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Some people just wanna watch the world burn...
That's it. We're shutting down the blog now.
I was going to write a strongly worded letter to my congressman.
Us version is qualcomm cpu I understand cm not developing for exynos Octo (closed source) 
Personally think it's good CM weren't supporting it.. 

It'd only be a tiny percentage but if all devs stopped supporting Samsung devices it'd certainly prevent some sales. It's not right that Samsung are trying to abuse Android and close it further, obvious why they're doing it but still. 
It's not the Android way.
Poor +Steve Kondik. Good going, Koush
The way I see it, CM is like a brain transplant for zombie devices. The more CM devices on the street, the better (no matter how the original vendor behaves). But personally, I'll be waiting for the next Nexus. No more Samsung and no more HTC since neither company understands that customers should always retain full control over devices (both hardware and software). Once purchased, the device is mine and I shouldn't have to struggle to try to take control of it.
^ Exactly, but the more Samsung succeed the more things will continue be locked more.
Samsung want us all to be using their 'features', particularly those that replace Google's, hence wanting to lock it.
So glad I gave up writing Android news...
I'm guessing you're just trolling Steve but I think it should be made clear that the frustrated CM devs are the Exynos ones, i.e. for international devices. US GS4s will probably be fine regardless. 
+Koushik Dutta ......i dunno still kinda seems rough. im by know means a dev and i would have no reason to complain if development was slow for a device as its FREE and people are taking time out of there personal life to build CM, but it sucks to wait and want a supported function cm rom and get it 2 years later for example the samsung epic 4g. personally ill just stick to nexus/sony devices it just seems  to make sense if you want aosp
What, no white house petition?
rule 32
an internet rule that states that if it can be said, it can be said with a picture
I shit on that rule..and the other 31 too..go over +Steve Kondik g+ page were he said he was going to support the US variant himself...however don't listen to me...I'm just a user... 
It's my opinion that Steve Kondik realy have had a GS4 running cyanogenmod before the GS4 has been annunced. ;)
GS4 with Qualcomm SoC is not the US only variant. We'll have the same in France. So maybe in many countries in Europe too.
It's getting really hard to know if you guys are trolling or not.
+Patric Falinder yes of course is possible and i think that he have try to run cm on sg4, but we don't know (or at least i don't know) which kind of work he does at samsung. He could work on android, as i hope, or on tizen project.
But my point was that i think that he have already tested the cm on sg4. this don't means anything, the cm will be relased when will be availble
I hope the Android news sites pick this up and run with it. It's going to be hilarious!

Well trolled, +Koushik Dutta 
pretty sure +Steve Kondik will get a nexus 5 also so im not too worried. i do hate samsung going so apple with this gimmicky Scrap and hiding android. also thinking about it how the hell does +Steve Kondik have a us variant of s4. and y would he pick that over an 8 core beast?
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