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Everyone ignore +Keyan Mobli. He doesn't speak for the CM team. I am porting the ICS SDK now!
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lol. First step, porting to your iPhone 4s right?
i have it close on ipad... its just not booting, other wise no issues
CM8 was an internal release only. The code was kind of ugly, and we couldn't find a correct way to unify the interface. So we decided to hold it. We promise to release the source for CM9 though.......
will cm9 have true/false for buttons?, so essentially you can use the ics style ui buttons? no menu would weird me out....
That's great news, Koush. Looking forward to the release of CM9! And currently salivating over the images of the Galaxy Nexus coming out of Hong Kong. :)
Omg omg omg? Then, steve kondik wont release ics when the sources are in?
No way, it will come the ns first for sure since they will have the source before the gs 2. +Koushik Dutta , i think you should implement the same cm7 notification toggles while retaining the new options shortcut at the top.
ICSCM94DX <-awesome.
OMG my blackberry could TOTALLY use CM9
I think I'll wait for the version that's built from source.
Ho Liu
Will CM9 have Siri?
G+ needs a stronger sarcasm tag... some blog just posted this as fact :-D
i loved this: Supporting this notion, Steve Kondik and Keyan Mobli on behalf of the CyanogenMod development team (with the exception of Koush who I'm pretty sure is either trolling or not talking about an official CM release)

bwaha, from:
BTW, does the -+ effect annoy anyone else? :S
Are you running an ICS AVD +Koushik Dutta? I cannot get it to start for the life of me can you let me know your AVD settings as well please if you are running one that works.
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