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Imagine if Chinese people tattooed lame English words on themselves..
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Kind of a hard comparison to make since their language is somewhat artistic, but I see your point haha
+Koushik Dutta No tattoos for me sir. Side note.. starting back up volleyball with your boy Jonathan Ong in a couple weeks
Yuji Naka
English calligraphy can be archaic-looking and nice too. 
Americans routinely tattoo lame English words on themselves... no reason Chinese can't do it too.
But Chinese character is more space-saving,say if you tattoo the word "revenge", it's simply “仇” maybe half the size of the English word. 
I think you left out a key part.  Didn't you mean to say "If Chinese people tattooed lame misspelled English words on themselves . . ."
Ah, but if space constraints is the issue, why not use a QR code and link to something more lengthy? ;)
I have random words tattooed on my face in braille.... They turned out to be pimples
This is a definately funny.  sadly it actually would have meaning if they did that considering they own most of americas water at this point
As an American with 2 Chinese words tattooed, separately, I'm highly offended. Muted!
+Franklyn Pearson I like it when people tell you that they've muted you instead of just muting you.  "I'm so offended that instead of just ignoring you, I am going to give you the attention you desire due to your semi-offensive humorous post.  Good day sir."
Now this is a refreshingly lighthearted post right when I needed one.
The new Bleeding Cowboy Font would work great.
Its funny b'coz that is what they think of us, having Chinese characters of common words tattooed on our arms. 
She is awful cute. No tattoo would do her justice. Do not mess with God's artwork.
Thanks for your feed back
tatoo is not the point ,the point is this girl is beautiful.
+TK Monastyrski one says misery, which used to be my online name back in the day, judging by many reactions over the years I'd say it's just that, and the other is the classic love that is paired with my wife's. They're both quite nice. BTW, She's offended and muted +Koushik Dutta too! :-D

+Teodor Spiridon I'm glad you liked it :-P
Haha, Chinese do tattoo lame English words, and most often wear clothes with stupid words on them. Happened with some celebrities even.
The most popular would be "Translate Server Error."
Presuming of course the tattooist was honest, not writing "Complete tw@t" instead of "Alpha Wolf" 
I heard japanese car manufacturer naming their cars with german words (translated like father, mother etc.), because they think it's "cool". As a german, totally new feeling for me, considered to be cool.
«Hey bro! Check my tattoo! It says "elegant"!»
-- checks the tattoo
«Nope. It says "elephant"...»
Bull S**t.. its edited pic and its not tattooed! its clearly visible in the pic..
Here's the problem, though... English doesn't look as artistically aesthetic and cool as Chinese or even Japanese words.
It takes an astutely trained eye to detect the 'fake' tattoo in the photo. Kudos to all of you who pointed it out. You people are the ones who make the world a better place to live.
using the  chinese character 水(water)as tattoo actually has some meaning .  because we think people need 5 elements to have good luck, namely 水(water), 金(gold),木(wood), 火(fire), 土(earth).  some people is born with all those elements(for some strange reason), while some others lack some of them. So we use  those characters representing those elements as name very often . So as a chinese, i don't feel weird seeing someone have such tattoo, on the contrary, it's kinda cool.
This is hilarious! What if they had tattooed "potato" or "the?" Really funny. Ooh, what about "sprinkles?"
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