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Awkward - Some of the negative side effects of Facebook use for teens that Rosen cited include:

Development of narcissism in teens who often use Facebook;

Presence of other psychological disorders, including antisocial behaviors, mania and aggressive tendencies, in teens who have a strong Facebook presence;

Increased absence from school and likelihood of developing stomach aches, sleeping problems, anxiety and depression, in teens who “overdose” in technology on a daily basis, including Facebook and video games;

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Do you miss having a "Wall" for your friends to post on?
A few minutes ago, one user alerted me to a question that one of her new G+ friends asked (isn't it neat how +name mentions are like a little summoning spell?!) -- it was about not being able to post on each other's "Walls" here.

My first instinct was to ask the new user why she was so attached to the Wall concept in the first place. After all, even though Facebook coined the phrase, "post it on my Wall, I'll check it out later," MySpace had a wall feature, too. It's about having access to post something publicly on another person's profile.

My question is -- why are we into that? I don't miss it at all. Usually, it was just an annoyance for me to have to make sure no one was posting stuff on my Wall that I'd need to hide from other people who could see my Wall. I had a few friends who even disabled others' ability to post on their Wall entirely.

Do we need that here? What is the purpose of it? Would you leave it disabled if it was a feature you could choose to turn on?

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I love elegant diagnostics and I was pretty impressed with the effectiveness of this. I took my glasses off to check and BAM - there's Marilyn. Nothing wrong with glasses folks! Go get them if you're squinting! :-)

"You probably know whether or not you're near-sighted, but some people get so used to seeing things a certain way that they ignore a vision problem, squint a lot, and end up with unnecessary eye strain at the computer. The double-image above cuts straight to the point: If you see Albert Einstein while sitting a normal distance from your computer, you're seeing things as you should. If you see Marilyn Monroe, you should probably be wearing glasses or contacts."


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RIP Amy Winehouse. Hopefully she finds the peace in death that alluded her in life.

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An utterly horrifying and tragic retelling of the cold-blooded Norway shootings. My stomach is tied in knots.

Nick B-- I think Google+ will turn Facebook into the next Myspace (p.s. that's bad for Facebook).

Facebook has gotten very cozy with its monopoly, and unfortunately it has also gotten complacent and arrogant. Their features have not improved in at least a year, and their privacy settings for users and their terms for developers are pretty ridiculous. If Google can actually design a fun platform, it will be child's play to steal users and developers from Facebook. All they have to do in addition (to making it fun), is make the terms half as obnoxious and it will feel like a breath of fresh air.
It already does, actually.
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