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I write code.
I write code.


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Are GCM registrations not supposed to be leaked? Can you unregister a GCM registration from the server side with the API secret?

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Texas Pro-Lifers cheer themselves with an execution

The Onion nailed it.

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Not a huge leak considering ....I'm guessing at least half of the first world countries' populations all have had an account

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Snowden charged with espionage, extradition requested

Is it really espionage if you are whistleblowing the unconstitutional/illegal acts of your government? Isn't that patriotism?

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LOL tinfoil hatters.
  #cyanogenmod101  , with added  #admob   since a few days. 

Commit by +Koushik Dutta whom I kindly ask what the plans for android_external_google are in the future.
If I overlooked an announcement of this, please bear with me.

/cc +Torsten Grote  #freeyourandroid  

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I called this a while ago:

No more 30 minute waits at a Tesla Supercharger station. They'll just swap your battery out in 90 seconds.

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Using HIV to fight leukemia.

The story and the music at the end (Zoe Keating) sent chills down my spine :)

Science is awesome

How many of your friends use a custom ROM (based on +CyanogenMod)?

Vote below. Poll is regarding a new feature I'm working on for +CyanogenMod. Let the speculation begin.

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I'm all for more Android powered cameras.

I bought a Sony RX100 a while back. Fantastic photos. But getting photos off and onto a computer and then onto cloud storage is a chore.

And sharing directly to a social network is an impossibility.

Also, in before "you should get +CyanogenMod running on it".
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