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Carbon and Open Source

I've been considering open sourcing Carbon, and leaving the server side sync stuff as paid/closed. I actually tried this with DeskSMS. It worked out alright, though I got maybe only 1 or 2 good contributions total.

So, I'm not sure if open sourcing Carbon would have any tangible benefits. I guess enterprising developers could add support for more storage backends.
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I would love it if this was all transparent to users.  Once I tell carbon to back up app data for a specific app, then it saves that data to the cloud and then another device will be redirected to look in the cloud for data and download it to another device.

Say, I play a game on my phone, the save state is updated to my tablet.

is this possible?
+Tim Glaser It already does in a sense. What you are talking about is push sync. One device pushes data to another. I have pull sync implemented: One device requests sync/data from another.
So, I can do this, but first I would run restore on the tablet, to get the newest save data.  It doesn't do this automagically. [at least not yet]
+Tim Glaser Have you tried the app? From your tablet, you can view the list of apps on your phone and restore it. App and data is synced.

I agree, it is not automatic yet, but I can make it do that soonish.
I have tried it on my N4.  I'm having trouble getting it to backup apps.  Maybe I should just do one at a time, because it seems to take too long when I check 7 apps to backup all at once.

I keep getting an error, which I'm assuming is a time out error?
FYI I've found that adb backup/restore is extremely sensitive to cable quality.  There's fairly copious logging during the backup/restore operations; if there's an interruption you'll see it there.
I'm currently attempting to backup from my N4 to GDrive.
It's working now, but when i tried to do multiple at once, it went slowly, the screen went to sleep and then it didn't work.
Happy to pay for good products which you've been providing to us. For other storage locs/enterprise stuff, you should get the mega bucks and work out other licensing deals with them
+Tim Glaser Ah, it was probably related to screen sleep. I need to keep it awake to automate the proces. I'm also working on cleaning it up so it happens as a single backup operation.
+Koushik Dutta, another option would be to create some kind of open plugin architecture where developers could create stand alone plugins for new storage services.  This way, you can keep the code closed source, but allow extensibility.

That being said, I'm a big fan of OSS, I just haven't had time to contribute back (other than being a user providing feedback).
If you've got a superior product than something else on the market then there's nothing wrong with charging for it. The American way!
On a sidebar. carbon is awesome. Well done.
I'm a huge supporter of open source, but if it keeps you paid and developing, I'll gladly purchase this app when it's done. I've been a ROM Manager Premium user for years and continue to love the software. I'm already using Carbon enjoying the beta ... except that thing about having two Galaxy Nexus devices that show up the same in the list b/c you can't rename them, but that'll be fixed soon enough I'm sure. :)
Carbon is a pretty awesome app. I did notice some glitches. When I installed it on my Nexus 7 there were no prompts and it didn't ask for root access until I attempted a backup, it failed and then tried again and it worked. It also failed to login until a second attempt. But on my Gnex it prompted for Root and login on first boot. Other then that it is nice to have. 
Yeah I thought it was weird... But it worked afterwards::: for reference its a 16gb grouper on CM10.1 1/10/13 nightly using SuperSU
Can you make it use my server at my house running Windows/Linux? Over the internet? Can you add support for me to push my pictures to that server too? Would this need a client on said server? I have money to pay you when this gets out of beta btw
If you did that I would definitely play with your code, and probably end up putting in at least one more backend option.  Probably the work I did would result in change that I felt justified in pushing back to you - either graphic/UI design or modularisation.  Definitely bugfixes.

Or I could just work on git-annexe instead.
Worked beautifully the first time. I used it on my Verzion Gnex after flashing Eclipse ROM V. 3.1 build 4 (4.2.1 Jellybean) and it seems to have restored everything I told it to. Well done.
+Koushik Dutta so what is the benefit of this over let's say titanium backup? I already use that. I love cwm but I am not sure why I should switch app backup managers. Please sell me on why yours is better. 
+Christopher Robert, this app allows for syncing between devices over the cloud. The main application that I see for me with this app is games. Now I can always pull my saves and game data from my other devices!
i really like the stuff you write and would love to take a look. also used the app and it works great on my N4
+Koushik Dutta I would love to see the code just from a learning perspective. I'm just getting into Android app development, and the Android UI seems tricky and confusing right now.
Even I'd you open sourced all parts, I'll still pay for it as if I use the app a lot then it was of value to me and I'll reward the dev as they put in the work. 
Or just come with 2 same version. one called Donate version and ther other one is free version. the difference you can make is, the name of the app and icon, where free version comes with a uglier icon (with free tag) and the app name called Carbon Free.
Great Idea!!! Other Developer can help you adding new repository (SkyDriver,, Cubby, etc...)
I'm all for open sourcing software, even if you don't expect to get many (if any) contributions.  Open source promotes transparency which is good for the security and longevity of your app.  The "bus factor" comes to mind specifically.  If you were to get hit by a bus tomorrow, what would happen to your app?

On that note, I plan on purchasing a liscense for Carbon, open source or not.
Just saw an article saying the app will be free. ... might as well make it open source them if you are going to give it away. The article also said it was being developed in the "UAE" and that is why it is free. This doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me because I am pretty sure Koush is in Seattle. Anyone got any answers? 
That's a different Carbon... I believe that is a Twitter client?
I recommend a name change from carbon. It seems every android news site makes sure to distinguish it from the other carbon. "Clockwork backup" maybe?
I an illiterate in this so u might find my comment as stupid n juvenile but I wish backing up and restoring ROMs was as easy as backing up an app is it possible from this app or is there any way where in i backup my ROM on a cloud and restore it like restoring an app.
By the way I have downloaded this app and love the fact that its so simple and super easy

I am using a galaxy nexus
And flashed a ROM on it using one of your apps ROM manager
Name of the ROM is I guess
I dont even know what all of that mean but thanx aloot for your app.
Great application. The only "strange" thing is that after selecting 28/29 application I'm not able to select any more, because the smartphone screen is full of application icons :) Is there any way to solve this?
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