Koushik Dutta You could be overnighting your phone to friends all over the world though....right?  ;)
+Julien Dodokal Haha, yes, I did not realize that you could use mock location APIs without it being enabled, with just system/root access.
I just heard the new Play Store requests fine grained location info. I might have to use this location spoofer as a complement to my Market Enabler just to be able to see the US Store. Thanks for the tip.
This is how the pros do it. I worked at a location based game company for a while. 65% of the people geocheated 
Was wondering when someone would get around to this. Of course on the backend they can easily do some sanity checking on your rate of "movement"
is there a mock GPS app? Could be handy to get location based coupons...
Settings > Developer Settings > Allow mock locations
Then search in the market for a 'mock location / fake gps' app. Since mock locations is on, all apps that check for that will not be cheatable.
+Koushik Dutta Someone else may have already made this comment and honestly this thread is tl;dr. But without further ado:

This is a dark road you've gone down. It's a slippery slope and I hope the world doesn't fall down it. 

+Goose Lee In CM7 it's Settings, Applications, Development, Allow mock locations (to uncheck)
I know Parallel Kingdom has heuristics to detect "impossible" movements, I would be shocked if Ingress didn't. Teleporting to Berlin and back faster than any plane can fly will almost surely set a flag.
Kind of reminds me of the article you posted a while back about Scrubs and playing to win
I tried one apk to fake my location, ingress deemed the fake location too inaccurate.
Haha. Nice one. ;)

Cheating: Don’t do it.   Methods of cheating, unfortunately, are limited only by cheaters’ imaginations, but include at a minimum the following: playing with multiple accounts (one account per player, please); sharing accounts; using tools or techniques to alter or falsify your location; or selling or trading accounts.
+Julien Dodokal Yeah, that one's really nice. It even has a feature that allows you to program a path to follow and limit the velocity so you can fool punkbuster algos. Oddly enough, it seems the Ingress app constantly polls the GPS hardware for fresh position data, so it keeps bouncing back and forth between the real location and the fake one. 
Which is all well and good until the trivially visible pattern of uses gets you banned. 

Because that's the first tool I'd build if I were a developer for the game.
Competitive gamers use all the tools at their disposal


Losers will cheat, always
Thanks for being a dick, and apparently being proud of it, and ruining the game for the rest of us. What an asshole.
How about using gps tethering app? And figure out how to fake the gps output :)
I don't really understand how cheating is part of "playing to win" because it is not "playing."

The goal is to play to win, not to win without playing. Seems like a broken value function.
Seriously how lame as a person you must be to start cheating on such wonderful game.
Are you really that obsessed with winning this game ?
If you gonna share this CyanogenMod then you gonna ruin the whole game. =/
I hope Google stop it before it leaves beta. Maybe that's why it's closed beta first, to see any vulnerabilities in the game and address them
Koushik, you'd really bet against google?
This may have been said above, but unfortunately this just means they'll have to implement speed limits. You cant stop all mocking, but they can ensure you go 1.5x the speed limit or less
I think you all missed the post where he said he wasn't going to use it. He made it to see if it was possible. So chiiiiiillll.
+Corey Westerman  I wouldn't mind if he used this hack its only 1 person and one person can hardly search for every freakin portal around the world to claim for his faction and then keepin it that way its about that he shared this info with THE REST OF THE WORLD thus giving hunders of people ability to cheat the game.
As you saw all you need is root and almost half of the people with Android phones have Root privileges (including me) so they are only "Copy & Paste" away from cheating.
+Corey Westerman He also said something about real gamers using all the tools at their disposal. If he wanted to see if it was possible the only person he should have told was Not spewing it out there for the thousands of people who follow him. Cheating is not a popularity contest on the internet. Good intentions or not, It was executed in the poorest of manners, on a post thats continuously trending.

It has become abundantly clear that someone in my area is cheating so no Corey, Im not going to ...chiiiillll.  
+Wesley Stickles: There's no way for one person to tell Google anything that they would actually notice.

The only way is to get noticed is to get a few hundred or few thousand other people to raise a ruckus with you.
I'm amazed how many people didn't actually read the post. He said he wasn't going to use it but felt it needed to be brought to the attention of +Google 
+Koushik Dutta - How are you liking Ingress, overall? (Now that you've had it a while, that is.) I just got the beta invite half an hour ago and walked around gathering XM outside my house here in Kirkland. It's like no other game that has ever been made. Really interesting, thus far.
The Question is if it is a good idea to filter these players. Google wants accurate GPS data, that's why Ingress was created. If google let's the Cheaters play with these relatively easy ways to cheat, they can filter out the cheaters data and get clean data as the result. If they try to lock out the cheaters the cheats will start to become more sophisticated until there is no easy way left to distinguish the cheated loacations from the real one's. (I'm sure everything that an App can access can be faked with root access) But it'll be still made up data which can then not be filtered out easily anymore!
I don't feel there's any point to indulging the cheaters. Ban them by identifying them as they come up, and otherwise assume they represent real data. Most people don't play a game to win, they play to play. This is a known fact in UX circles. In a recent discussion about conflict models with an experienced tech at Valve software he mentioned to me that a player will enjoy the game for its drama: whether a player wins or loses the adrenaline is intense. So fundamentally, the statement that 'players will play to win NO MATTER WHAT' is false. That's just a reflection of this particular (sad) individual, not the data. +MarcLutz
To be fair. I don't think Koush did it for this reason anyway. I think it's more of a fight between the cheat programmes and the niantic programmers. We know that niantic/google wants to block it so let's try if we can do it anyway.
Why do you do this? This is going to make google block out custom roms D:.
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