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CyanogenMod just reached 1 million active users.
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It feels good to be part of than 1 million :D
And you haven't even released CM9 yet
It's not over 9M !
Keep growing :)
Well deserved! Keep on rockin'!
nice, it's what i suggest to everyone
Big congratulations to the whole team! Goes to show just how awesome CM is.
Sid B
well done, now you really have grounds for your own appstore
Nice! Can't wait for official CM9 for the Galaxy Nexus.

+Koushik Dutta, What is the total number of installs? Not activate, but total.
The thing I find most amazing about those stats is that the Bravo (HTC Desire) has the most installs of any other device. I have that phone - I know why that is - but clearly I wasn't wrong when I feel in with this phone!
Ran it on my G1 and G2, still running it on my NookColor, and when CM9 lands I'll be running it again on my Galaxy S2! Congrats on the milestone, CM ftw!
Running the experimental and unsupported build of CM9 on my GS2. It's very good and I've been using it as a daily for about 2 weeks now, obviously there are issues but nothing that bothers me. Looking forward to Samsung releasing the kernel sources so it can be polished. :)
Just a question, is youtube for android down, i can't access on AOKP so i tried it on my stock xoom and still no dice
Didn't you say the other day in the "we're thinking about an app store" post that there were over 1 million users? I see that post reads, "we're about to pass 1 million users". And it was edited at some point. Am I remembering incorrectly? Or was that post changed?
1 million of anything is amazing. Congrats!
I need some type of cm on my HTC amaze 4g someone save us amaze user
Congratulations! CyanogenMod should be the default rom on Android phones. It's way better than what the device manufacturers put out, and doesn't have mobile carrier junk on it.

-- SGS 1, CM9 build 13 (ICS 4.0.3)
I'm a proud longtime CM user. Keep up the good work guys. We love you in Africa.
Been rocking it since first build on the G1, still got it on the G1.
+Matt Dix what are the issues? I'm considering flashing it as long as there is nothing majorly broken.
I have a GNEX and I miss CM to be honest. ICS is pretty but not enough customizable features. I can't wait for the new ROMs
Motorola where is my update - a.k.a Android 4.0? Motorola why is »my« phones boot loader locked? Motorola why doesn't I have root access to »my« phone?
Sweet! Do I win a prize for being number 1,000,000? :-P
Can anyone please explain how to install CyanogenMod on a HTC Thunderbolt? Thanks!
running cm9 on my nexus s Love it!
good job fellas. your hard work and quality are evident.
Get CM9 on a bunch of phones...MILLIONS!
If Cyanogenmod also worked on Vibrant ( I have 911 issue in mind) I'd be a very happy panda. It is so much better then vendor installed crap.
I'm happy to be 1 of those:) cm9 on my nexus s
Will the DX2 be getting some Cyanogen Mod Love?
+Ryan OKeefe The X2-AOSP team has been working on that and should be releasing an Alpha today, you can join the IRC channel at X2-AOSP @ or follow @dragonzkiller on Twitter for updates.
Tim KH
+Manoj Iyer why would they be forced into using CIQ? CIQ is a tool OEMs use to monitor phones.
Huge congratulations to the whole CM team. Hoping this milestone prompts the creation of that app store you talked about.
Cm since da g1 it's come such a far way..
^^^how exactly does that make sense?
My D2G never got an 'official' release, so I've had to use the kangs, but it is still the standard (IMO) for which all ROMs are judged. CM9 should be amazing; I'm testing a D2G kang and though the cdma data issue remains, the battery life is substantially better than cm7. CAN'T WAIT FOR IT!
generally it's stolen open source code that is specifically passed off as ones original work. -- in the +Brandon Plank's comment kang is being used as another term for unofficial branch
Awesome. Can't wait to have it on the lte nexus.
That has to be a record for a single mod
Gratulations. I am so happy that CM 7.1 is running on my "old" milestone 1. Supporting CM is key feature for my next phone. :-)

thanx a lot.
any plans for cyanogenmod for the Epic 4g Touch?
I'm a little late, but congrats. Where are you now?
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