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Carbon - The missing App Sync and Backup solution for Android

And it's live! Thanks for all the help beta testing (12000 testers)! There's some new features that I've added since the last beta.

Unfortunately for me, some Android blogs jumped the gun and announced the Play release before I was ready (was still testing the licensing and proguard code), so they've forced my hand. But hey, any press is good press! :) [1]

I'll be giving out a bunch of free codes over the next few days, so pay attention to this stream and you may get lucky :)

Carbon does NOT require root. All Android users can use Carbon to backup and sync Android applications.

Carbon lets you backup your apps and data to your SD card or cloud storage. You can sync app data from your other Android devices-- even if they are not on the same network. Set up backup schedules with Carbon, and never lose data again.

Carbon Setup
1. Install Carbon on Android
  a) Root user? You're done!
2. Install and run Carbon Desktop (link below)
  a) Windows users must install their Android drivers as well
3. Connect Android to computer.
4. Carbon on Android should now be enabled.

Carbon (Free) features:

Backup and restore to SD card
Backup and restore from PC

Carbon (Premium) features:

No ads
Automatic Backup schedules (new feature since the beta!)
Android to Android sync
Cloud backup and restore
  * Dropbox
  * Box
  * Google Drive

Carbon Desktop Installer (non-rooted users):

[1] Please note that Carbon had a bug prevents non-root users users from enabling the app via the Desktop. I have already released to fix this. It will be available in the Play Store shortly.
Carbon is the missing app sync and backup solution for Android. Carbon does...
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I'm definitely getting the premium version. Automatic backup scheduler just sweetened the deal.
i didnt pay attention to carbon at first but i really like this!
So how functional is this as a replacement for Titanium Backup?
5 one star and 5 two star ratings already?  Why, from all the testing and videos this looked like a very solid application.
Free codes? Awesome! 
+Adam Slobodian A lot of those look to be from Version not working correctly for non-root users. Once the update is released, hopefully those will go away.
+Koushik Dutta I installed desktop app and when i run it, it says Carbon has encountered problem and needs to close? 

what can be the problem?
+Koushik Dutta +Randy Havens Oh ok, hopefully you are right and it does go away in (the one star ratings that is) a lot of people just look at the rating and don't even read the features of the app or try it out.  It is kinda sad, I hope it doesn't affect people using the application.  Also, there are people who still don't root?  What's up with that :P
Thanks Koushik! Giving it a go, installing it on all three of my devices. 
Does it work with multi-user mode on the Nexus 7? 
Free codes? Great.... Now I have to stalk your G+ page.
Quick and stupid questions - can I set it up so if I play Angry birds on one device that has Carbon the data is synced to another device with Carbon? IE I now have one application point view across multiple devices?
Am I reading this correctly that if you have root on your phone you don't need the desktop app?
Disregard, I see it is a separate license app like ROM manager. 
Can this do a nandroid style backup or something like it? The one remaining reason to still have a custom recovery on my phone...
The only issue I ran across in the Beta is the time it took to backup and restore items.  My Galaxy Nexus does a pretty quick job with Titanium Backup.  
I'd like to use this on multiple devices with the dropbox sync. However, there's no way to specify which directory each device is going to use, and if I try to run a backup on the second device, after the first is finished, it over-writes everything from the first device. I will gladly pay for the license once this gets sorted out. Until then, it's not very useful to me.

I do like the look, and I think that it's an overall great app, the multiple device thing is my only gripe. I prefer using the cloud over taking up tons of disk space on backups locally. 
+Koushik Dutta   WICKED!   With a new device on the way I can't wait to use this to make my transition to the new phone easier!   Way to go!
+John F Huh, you're actually in the minority about that gripe. A few other people mentioned it. I'll be adding device image/bucket support, but it wasn't something I could get done in time for a V1.
problem here... nonroot galaxy nexus, I tried to connect to pc (ubuntu 12.10 and windows), but doesn't work. I've installed both Carbon desktop and drivers
+Koushik Dutta fair enough, I'll grab a license when I see that in the new features list. 

I do, btw, enjoy the ability to pull data from device A to device B. I had a game that I paid for that wasn't compatible with the Nexus 10, and was able to install it and play it. That was very cool. 
oops sorry :) I have not read the entire post. Thanks a lot! 
Also, can you add a Select All menu option as it takes a while to select each and every app in the list.
Couple of things... I get asked to select my Google account to sign in with twice (I have 2 on device) and it never shows that I can use dropbox. Google drive listed but even though I authorise dropbox it never gets listed :)
Select all has always been there.... swipe up from the bottom.
+Koushik Dutta Purchased! Is there a way to have automatic categories? Say Games. That way when a new game is installed it gets added to the Games backup category automatically and I don't have to remember to do it? I'm not sure if there is any sort of metadata that the apps have that you can read, but I imagine there is something to get the apps to show in the right categories in the Play Store. This would be awesome.
How long should it take to enable a non rooted device with the desktop app?
It says successful on my pc but the app just keeps spinning.
Running Windows 7.
Okay guys I know this question is totally unrelated but can someone confirm if we have to make an in app purchase for touch recovery each time we change our device ? I have been looking for this online everywhere and tried to contact +Koushik Dutta  in every manner. A simple yes or no would suffice and then I will go ahead and buy it again ! :|
+Koushik Dutta 
Doesn't work for me (galaxy nexus android 4.21). The Desktop app says always after a few seconds that it got enabled but the app stays in it's cycle waiting for activation. Something goes wrong between the desktop and android app. Drivers are installed. Have no issue to use adb or fastboot manually. 
Had no issues with the Nexus 7.
+Koushik Dutta suggestion (if this app already doesn't do this) - let it talk to Outlook, iCal, BBDM, etc for migrating users from one platform to another. Would be great if I could tell die-hard CrackBerrys just to install and run Carbon and it would sync their stuff just like BBDM. Even as a premium feature, would be pretty awesome.
Gratz on another release!
+Koushik Dutta congrats for play store release. I have a feature request, It possible to save group when backup, but when restore the saved group label is missing, Could you make the saved group label work when restore too? Thanks
Installed, I want the full version but I'm not rooted so probably not worth the $5.
One issue that I've run into on my phone and tablet is that the restore process is very easy to sabotage by accident.  If I'm doing a restore and accidentally hit back or something it seems that the restore process stalls.  Also, twice now I've tried to restore my entire backup in one run, and it has failed to restore anything twice.  The only way that I can get it to complete is to restore the apps in small chunks, like 10 at a time.
+Koushik Dutta Can you explain licencing?  If I purchase the paid app, I will need to do it for every device I want to use it with (My N7, GNEX, and future N4)?   If I plan on getting a new phone in a couple weeks (Nexus4 should be shipping to me in 2 weeks).  I will have to buy it for a third time so that I can sync my old phone to my new phone?    Thanks!
So, does this have the same caveats as TitaniumBackup, i.e. I shouldn't restore between OS versions?
ah, thanks +Koushik Dutta. I tried that the first time but it wouldn't come up. Works now that I tried again. I get an error on a rooted Nexus 7 and there's no backup file in my Google Drive. It pops up a window briefly asking about encryption but then goes away.
Nice just bought the app hope they also add carbonite to the cloud service
+Zachary Bonjour Can you explain exactly how it is breaking? I'd like to reproduce the problem on my end. The restore happens in the background, so it should not be interruptible.
I think you have a hit on your hands my friend. Like perennial top 10 list kinda hit! I use titanium backup, but this adds a whole new level of power and convenience.
I have a non-techy friend upgrading from a tbolt to a DNA, and this is exactly the kind of thing she was looking for. 
Android - Android sync.  The best reason im going premium!
+Koushik Dutta despite of the unroot issue which i've understood has already been solved, i have an other problem: on my mac the app always crashes before opening while on win7 it works fine.
I should get this to sync my bad piggies data from my phone to my tablet. 
+Koushik Dutta While trying to restore all 140+ apps on my gnex, I tried doing something else while carbon was running in the background (it had been actively restoring some apps at this point).  The restore never finished.  After 4 hours or so, I still didn't have my apps, so I rebooted.  Then I tried it again, but made sure my screen didn't turn off, and carbon was up the whole time.  It finished, but no apps actually installed.  Finally, I restored my apps, 10 at a time, until I had them all back.  Not sure how you could reproduce it.  It was my Gnex running the latest AOKP rom.
Already purchased and running. Thanks for the great app!
new version just went into play store
How about system apps backup?
ex sms, data usage, etc.
Is it possible to have two separate backups, one for a phone and tablet or a shared backup?
Also will you include the ability to backup SMS'?
Problem encountered EVO 4G LTE rooted, meanbean and an EVO 3D running CM10.1 variant. Both on a wifi. EVO 4G LTE can see the apps on the 3D, but not vice versa.

Backing up angry birds (4G LTE) encountered an error, supposedly it automatically sent it to you. Worked fine for backing up Bad Piggies.
I seem to have an issue restoring from my Nexus 4 to my Nexus 10.  "An error occured while retrieving your app list"

ANy suggestions
Is there a way to run the scheduled backups only on WiFi?
People praising blackberry? I thought those were extinct, but seems they are clinging to that 7% of the current market trying not to go boo boo...
When I backup to SD the thumbnails to all the apps show up in my gallery app as individual folders yikes how can I get rid of that? Nexus 4
Mine keeps crashing. About half way through the backup. Hope the logs help.
Great tool. Thanks. Please add "Select all" Button. Not funny clicking 60 apps ;-)
Wow, freaking amazing, heres my money! Thanks so much. This will revolutionize Android
What's the advantages of running this over Titanium Backup (which I thought was the undisputed king) ?
Great app but big cons are not compatible with Gingerbread (MILLIONS OF USERS USE GB)
Price a little high compare to other backup solutions.
+Koushik Dutta when I try pc download it says no wifi connection is wifi on. But my wifi is on and connected. My network is wpa. I bought the premium version. Any ideas? 
Not compatible with Droid 4... :(
Awesome. This is so user friendly!
Man reddit loves to shit on everyones work 
Congratulations on a wonderful piece of software. I love it!
+James Clark i like this app but i use other backup that do almost the same work in all the versions of android... 
+Koushik Dutta Just bought the premium version and am trying to activate it on my PC but am getting an error in the script " line 7: adb: command not found"
Sounds like a terrific app... too bad it isn't working with my Nexus 4 and windows 7. Maybe it's not ready yet... huh? +Koushik Dutta 
I've seen several people asking for differences between Carbon and TB - I have the same question. I haven't had luck in restoring app info/passwords after reset - will this do that? If so, I'm getting the premium right away (and putting it on my wife's phone as well).
Just bought it. One question though. Could text messages be backed up or put in an update?
Premium bought without hesitation :-) thanks for the hard work!!
Getting an error when trying to backup Angry Birds Star Wars to Drive.
Hope the logs help to get it sorted out.
Is still not working for Motorola devices?  The app says not compatible with my Motorola Droid Razr Maxx but is compatible with my Motorola Xoom tablet.
+Liang Chi  That would be Windows, not Ubuntu, I believe. ADB is present in the tgz file along with a shell script and it appears to just be a path issue in the script, but I am hesitant to edit the script.
Don't work with (game) Subway Surfers. Can anyone confirm?
My Device: Galaxy S3 - Stock Rom - without root

+Ahmad Asraf Hashim he does on his site. It is a .tgz file with a shell script. Let me know if you have any issues  with it since I am having a heck of a time with the shell script
+Koushik Dutta , currently in dilemma mood. Should I tell you that some premium features is working on free version..
+Koushik Dutta I think I got it to work (copied the included adb to /usr/local/bin) but never saw "Starting shell runner . . . " in my shell, but the phone said it was activated. Guess, I will try a back up and see what happens.
Bought premium, restored my beta backups but haven't tested to see how well it worked.  Probably fine.

Feature request: 3 of my apps said backup was not possible due to copy protection or something.  Could Carbon please keep track of these apps' names when it does a backup?  Just so I don't forget to reinstall them later, I mean.
Personally i don't mind but others might.....shouldn't there be an opt-out option about sending error log info. 
+Koushik Dutta bug for you: I bought the Premium version, but I still see the 'Buy Premium' section on the main interface. 'Buy Premium' isn't in the overflow.
+Koushik Dutta are you going to add real-time sync, a feature similar to data sync where it automatically backs up the apps whenever changes are detected on launch and on close so that you don't have to remember every time you use an app on one of your devices. 
+Phil Oakley I had that too . . . I click on the premium notification in my notification shade then killed the free app and then re-opened, Buy premium went away
Can there be an option to backup to external sd card?
+Phil Oakley No problem. I love this app and the fact I can choose which cloud site to back up to is great! 
Wow... I was just about to reply saying that +ClockworkMod Recovery was ALREADY on the market and works awesome! Until I discovered this was one of your products.
Obviously, I am missing something if CWM has released a new type of backup.   :thumbsup:   I will check this out.

Thanks for the great work, keeping my ass covered.
I bought the premium version, but the notification in app to upgrade isn't going away?
Try closing out the app completely and you should be good
Tried that (actually killed the task) but it didnt work. Rebooting ended up doing the trick though. 
Why no SFTP or SMB support? I have my own "cloud" provider and it gives me 2TB of cheaply upgradable and secure storage. Pretty application though. A quick test seemed to work pretty well.
Does anyone have feedback on this app compared to Titanium Backup? 
Installed and love the server option to put backup zip on my pc!  Brilliant!  Enhancement that I would like to see is option to restore the app if you've done a full backup (yea I know copying TTB but APP and APP+Data is very handy).  Great job though.   +Koushik Dutta 
Great work, +Koushik Dutta! Bought the premium license right away just because I love the look and feel of your app. But I've got the same question as +Yu-Hsuan Lin and +Simon Jones - any plans on including sms backup with a future update? That would directly make me uninstall Titanium Backup ;)
Awesome work man! Been looking for a decent backup app for so long. Carbon is working great on my Samsung Galaxy S3 running the latest official cm 10.1 nightly.
Only disappointment for me is that my daily driver is a RAZR HD. Tested on other devices and it worked great... time to go on an app recommending spree.
You know what I always wondered about Android? How come I can't just click a button and have the apps I had on my old phone downloaded and installed on the new one? There does seem to be a way to go through and do it one at a time but no way to just tell it "Reinstall all my apps at once"...
I backup to my OwnCloud server. But thanks for the work, looks neat!!
The app is cool but the free version is almost useless with too many limitations. Cloud backup and scheduled are the killer features of an app like this and should be always available. Otherwise this app is not so different than most of backup apps available on the market.
I'd like to see a paied version at 0.99, I would buy it for sure.
Another great addition is the ability to backup data app without root, that could be available in a gold version at 3 Euros.

So, my suggestion is:
- Free app like the current one (maybe with at least one cloud service supported)
- Pro version at 0.99 with all features enabled but data-backup without root
- Gold version like the current premium one (maybe a little cheaper would be better)
+Koushik Dutta just posted smthng linking you, could it be, that carbon isnt working with x86 android? or is it the motorola thing you mentioned?

Motorola RAZR i

cant install it from the play store ;)
So I'm not at all talking shit just honestly curious as to why I would use this app over say titanium backup.  Not saying one is better, just honestly curious what the main differences or advantages are.  
I've never liked titanium, I don't know why but I've always chosen to manually install my apps using AppBrain over using it.  More recently things have become a lot easier since Google ever so kindly restores apps over WiFi after flashing a new ROM.

However I'm excited and interested in this and will give it a whirl.  Your average ROM has a good 2 updates a month and more often than not involves a full wipe so this may be the fresh faced solution to the hassles that brings.
Thanks for the quick answer. It's appreciated. 
+Koushik Dutta Your have all the right to be paid for your works... I'm just saying that if you put all the useful features in the paid version it makes free version useless... you might as well release just the paid version :)
Since several users have root on their devices you should create some advantages on your app over the other ones like titanium or go backup. Maybe an intermediate version at 0.99 (without the databackup without root) would be a good way.
Locking comments. Just went into What's Hot. Ya... comment on my other posts if you have questions/concerns.
+Koushik Dutta Yes! No root bugs on Xperia T stock! You fix it from 1.0.18 before publish it on google play
I just installed (paid version) on my Verizon Galaxy S3 (unrooted).  A couple of observations -- backup wouldn't work (and generated a few error reports to send back up) -- the cause was interference by Juice Defender (pro version). When I disabled JD, all worked well.  Second note -- backup to "flash card" actually went to the internal (sdcard0) instead of actual card (extCard or whatever it is called).  Nice app -- thanks! +Koushik Dutta 
I'm getting this for a couple of simple reasons (like euh, backing up my phone) but buying the payed version for 1 reason: You took the time to build a Linux desktop app, I thank you for that.
+Koushik Dutta that's enough reason for me. I don't have a Windows desktop. I have a work Macbook Air but spent most of my time on a Debian desktop. You can imagine how frustrated I get every new release of software and not being able to join the fun (Google Drive anyone?). Sometimes, all it takes is a shell script ;-).
+Koushik Dutta Is it me or there is currently no "Select/Deselect All" toggle in the app?  (edit: great icon btw XD XD)
If I select all apps and schedule a backup, and then install a new app, will the new app also be backed up?
Scheduled backup failed

I have a rooted Nexus 4 and the Pro version of Carbon which I bought yesterday. I created a scheduled backup of all my apps to Google Drive for 2AM this morning. My phone was left charging with the Clock Daydream running overnight. When I woke this morning I unlocked the screen and the Android backup screen was displayed and no backup had actually been performed.

Please help. Are there any logs I can send you?
Thank you fly this app! Finally someone did it right! Totally worth the 5 bucks! 
No lock screen pin. Just the default slider. It works OK if I backup from the app, just not if I schedule one. I'm happy to try a debug version or one with extra logging if that helps.
And how come my Rom Manager still flashes standard recovery even though I paid for touch recovery?
Hi +Koushik Dutta I've moved from the beta versions of Carbon to this release and testing has been good so far, but I have a question and an issue, the question is about the back up on my Drive account, is the com.koushikdutta.backup folder hidden is some way, as I can see files in the recent list but not anywhere else. And the issue I have is that on a scheduled back up, 14 games, app data only, it keeps stalling and failing to complete. Any ideas?
+Bastian Heinrich install sms backup on the Play Store. It backs up sms from specific contacts or all to your Gmail account where it is searchable. Also restores them. Works fine for me for the last 2 years. 
This is crazy. Every article from every android related site or page is firing Carbon around all over the place. Its just a flood of Carbon reviews. Curses Carbon for being good...
+Koushik Dutta The description on Google Play states, "All Android users can use Carbon to backup and sync Android applications." However, I cannot download for my (old) Galaxy Tab or Droid X. What are the limitations? I can download to my GS3, but I'm interested in cross phone backup more than phone to PC, etc. Thanks
+Antonio Dias I have to agree with you, currently DataSync seems to be a better choice comparing features in free versions and prize of the premium ones. I hope +Koushik Dutta will think about that and releases a cheaper premium pack (I'd like to have more features available in the free app as well, but if the premium was cheap, for example 1 Euro, I would buy it for sure so I don't care about what is in free anymore)
+Koushik Dutta I got Carbon to work on my Nexus 7 but having issues with my W7 PC recognizing the GNexus. Also tried it on my Mac, but the desktop app force closes.  Any ideas?
I mean $1 (euro or whatever) vs a $5 fancy latte of sorts.  Which is more useful and how big of a difference really is it for a quality lasting product.  This is by far worth $5 for the additional features.
Having the same issue as some other people with scheduled backups. On both Verizon Gnex and Nexus 7 (unrooted, stock), a scheduled backup just hangs at the Backup screen with no backup having been performed. Manual backups work fine.
Has anyone seen the issue when doing a restore form another device, it completes the download, then brings up the android restore window, but then flashes to a progress bar which remains at 0 with the word NaN at the bottom?
+Matt Hines You know, 1 dollar/euro is the "psychological threshold" for most of users. Several users consider more than 1 buck too much for a mobile app, no matter how much the app is useful or awesome. This is why most of the apps on the store are at 0.99 or less. I have to say I'm one of them, I bought a lot of apps at 0.99/0.79, just a few at 1.49/1.99 and no apps at more.
I just bought this to show support and to hopefully make up for at least one person that will pirate, complain, or just use the sdcard option ;-)
+Stefano Gamborelli You are right, it is a mentality thing, but I think once you overcome price relative to other things in life you purchase it is easier to pay if you really want the app.  I think it is generational and 5-10 years it will be not that big of a deal since our phones/tablets will become more engrained in our lives.
+Koushik Dutta Is there a setting in OSX (10.7.5) that needs to be enabled for this to work?  

When I connect and launch in MTP mode, Android File Transfer launches.  The Carbon Desktop on my iMac says it's connected, but the app does nothing.  Just says waiting to connect.

When I connect in PTP mode, nothing happens.  It just spins and the Carbon desktop doesn't recognize my device.

Tried it again on my Macbook (which doesn't have Android File Transfer installed).  Connected in PTP mode, it says connected in the desktop app, Picasa Desktop launched, but the app on my Nexus 7 is still Waiting.......
+Michal Drbohlav +Koushik Dutta The scheduled backups only work when the device is awake. It hangs at the Android backup screen when it's locked. Happens on my VZW GNex and Nexus 7 (both are unrooted/bone stock, USB debugging enabled, successfully connected to Win7+drivers, standard slide to unlock).
Is a pc or mac necessary to use this app? I want to be able to backup to cloud & sync between phones and tablet.
I installed the Carbon desktop app for Windows on a laptop and now I can't seem to uninstall it. I've tried through the control panel add/remove programs as well as other uninstallers I have but nothing works. I just get an error message saying the original source is missing. I wasn't aware that it was necessary for uninstalling the app & deleted the download after installation. Any idea how to uninstall this app would be really helpful!
+Erik Wesolowski the description explains it the best but you only need to connect to the PC once then you dont need to do so again unless you reset your phone which kills whats needed to perform the backups
Is there any less generic information about what is wrong on moto devices? Is it fixable on rooted devices?
+Koushik Dutta 
Is there some way to see when an app was last backed up and from which device?
I know it's really pushing things but would be great if there was to check if the if the backup you're restoring would overwrite further progress in the game (no idea how this would be possible though)
Great app.
+Shilpa J Download the installer again, and right click it. Then choose uninstall. If that doesn't work. Install it, then try uninstalling.
+Redwan Huq +Michal Drbohlav I was made aware of this screen off problem earlier. I will need to investigate further. I think it's just a matter of turning the screen on programmatically.

Edit: found the problem.
+Koushik Dutta I have the latest ( of the free version.  Plug my Nexus 7 into my iMac (10.7.5), Nexus 7 prompts that it's "Connected as Camera".  Launch the Carbon App, click OK.  Start Carbon Desktop, then wait...  Just spins and the desktop App doesn't seem to find the tablet.

When I launch a camera importing app, it sees the images on my Nexus 7.  
+Koushik Dutta I'm getting backup failed whenever trying to backup to cloud "and error occurred while performing your app backup". This happens on both my Galaxy S2 and N7 and on Dropbox and GDrive. The same thing happened on the beta, I've never managed to do a single cloud backup.
+Koushik Dutta I am restoring "Plague" from a Nexus 7 to a Galaxy S3 both rooted. I had previously restored the same app from the Galaxy S3 to the Nexus 7 and that worked as expected.
+Nick Wood Try opening the carbon desktop app first, then plug your phone in. Also try unplugging/replugging it in. I am wondering if there's an issue with the order you are doing it in. I understand it shouldn't matter, but I am just making sure.

Also, I assume your usb debugging is on on the phone?
Any chance of support for Temple Run down the line? A little disappointed it wiped out all my progress! 
+Koushik Dutta Opened Carbon Desktop first, plugged in my tablet.  Desktop App says connected.  Launched the Carbon App, clicked OK and it's just spinning "Waiting for Carbon to enable application backup".  How long should it typically take for that screen to go away?

I do have USB debugging enabled.
+Koushik Dutta Is there an easy way to get at the logs?  
iMac:~ nick$ adb shell logcat > log.txt
** daemon still not runningerror: cannot connect to daemon
iMac:~ nick$ adb
Android Debug Bridge version 1.0.29
+Nick Wood Well, that seems to be the problem... can't connect to the adb daemon. Try this:

Close carbon desktop
sudo killall adb

Reopen carbon desktop.
+Koushik Dutta Rock on!  That solved it.  I ran a ps aux on my machine and it actually looked like it opened an adb process for every time I launched Carbon Desktop, but didn't kill it when I closed it
+Koushik Dutta Potential issue, doubt any useful logs, I have version installed on NS4G running Euroskank CM10.1 nightlies.  I ran a full backup on data only last night and this morning I THINK my Amazon Appstore data was cleared.  Can't really confirm, but I found it when I went to run Root Explorer today that I have from AMZN and it said I was not signed in.  I use this app all the time, I'm fairly certain the only thing different I did since last time it worked was run a full data backup.  This was overnight though so like I said, can't really confirm but figured it was worth mentioning.  Haven't seen any other reports of wiped data and I see the update so I'll install that now and monitor.  Let me know if you need anything else!
Just tried Carbon (Verizon Galaxy Nexus - JB, Mac desktop)...seems to be a serious issue with first-time 'enabling' link-up. Process never ends; canceling it just drops me out of the app. Reboots no help, either.
Doesn't seem to work for some apps.  Subway Surf, Temple Run, & Temple Run 2 all fail for me.  The backup and restore appears to work but the data isn't restored.  Anyone else with this problem?
+Allen Cross Maybe you're having the same issue I was having?  Check some of the previous comments between myself and +Koushik Dutta.  Hopefully that helps solve your problem!
+Saurabh Gupta Yes, you have to purchase Touch Recovery for each new device. Alternatively, you can download it from and manually flash it if you don't want to pay again. That said, it's a couple of $$, pay the man!!

+Koushik Dutta I've installed the free version of Carbon at the moment to try out. Really like the UI - very nice. I noticed however that even when I close the app, it still remains running in the background.

BillingService, Carbon, and Media - all chewing through the memory. I could understand it running if you had scheduled backups or app/data syncing but I don't have any of that. As for the BillingService - what's this about?
+Ray Wells It really doesn't matter if services are resident-- if they're inactive, they're not using any CPU. Android also shuts down services automatically when it needs memory.

BillingService is used to check for in app purchases and paypal purchases.
+Ray Wells I already bought it yesterday. It wasn't about couple of dollars. Just wanted to be sure if that's how it is or if something was jacked up with my account. Thanks !
Thanks a lot +Koushik Dutta. Pro version purchased. I'll be very interested to see how well the app data syncing works when I get home from work. :)
Can't get it to work on my tablet (Asus Transformer TF300T, not rooted but activated with the desktop app), but it does work on my phone (HTC One X, rooted). Any troubleshooting steps for the tablet? Backups always fail but no useful error message. Says it sends you an error log though.
+Koushik Dutta hi, I installed carbon on my rooted s3 and on my nexus 7 (also rooted). I backed up my gameloft gangstar rio app data from my Nexus 7 to my dropbox account, then I restored it on my s3 (to have the same game progress on both devices) but, when I opened the game on my s3 the game data (almost 2gb) was deleted!! So now I have to download all the game again. What could be wrong with this?? 
+Nick Wood Yeah, sounds like it. Thanks for the heads-up.

Unfortunately, I needed a full backup right then, so I was forced to make alternate arrangements. It'll be a couple weeks before I have occasion to try Carbon again.
Finally got home and have tested syncing app data between the Nexus 4 and 7. Working perfectly. I can now play Angry Birds on the Nexus 7 and sync the data across to the Nexus 4 and vice-versa with ease. 

Love it. :)
A progress bar on the PC restore (rooted ATT GS2) would be nice.  Mine has been sitting at 'Uploading...' for a while now. 
+Koushik Dutta I'm getting backup failed whenever trying to backup to cloud "and error occurred while performing your app backup". I have a GN and it is not allowing me to backup to Google Drive. I rebooted my phone and nothing. 
+Ronojoy Sen try selecting data only. You'll still have to download the apps from the play store when you restore. In the past that worked for my Verizon Gnex when I had the same problem. 
If you get the paid version do you still need to install app on PC to backup? Or is that strictly for the free version?
+Koushik Dutta If I backup just the app data, then want to install on another device, will it prompt me to download the app/s from the Play Store?
Scheduled Nightly Google Drive Backups Still Not Working

I upgraded to the latest Carbon yesterday. This morning when I unlocked my device I was greeted by a Carbon Server is running screen. Eh? I then checked Google Drive and no files had been backed up. The files were from three days ago when I manually backed up.

Here is my next test. I will remove all trace of Carbon from Google Drive and will reinstall the app. I will schedule a Google Drive backup for tonight and see what happens.

I really think you need to add a logging option (if you don't have one already). I really want this app to work!
+Koushik Dutta On the Restore & Sync tab, (at the bottom), I get "An error occurred while retrieving your device list"
(I'm running the "free" Carbon, on an I9100, with Jelly Bean XWLS8)

Also, any chance of adding SMS/Texts backup & Phone logs backup to Carbon ?  
Sadly last night's Drive backup didn't work. Exactly the same issue as before - when I unlocked the screen this morning the Carbon Server was running for some reason and there are no backup files to be found on my Drive account.  :(

I will disable scheduled backup and backup to Drive manually but I hope this can be fixed soon. As I said before I am more than happy to try a debug release if that helps.
+Robert Caldecott Yep. I have a fix done: there were three bugs.

1) Slide unlock was not being dismissed. It is dismissed now.

2) Scheduled backup fails if a pin lock or other non-dismissable lock is in use. This is now detected. A notification will show up, prompting the user to click it to perform a background backup.

3) The carbon server no longer starts up, as it was not necessary.
Yay! Well done. I will test as soon as it's available.
+Koushik Dutta is there a time frame for backing up users beyond the "main user"? This would be for #nexus7. It would nice to repopulate the other users with one backup & restore. 
+Grant Wilson thanks, that's the app I used for the last 3 years :) just hoped Carbon would become something like an all-in-one-solution...
Schedule Backup to Drive Still Not Working!

I have the latest release and I created a scheduled backup for 2AM this morning. I have enabled the "WiFi only" and "Charger only" options. No backup was performed and if I check the SuperSU logs Carbon didn't start.

I'll try again tonight with the WiFi and Charging options off and see if this is the problem.

I don't know if you are still reading these comments, but I still can't get a scheduled backup to Drive to work.

I changed my scheduled task to turn OFF the Backup only when charging setting and Carbon at least tried to run at 2AM. SuperSU shows three requests for root access were granted at 2AM. So the first problem seems to be an issue with how you check if the device is connected to the charger.

However, when I look at the device this morning I have a Carbon icon in the status bar that says Error during your scheduled backup. If I tap this notification nothing happens, so it's stuck there until I swipe it away.

If I open the app I don't see any errors. I have no way of finding out what went wrong.

Any ideas?
Same problem as +Robert Caldecott, 3AM, Nex7, hangs on GTAIII and doesn't continue. Titanium works just fine.
Have used the app to create a backup of Asphalt7 and Need for Speed on my Nexus7 before rooting. Moved the files of the device to my computer moved them back after rooting and fail to restore them. The app does not recognize them and the list of apps to restore is empty...
Restoring the created ab files using "adb restore file.ab" does not work either. :-(
+Juergen Helmers If you want to transfer it to your PC, you should use the PC download feature in the menu.

You may just need to make sure that the file structure correct on your sdcard, if you copy it back. May have done something wrong.

adb restore should generally work, if the apk is installed.
That's what I did as a backup! Not trusting the app 100% :-)
When uploading the files to restore not a single app is restored on the device... 
What is the expected directory structure for a file recognized under restore on the sd card? Subdir for publisher then a dir of digits. How are they determined? Random but unique? 
+Tory Newnham How do you backup to your ownCloud, Tory?
I can't find any instructions on how to... g
+Paul Capundan It turns out that I got it to work.  I hadn't thought to run it as admin and it just worked.  This was on the Nexus 7.
I hope you get it working. It turns out that I'm not too interested anymore since restoring from cloud requires premium which is understandable but I just wanted to try that out.
hey +Koushik Dutta or anyone who may know, running into a issue where when I go to restore, after returning to stock with root, from my sd card it doesn't see my old backups.. I copied them back to the device but it doesn't see them at all.. have a bunch of save games and I don't really want to lose them... :/
it should be possible since titanium backup is doing it.
+Marius Røstad  I suppose it cannot be done now beacuse it relies on 'adb backup'. It must manage Android's prompt dialog, and it probably needs device not to be locked to do it.
But my phone is rooted, so I suggest to avoid this in that case.
+Alberto Peinado yes, your probably right. im using tasker to remove the screenlock when im home, so its working for me now. it probably should be possible to make a workaround if you got root +Koushik Dutta ?
Hi - I can't tell from the the free version, can I back up an app and its data on one device and restore it on a different device?  I'm trying that by using my microSD card, moving it to my new device, copying all the files to the right place on the new device...but when i go to restore it, it gets stuck and doesn't complete.  Just wondering whether I'm trying to do something not "blessed" by the free version.  Thanks!
i have a samsung charge and it says this app is not compatible with my device...what are the requirements for compatibility??
+Koushik Dutta, I don't know if somebody already ask this question, but how can I resolved the error "An error occurred while performing your app backup. A log of the error has been sent to ClockworkMod. Clock Backup to attempt to backup the remaining apps". kindly help please:)
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