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How Much Water You Should Drink Per Day?

( has more stories like this.)

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What theme are you using for Gmail?
#google   #gmail  

Anyone got Google Canery?

#chrome   #google   #html5  

Google+ for me is showing the wrong time for each post.....

Any Problems with our guys Computer?

Google Maps for iOS is HERE! It is very UNFORTUNE for me, and iPad users.

Know why???

ANSWER: It is not for iPad. There is that dumb small window!

Is your Surface Tablet defective? There is a RECALL NOW I THINK.
It was the magnet strip that attach the keyboard that fell out. 

UPDATE: There is GOING to be a recall. Many people are having this problem..

Please leave your thoughts below.

#Microsoft   #microsoftsurface   #fail   #failure   #return  

Guys, if you have an Android or iOS device, check the App Store or Play Store for a app called AppTrailers. Use my code "j5chan168" too!
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