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hahaha, very amusing
At least they don't try to cherry coat how dumb they think we are
But its sells.... sad but true..
+Koushik Dutta I need to hear from the TV Guide Editorial Board before I'm willing to comment one way or another on this subject...
But my pets are my friends! I'd like to be friends with Mr. Monte, but he never returns my calls :(

I'm an American I don't care about Eur..... OHH DOGGIES!
WhooooseGotHis blinders on? WHODOES? YOU DO! You do! America Does! AMERICA has its widdle blinders on! There's no rest of the world... No there isn't! No there isn't! Who's the only Superpower? You are! Yes you are!
time is not the magazine i recall ....
it is now the second cover difference that i see...
+Chris Coulson Yes, and I'm sure Henry Luce is bitching about it to Hitler right in the middle of their 8,384,393rd hand of Beelzebub Presents the World Series of Brimstone Poker Tour...
Walt B.
I maintain,the only "Time"worth a damn is the one with Morris Day in it.
Well. Now I feel like a complete moron for being American. Thanks.
Wow that's funny. Just saw it on the Daily Show.
America can't handle the truth ... Just look at all our 'reality' TV shows
Mr Monti is a great man. Who sad that don't care about Europe is a big fool. We are all connected.
This was on The Daily Show, hilarious.
+Sayan Banerjee It's not censorship. It's simply a manifestation of the inherent insular view of the collective USA citizenry. If it doesn't happen in the USA it doesn't exist.
This should be proof that the media is being used as a tool against us.
Since you're Koush, let's apply this idea to phones. In the US we have phones like the Vibrant, Mesmerize, Fascinate, Epic 4G, Captivate, whereas worldwide there is the... Samsung Galaxy S i9000. Every phone has a US-only model and there's usually 4-5 variants to go across the carriers. Pathetic.
this shows that america is a dog-lovin country!!! go america!!!
Thus supporting my view that American's don't want to be informed. They want to be entertained!
I'd rather watch the daily show. which is where this post came from.
So wait, some dude steals this from the daily show, claims it as his own to illustrate how americans are soft and you all lap it up? Wow. What does that say about you?
Mandy P
Maybe Americans just don't care about Europe....Can those puppies save Europe is the real question.
Not quite, American Editors of TIME know who this man is; they try to pretend they do not; he is just another one of the 1% with orders to hack Europe and cut the future for their convenience; they just don't want the American public to know about him too much +Brian Deagon
Pets are a multi-billion dollar business - Time Magazine seems to be targeting something many of us are very interested in!
pandering? seems logical to me to major on whatever the local area is interested in
Dogs are way interesting than Mario Monti...Seriously, how many funny videos of Mario have you seen on YouTube?
lmao i love my country as much as the next guy but that is so typical of america
wow america, how much does anyone actually care about "animal friendships"
and this is why we're america is doomed.
Time isn't innocent, agreed. But they are simply a business trying to sell their product. They sell more by targeting the largest audience. It reflects what appeals to our people most
Americans don't care about Europe. Deal with it.
The rest of the world is broken. Those puppies are so much more important than an old dude with glasses who didn't get the opportunity to steal yet.
Looks like Google+ has broken the AOL dimwits barrier ...
All we need in our American lives are puppys not Europe
I care about Europe immensely, but I don't give a fuck about Time Magazine.
Mr.Monti...thank you for giving Italy a bit of reliability, god know how much we needed it!
How different is the content on the inside?
+Jeff Braswell Editorial opinion is linked to what readers are likely to buy. What readers are likely to buy is linked to current public opinion and attitudes.
Mario Monti is a world bank scumbag, enjoy losing your sovereignty Italy.

United States of Europe incoming
Doesn't speak well for the US market and what we consider to be of importance. :-(
+Jera Wolfe Your argument does not hold. If the big bad media is publishing content that people do not want then why are the majority of people still buying the magazines and newspapers.
I saw something like this for in the past, the US was all hollywierd and the rest of the world was important things.
Time doesnt think were too dumb for the news, they just know smart people get their news from the BBC or elsewhere not in print and they got to sell magazines in the US somehow.
I love how Time mag always shows the true face to what is being served to the general public of the US and their most current/important subjects of importance. Sucks greatly IMO.
As an American I can say two things:
One: I totally understand why the US cover is different, and
Two: I am terribly ashamed to be an American right now.
+Steve Remington Argh... the old race to the bottom argument. There was a business leader not too long ago who dismissed this backward approach of having the general public tell his company what kind of products to make, saying, "The consumer doesn't know what he or she wants until we make it."
Steve Jobs ended up building a relatively successful consumer products company, from what I remember...
But Alexander Bock , it appears only the US has different covers all on it's own. I love this one no guessing why they didn't get that.,9263,7601111024,00.html
SJ was also certifiable and died because he thought he knew more than his oncologist; now he is dead, also I don't think he actually ever designed anything himself, just one turtleneck shy of being a fictional character... don't use him as a role model, he as an arse.
Becky M
Beautiful, but you look even better as a brunette!
Who's that old guy and why is he sad? TELL ME ABOUT THE PUPPIES!!!!!
did it hurt when you got hit by the balls of pain
+Jesus Renteria Hopefully inside the content does reflect the sort of "moral and ethical obligation" to report relevant news. However the cover story is what is going to draw most people in. The fact that the rest of the world is looking at a cover depicting real news and ours is puppies is my main concern
That is a prime example of why I allowed my subscription to lapse.
I don't know?????????wait it's really really really really really weird and ugly
I don't know. Another way to look at it is, public manipulation. Basically majority of Americans are receiving censored information.
Another way to look at it is that you are all idiots.
How sweet of them to dumb us down.
I don't want to live on this planet anymore.
+benjamin morpurgo I think you know this, but the point of my post is less homage to Mr. Jobs, and more about the positive possibilities when focus-group-by-the-millions is removed from any given 'editorial process'.
Most of us know nothing about coffee beans, but we like to think we know what good coffee tastes like, right?
So if polled by someone like Starbucks, we'd all respond, "pick the biggest, blackest and juiciest beans." That'd probably make the worst coffee, right? That's why we leave that to the professionals (or coffee bean 'editors'), no?
Your English, by the way +Prana Cale is astounding.

I love when someone sums up an entire nationality into a broad statement which generally isn't true, it's a stereotype. The United States population isn't dumb, there are quite a few of us you will find to be quite intelligent and rather aware of the goings on in our financial system. I'll go back to being a 'dumb criminal' now :)
I'm not a fan of the pink... dumbs the science down. I did read the article and it does contain some great research and science. Frankly the animals' interactions and behaviors are better than how humans interact with each other (and animals). For example, research did not show chimpanzees or dolphins exploiting each other for $$, or intentionally deceiving the masses while stuffing their own coffers.

That aside, most Americans are less educated than most Europeans, and less interested in politics and science. I lived in Europe for several years and saw their youth idolize Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Dennis Ritchie... while American youth idolized Eminem and Brittany Spears.

But this Time cover story is not what proves Americans dumb. (well, the pink sort of does) Many other things do.
Thanks Time magazine in helping with the dumbing down of the USA.
A color - pink - dumbs down science? How?
Europe is still crashing and burning first. Oh well! At least you all feel a little better before it all hits the fan.
The Founding Fathers of this country are rethinking their initial choice. 
This same "issue" has come up multiple times. It's not a conspiracy or a cover-up. TIME simply knows, through experience, what the masses of Americans will buy (fluffy stupidity) and what they won't buy (information). Sure, there are exceptions (including, I'm sure, everyone reading this), but that's not where the money is. It's pathetic, but that's not TIME's fault. Welcome to America. USA! USA! USA! (It's the only thing the masses of Americans know how to spell.)

UPDATE: Rereading this a few minutes later, it's more vitriolic that I feel I should have been. Multiply the sentiment by about 0.75 and that better reflects how I feel about this. Same general impression, 25% less crazy misplaced rage.
So, all equally irrational?
Stupid is who stupid does. In Europe there's a big financial-oriented power struggle and it's stupid.
It makes me angry.
No one can save Europe anymore. Puppies are a better use of paper.
Calm down +Hakan ÜÇOK, you might burst a blood vessel....
Please don't confuse American People with American government. 9 out of 10 times, the government does NOT do what the People want. We hate big government, and we hate the reputation our politicians give us. Unfortunately, the world media is big part of the reason we are un-liked. This photo, is case and point. Please understand, American government is powerful, and evil people know that, so they use our wonderful country to get what they want. We the people don't like it, but feel powerless to stop it.
Wesam Q
whatever brings in the money.
Somalia would be a very nice place to experience for all those who don't see the benefits of having a government, who think their freedom is taken away by their government and any tax would be a waste of their money ;)
Somalia has multiple governments in a continuous power struggle and they have no wealth or education, making it impossible for people to self-govern.
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