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The GOP has become an insurgent outlier in American politics. It is ideologically extreme; scornful of compromise; unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition.

When one party moves this far from the mainstream, it makes it nearly impossible for the political system to deal constructively with the country’s challenges.

Today, thanks to the GOP, compromise has gone out the window in Washington.
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Erica Joy
Typical bullshit from the biased liberal media.
(I think I did that right...)
Not really. Your republicans are pretty much a polite and restrained Al-Quaeda. [Did I flamebait all the things nicely?]
So wait, the MOST LIBERAL senator becomes president....... and the Republicans are to blame for what he's done with the country since he took office (which is, frankly, nothing at all)? Really people? My father graduated from American University as a political science major, I lived in DC for 18 years, I know politics too, WashPo, and you can't seriously "pin" this on Conservatives....
Ha ha liberal media trying to change things up knowing when democrats had both the house and senate and Obama they did more things to ruin this country.
Obama's a Liberal? That's news to me. He's actually a Republican in Democrat's clothing. I refer you to the Patriot Act and other Bush policies he has allowed to continue.
The GOP has moved too far right!?!? Out of the mainstream?!?! In what alternate universe? Romney is as middle-of-the-road as they come. The GOP candidate is a progressive. The Democrats in Washington are just as obstructionist, just as mired in there own dogma, just as extreme in their position.
Our team is better than yoooouuuuurrr team!


(I mean if politics is going to be a sporting event, I am going to be a god damn cheerleader, thank you very much. Every sport needs cheerleaders.)
+Sam Gilley LOL Romney middle of the road ?!?!? I think your confused, just be cause he flip-flops his position in every line that comes out of his mouth twice doesn't make him middle!!
Yeah, Romney is a flipper and flopper... and a progressive. I'd just as soon have Obama for the next four years.
If you want it, yell go big red!


If you want it, yell go big red!

It's GOP policy I think :P
You can't pin this whole mess on Republicans. Democrats are equally as responsible for things getting stalled and the dysfunction in DC. And as other's have pointed out, for 2 years, Democrats had control of the House, Senate and the presidency. And they still couldn't agree.
+Sam Gilley sounds about right! I'm actually a little bit right of centre myself. It's just that I get annoyed at the anti-intellectualism and am deeply distrustful of any attempt to limit knowledge and education — and that's what the Republicans seem to be about.

Knowledge is power and you can have neither freedom nor power without it.
If that's true, why have the Republicans not sorted it out now that they've got a majority in both houses and the Supreme Court?
Obama had a super majority and he's fixed nothing... Bush might as well have stayed another four years!
It's both sides (Democrats and Republicans alike) that are the problem. There's nothing to limit us to a two party system. Both sides are on the take, and the "representatives of the people" should all be kicked to the curb. Read Throw Them All Out ( before you ever cast another vote.
Right... congress' approval hovers in single digits... that's both parties fault!
+Ricky Pike I totally agree with you. I think it's time voters stopped limiting themselves to the two main parties and branched out a bit.
Is this the part where I wander in, yell "Ron Paul!", and leave?
This is kind of like watching the two worst teams in football play at the super bowl. It doesn't matter who wins, both teams still suck.
If Ron Paul's fiscal policies made sense, I'd yell it with you. I like his stance on the internet and freedom in general, but believe that essential services ought to be socialised for the common good.

In countries where they are, everything is better for everyone and yes, taxes are higher, but people can see the benefits so don't complain too much about it.
Both parties are a crap. Turd sandwich or giant douche?
As someone who doesn't affiliate with either side I will say that the current legislative configuration is particularly do nothing.
I heard the fruit punch kool aid is the best
Greens are not really a viable option. There is no viable third party. Sucks since we were not designed to be a two-party system.
What party has held the real power for the last 6 years? Just curious.
because we just know that the left are such paragons of virtue.
I wonder if the left realizes how desperate they look and sound with the constant bashing.
Wendy, I like but (this goes for any 3rd) right now all they seem to do is take votes away from liberals which I guess is what needs to happen for a time to make any 3rd party viable. Matthew, that would be the Corporate Party and they've held power longer than 6 years.
Brian, hello pot, meet kettle.
+Brian Covey I've never heard anyone on the left refer to any Republican as a Nazi, while the C-word comes up almost every day as a pejorative term for Democrats.

Isn't it trolling to call people out for the things you do or is it Roving?

+Moz Erly taking votes away from the Liberals is fine as long as they get enough votes to be in any way useful. Who are the Corporate party? I've never heard of them. The reason I plump for the Greens is that they side with the Pirates so they're my fallback party.
I have little, if any, time for pointless name-calling. If you can't argue a point coherently, you haven't got one at all, as far as I'm concerned. Politicians and their supporters who want time of day from me need to present workable policies or jog on.

And that goes for both sides. I'm not picking on any individual, I'm just calling for some meaty debate.
Pretty good analogy. "While the Democrats may have moved from their 40-yard line to their 25, the Republicans have gone from their 40 to somewhere behind their goal post." They call it the locker room, that way the game can't even be played.
Btw, love someone throwing Mitt Romney out there as an example of the Republicans not being extreme after they spent almost a year trying to nominate anyone except the "moderate". :)
Thanks for using your platform to get this dialogue going Koush.
Wendy, both sides (probably all politicians) are in the pockets of the major corporations. Take a look at where the parties get their money. Take a look at the amount of money that big business spends on lobbying. We no longer have a representative government.
Maxx D
It's obvious which people commenting actually read more than the headline... Interesting in and of itself.
It's the same in all corners of the globe. That's why the Pirates have taken everyone by surprise in Europe. The established politicians don't quite know what to do about them.

Most of the Pirates, because they're not established, still have straight jobs unless they've got elected, in which case they draw a salary.
Love the never ending #falseequivalency arguments also... Also, Bill Maher said it best. The media is biased because facts have a well known liberal bias... :)
Edit: I may have mixed up my pundits. Looks like Colbert may have been what I was thinking when he said reality has a well known liberal bias. :)
There is likely no realistic way that a 3rd party could actually have much direct legislative or executive influence, other than adding their votes to one of the two primary parties, anytime soon. The way elections work and are funded, it just isn't likely. Ross Perot, in the 1992 presidential election, made a respectable showing with about 18.9% of the popular vote. But, Ross Perot actually did more to get Bill Clinton elected then anything.

So, we're basically stuck with a two party system and both sides need to learn some civility and compromise.

And, I'll say it again. Both parties are to blame. To specifically call out the Republicans, does show bias. Neither party is actually interested in compromise. Ideology exists equally on both sides.
I'm not picking a side but what if the mainstream is wrong? Like in nutrition?
The mainstream has actually lurched so far to the right that nobody bats an eyelid when moderates are called "Communists."
Seriously? You could drop either party's name/nickname into each of the OP claims (perhaps substituting "economics" or "the constitution" in certain places), and it would still pretty much ring true. I'm becoming less and less convinced that "the problem" is any particular party, but rather the perpetuation and extension of machine politics, excessive statism and an ever-expanding behemoth of intrusive government.
@ Wendy.. What "essential services ought to be socialized for the common good"? I don't remember reading about essential services in the declaration of independence or in the constitution. I do remember this though...

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

These are the only things your guaranteed in the USA!
Remember, Socialism is for the people, not the socialist....
I'm with +David Rea I'm of the belief that Republicans and Democrats are really the same party
+Jarom Banks while they have vastly different ideologies and motivations, they're taking us in essentially the same direction. More statism, more dependence, more crony politics.
+Rick Anderson health and education ought to be socialised for the public good. When they're not, only the rich can afford them.

You can't pursue happiness when your six-year-old is selling lemonade to pay for your cancer treatment because you can't afford the co-payments in a health system geared for profit:

You can't have life when you can't afford to pay for your medication:

How much liberty can you have when the powers that be are finding more reasons to put you in prison? Mostly to benefit Big Content, I might add. File-sharing is being increasingly criminalized. We stopped SOPA but they're trying to sneak it in the back door so stay vigilant.

Socialism isn't all bad, it's just not very efficient.
+Wendy Cockcroft A quick google search brought this up I doubt republicans made this. Now, don't get me wrong, I have problems with both parties. Hate the closed minded religious right. I would love to see the Westboro Baptist church idiots get a taste of their own medicine. Whenever they're in service blast songs like Slayer's God Hates Us All.
Have you read any of the blog posts and whatnot they came from? I've never heard of Joy Behar so she must be on the fringes. Meanwhile the Commie-callers appear to be the front-runners in the GOP. The idea that the Democrats are blameless never crossed my mind. If anything, they too have lurched to the right, pulling many the others to the centre and leaving the rest at the far left.
+Wendy Cockcroft ... well, um, you've covered most of them so far. (I know, I know, #TBDC too boring don't care - making a coherent argument isn't terribly relevant, or attention-span-compatible, in today's political environment)
You get what you pay vote for. If you've got the attention span of a goldfish because you can't be arsed to think or evaluate arguments and policy positions properly, enjoy crony capitalism and the 1984 surveillance state required to keep it ticking over.
Walt B.
I like assigning blame and pointing fingers when people make mistakes. It puts things into context going forward so that there can be no spin,and no convenient bouts of amnesia later as to what really happened. It's like a dog shitting on your floor, if you quietly clean it up every time,it will become the norm. If you chastise the dog and take it back to the mess it made,it will eventually come to understand that it's not acceptable and stop.. There are some ppl in this world that thrive on getting over, and getting away with things, the more you pretend it didn't happen,the bolder they get. That's what the Republicans are with their increasingly absurd legislation and ideas. Obama not calling them out BY NAME,not insinuations makes him look weak,unless you specifically address a problem,ppl who've INTENTIONALLY sabotaged every effort you've made to do anything,can sit in the SOTU address and pretend that they don't comprehend your insinuations about them while planning their next move against you. Is there another president that has endured this level of bullshit?
amazing how every story has an ability to skew truth to whichever side they prefer...
They debate? I've seen tantrums and name-calling, but little, if any, actual debate. Edit: the above comment is a perfect illustration of my point.
Please give reasons for your comments. Edit: you're not going to, are you? Off you go, then, and kick a can or whatever it is you do when you're not commenting on political posts on the internet and proving me right.
Since nobody can agree about who's right, what would happen if the entire government was replaced? We have the voting power to overturn all of the guys who've been making bad laws for the past 20 years, so why not get rid of the old and bring in all new people?
That's what I've been saying all along! Exempt Ron Wyden and the other Oregon Senator. They're on our side.
If you support either part as a "member", you the citizen have already failed and lost. People need to vote for PEOPLE not parties.

I don't care what some opinion of some Washington Post writer says, the fact is the left and the right are polarized and they're trying to polarize the nation more. Forget Obama and Forget Romney they're dividers not uniters so kick them and all their counter-parts out. We do have the option to write in our choice for president.
The problem with that I think +Phil Ward is that we have some of the best people working in govt. They just aren't held accountable and properly managed. Not saying I disagree with your point much, but the Tea Partiers thought they could just elect a bunch of ideological green horns and things would get all better. Instead you have the least popular congress in 200 years who can't even agree to pay our debts and is instead focused on rekindling a culture war.
I guess I'm just saying the grass isn't always greener, and I while I like term limits (why the prez and no one else?), I'm not so sure there's that many people worth replacing them with.
I think everyone needs to take a step back and understand what each party is supposed to stand for. , . By definition and by principle Ron Paul would make the best president for this country. Not to mention the things he could potentially fix if he was the President. Obama is literally making government too big. I can't stand the other Republican Candidates.

That site about what Obama has done, is meaningless. Do you realize why everyone says he hasn't done anything? Because he hasn't done anything positive, that is relevant!

A debate online between hundreds or thousands of ignorant people doesn't do anyone any good. I am using ignorant in it's intended meaning form, not calling people stupid.

Both the left and right are both extreme and both are going to bash one another, that is how they get elected and protect themselves. The only reason Ron Paul went on the Republican ticket, besides the fact he is the ONLY true Republican, is because people overlook him when he isn't. We need a president with OUR COUNTRIES BEST INTEREST IN MIND IN OFFICE. Sorry, but FUCK the rest of the world. You can't fix both, and if you are more concerned with another country, go move there and help them yourself. The President is responsible for making OUR country better or US!

I could actually dive into the politics, but I would be wasting my breath, I am sure.

(I am a U.S. Army Vet, for all the relevance that holds)
What each party is supposed to stand for and what they actually stand for are completely different things. As for staying out of other countries, you can start by ending the repeating cycle of wars and get the USTR under control. ACTA and TPP have got to go.

Run the country for the benefit of the people, not corporate interests!
You prove my point. The parties literally should change their names so people wouldn't be confused, but they can't do that, they would lose the loyal followers who vote just for the name of the party and nothing more. That, or fix themselves and do what they are fucking supposed to do, like work for the people of the United States of America.
Yes, and since US policies are directly affecting me I'm trying to influence Americans into sodding off and leaving us in peace. Google "Richard O'Dwyer" and you'll see what the problem is.

Increased IP enforcement is a huge threat and I want it gone. An authoritarian government, no matter what the ruling party is, can only make things worse for everyone.
this doesn't help anything. It's just another example of parties shouting insults at each other across a canyon. if the parties both have the interests of their country in mind (and I think both of them at least believe they do) then they should consider whether there are any points they can come to terms on.
+Wendy Cockcroft you might have good intentions but you lack the understanding that both major parties in the US are leading us slowly toward the same direction. It's not a left and right issue, it's freedom vs government issue.

You can't say you want or support nanny state policies for "social justice" issue and then be surprised when they want to nanny you in other parts of your life too. Government in the end only has two options, intervene or not to intervene and the more they do step in the more precedent for intervention is created and the further they'll step into your life in negative and positive ways (but mostly negative).
This is where the problem is. While I agree in principle that nannying is bad, I don't agree that socialising essential services is a correct definition of nannying.

To describe it thus is not only dishonest, it leads to the kind of social Darwinism we had in the Victorian age, and believe me, that's where we're going.

I HATE authoritarianism and will fight it anywhere I find it. Socialised services is not authoritarian, it's good governance and good for the country.

Social Darwinism will complete the destruction of the middle class and widen the gap between the rich and the poor. I see no value in it.

Look for parallels in other countries and you'll see where I'm coming from. Then you'll understand why your statement seems so outlandish and terrifyingly far right to me.
Rich S
I was a republican by default (parents) by years until I started paying attention to methods and motivations. Republicans would be happy to run America as a theocracy, and Rick Santorum is a living, breathing example of that vision. The debt ceiling debacle was a example of how they are willing to play chicken with the nation's credit rating to get their way. Boehner handing out checks on the Senate floor shows what the game is really about. And listen to someone like Hannity crucify the Dixie Chicks while sucking Nugent off to see how much more political affiliation means than the message being communicated.
I agree with you +Jamie Anon, but I'm not sure it's completely relevant to the original point of rigid ideology and childish, thoughtless opposition to anything and everything simply because the other party also wants it.
Notice I said completely, because I actually think the excessive money is a root cause of most of it. You'll never get all of the money out, but until you get most of it out, anyone wanting to get elected to any major office is essentially required to whore themselves out for a few dozen months beforehand.
#flameon ! :)
The trouble with trying to limit the whoredom is that it's being described on another thread as limiting freedom of political speech. I disagree, but my sparring partner says that if you band together with people who share your interests you can raise enough money to compete. I'm skeptical about this and favour pulling the plug on the money.
+Wendy Cockcroft Yes it is true that government can improve some markets, I don't disagree with that. For the majority though they can't and in fact they might be the problem such as with the crony capitalism in the financial markets that caused the bubble the politicians (on both sides) created, to burst in 2007.

But no matter what, if you ask for intervention on one subject and the government obliges don't be surprised when someone else (especially political donors/activists) ask for intervention and get it too. Such as Hollywood and IP protectionist laws. Politicians are snakes and if they can garner favor and make friends even at the expense to average people they will no matter if there is money exchanging hands or not.
This is why accountability is paramount. They've been moving away from that, on both sides. The best way to keep governmental noses out of your business while ensuring access to essential services is to keep them accountable.

Edit: after all, the whole point of a democratic government is to serve its people, not the interests of a privileged few.
If everyone would adhere to the constitution there would be no problems
+Enrique Romero Who's interpretation of the constitution? Therein lies the problem. ;)

+Wendy Cockcroft Accountability in government is like saying there should be an accountable thief. The best way to keep a government accountable is to keep it small so it remains subservient too the people. Unlike the last 12 years where our government has exploded in size under both left and right... but you and I could debate this topic for days I'm certain.
I think it's important to limit the size and scope of bureaucracy because many of these agencies and departments are largely unaccountable. However, we ought to balance that with the need to keep essential services running and you can't do that with a set of disconnected local nodes. You actually need a federal system of some sort to keep the national infrastructure ticking over.
+Koushik Dutta I'm sick of your ridiculous liberal posts coming up in my stream. If you support this administration spending this nation into oblivion that's your problem. And +Zack Davis there is no" interpretation" of the constitution, its written in plain English. Why the hell do you people insist on being herded like sheep. +Koushik Dutta uncircled.
Few, if any of them seem to be willing to break with the my-way-or-the-highway rationale. Why is that? It's not exactly freedom of speech to feel threatened by an opposing view, is it?
Both Republican and Democrat are bone headed and unwilling to compromise!
+Justin Goldsmith If the Constitution didn't have interpretations and was "in plain English" we wouldn't need a supreme court to interpret it. Go educate yourself before you troll.
You should be anti-paid politician. +Koushik Dutta man, I've had a lot of respect for you ever since my first android device and I enjoy your posts but I'm sick of the political ideology. It's simple, politicians in general have everyone fooled into thinking they give two shits about you. Politicians, republican and democrat alike, are political salesmen and care only about their bank accounts and lifestyles. For instance, why the fuck does our government get a month off?!
If they really have half a shit about you then they would stay on the grind til they accomplish what's in your best interest. Ever notice that it takes them 4-8 years to accomplish anything they promise in your interest but it takes them only a few months to a year to raise billions to get themselves elected? Its crap dude, you buy into either side and you're feeding the vultures. They're just different breeds who find different means to get to your meat.
And furthermore, ever heard the old addage "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"? If you're spreading anti-republican rhetoric then you're a proponent to Democratic agenda.
+Zack Davis I'm not trolling, you jackass, it is in plain English and my point is that you DON'T need a supreme court to interpret it. If you would educate yourself then perhaps you wouldn't be among the countless Americans who allow themselves to be conceded to a state of helplessness by believing such garbage. The constitution was written for you and in your favor, but you sit around and let them use it against you from both sides.
Bahaha. OK, you guys wait for them to throw you a bone. Lol. Meanwhile, I'll be teaching my kids the value of hard work and the ling term rewards of things like dedication. So while your kids are collecting $600 a month from uncle sam and struggling to pay the rent in their seedy apartment. I see what liberalism does to families every day.
people need to stop being part of the "Cult of Authority" start thinking for themselves, and stop bowing to politicians NO MATTER WHAT SIDE THEY ARE ON, politicians are human too and should have NO MORE BEARING on your own life, than you do for yourself... to think anything other than that shows you are in the Cult and heavily in denial... take a step back and ask what EITHER side has done, to EXPAND your freedoms... the answer is NOTHING, not for a LONG time anyways... --> get with the REAL freedom movement, and let's start the mass secession from the IMPERIALIST FEDERAL GOVERNMENT!!!
p.s. not saying everyone who went to Mich. State is a mindless drone, but I'd say with confidence that most are when it comes to political views... haha...
+Benjammin Martin I don't know what political affiliation you belong to or are a part of, but to make such a stereotype based on...I'm not even sure? I gotta say, it's like the pot calling the kettle black.

In regards to the anti-Republican comment. It's always nice to bring attention away from the individual who had the power to make great economical change in the country and decided to tackle healthcare in such a way that it is a huge financial burden and very unpopular, so who's really going away form the "mainstream" views. Not saying that just because something is "popular" makes it right though.
Let's just call it what it really is. Washington is fucked up on both sides. Both sides are to blame for the state of the economy in this country. They want the country to be split politically because they can justify what they are doing by blaming it on the other side. And people who are one side or another eat that shit up.
My only hope is that the two parties in the wings push each other far enough out that they inadvertently make room for a third party.
$10b a day. Both parties are responsible. Ron Paul 2012.
And this is the problem.....this president is not a leader. He is not the president of the united states. He is the president of the democratic party. Shame shame shame he can't take his own advice and lead.
And what makes it worse is the wife is busy designing a new set of China for the China room.
+Donald Knobloch B.S. He's consistently tried to seek compromise--so much so that progressives have been frustrated. And the GIP has said no to everything to the detriment of the country.

You should probably follow more closely.
+Justin Goldsmith Bush lying us into Iraq spent this nation in to oblivion. Please, uncircle people you disagree with, though. Your clearly pissed because you think he is liberal and anti-republican. But please act like it is because "politicians" are bad, rather than that you're butt hurt when anyone calls out the idiocy of the current state of the Republican Party. Reagan was a liberal compared to the current line they're towing.
Politicans are hunting vor votes. So it is strange to hunt for those strange voters.

But why arent they re-voting for Obama and his healthcare overhaul. It is very good for so much people. Something is going wrong in America.
I read somewhere that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Look across the pond to Europe. Red, blue ? Neither color is immune. I do wish the senate would vote on something tho. Anything. How about a bill the acknowledges the sun rises in the east ?
I agree +Jon Wright , perhaps just an attempt at a budget would be refreshing. Since Democrats rule the Senate, surely they could accomplish that much.
Can't believe people still believe this president. Obama is a failure just like George Bush was. This is indisputable. Don't be just another sheep, stop supporting these bums financially and with your vote. Well don't support them unless your support that case you're getting just what you deserve.....failure.
and Romney is your savior? If anything the entire GOP should be calling him a flip-floper, because that's what he is and that's their own term. They just gave up actually having integrity because he was the best they had. Obama did a lot more for the economy and anything else than George Bush did.

Mission Accomplished? No, it wasn't Mr. Bush, Obama accomplished that mission.
I'll be voting a straight Republican ticket. I am deeply repelled by how far left the Democrats have gone. Things are not good in this country and the Democrats had complete control until the mid-term elections.. . and they still control the Senate and Executive. In three years they have not attempted to pass a budget, unemployment is still way to high.

Yes, life consists of grays, but there is right and there is wrong. A concept liberals have a problem with, imo.
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