The Unheard Sound

A Presbyterian church in Champaign, Illinois, established a partnership with and planned a trip to a Chichewa-speaking church in Mulanje, Malawi. A team of volunteers traveled to Africa with much excitement and prayer, committed to showing "JESUS" in the heart language of the villagers. However, numerous challenges came their way. First, the village had no electricity. The video projector, initially promised to them became unavailable, creating a delay in the schedule. Finally, the film team retrieved it and using flashlights set up the equipment in the church only to discover the generator would not power the laptop. After rewiring the equipment, the laptop worked. However, the video projector attached to the laptop did not. Although the team eventually fixed it, there was no audio. To solve this problem, they used English subtitles with a village teacher translating as the film rolled. Twenty minutes after the film began, a man walked in with a new soundboard! Following a short intermission, the soundboard was installed—to cheers from the crowd of 1,200-1,500—and the film proceeded in Chichewa.

The following day children from the church were asked how many saw the film. Most hands stretched toward the sky. When asked what they learned about Jesus, one 10-year-old girl said, "How much He suffered for us!" The team was able to share with them God's enormous love for us all.
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