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-- The machines are still featuring people whining about Netflix's fee hike. Meh. Look at the price of a car. Or college. Or a gallon of gasoline. Or lunch at Applebee's. Or a movie ticket. People don't calculate hourly entertainment value very well.
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-- Google+ is letting people hide their gender in public profiles, which seems like a good idea that will make a small but vocal group of privacy advocates happy. * *

-- The WSJ is reporting that cops may start using mobile facial recognition technologies. In some ways, this is a superobvious development. We have facial recognition software and we have mobile devices. Put them together and you have a system like this, with all its creepy potential.
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-- +Gabe Rivera creator of Techmeme, has a great piece on the misapplication of the term "aggregator." More important is the distinction between sites that exist to link and sites that exist to capture traffic on rewritten stories. Gabe says:
"What irked me was the reminder that “aggregator” is a rather broad-brush term that paints systematic news-rewriters like the Huffington Post (who bury links) as cousins to snippet-quoting sites like Techmeme and Mediagazer (which link prominently)."

-- Infographic freaks are going to love this. launched today to feature data viz in a variety of ways. Here's The Next Web on the site:
"The site has launched with over 2000 visualizations to explore across a range of categories, from sports and technology to the economy. Infographic fans should be in heaven here – it’s a gorgeously designed social hub for fans of big data...In addition to being a hub for existing infographics, and allowing their creators to connect with potential publishers for them,’s Labs feature will be offering tools to create completely new visualizations."

-- In our shop, +Becca Rosen is going to look at the demographic impacts of air conditioning. Because it's hot outside. Like, ridiculously hot. She also might look at how tiny trashcans and big shopping carts can affect consumption. (To wit:

-- + +Nicholas Jackson will look at why Groupon's foray into big-ticket items isn't going to work. And looks at how Pandora is positioning itself to fend off Spotify, which appears to have an impending launch.

-- I'm looking at this fascinating piece from the Chronicle of Higher Education about how the Harvard class of '09 has had their Facebook actions tracked in detail by a group of sociologists.

There is a curious resonance between the '09 class and the Harvard class of '39, as in 1939. They became the subject of The Harvard Study of Adult Development and they've now been tracked for 70 years, as you can read about in June '09 The Atlantic:

-- Get excited, too! Because we're launching a new little series called, "The Ocean Is a Freaky Place" pegged to an oceanographer finding a strange underwater volcano. But really, the ocean is a freaky place.

BONUS Link: Incredible illustrations from Soviet mathematician Anatolii Fomenko...
Via +Maria Popova
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this the first stab for getting atlantic tech onto g+?
First link was not found (netflix) -- because the asterisk is included in the URL. Might need a space between them. :-)
I think the Netflix fee hike is driven more by the studios than Netflix itself.

"the demographic impacts of air conditioning. "
I think air conditioning has done more to drive the growth of the Federal Government than anything else.
Rats, Shannon, I think my little *s are messing up my links. Will change as soon as I get out of this meeting.
+Becca Rosen I just replaced my large kitchen trash can with a tiny can designed for a “home office”. This little move has definitely affected my consumption patterns. Looking forward to your piece.
i'll admit it, i whined about the netflix pricing hike. only because they are now forcing me to choose between dvds (which are slow and require planning) and streaming (which doesn't have the best content).

if they charged me 10 or 15 bucks for streaming, but had all the dvd content, it would obviously be a no-brainer.

but you're right, 15 bucks is not all that much to ask for what they offer.

also, we always need something to whine about. what else would we do with social media?
There is some overlap with Netflix streaming and other services. For example, I am an Amazon Prime member and they seem to offer almost the same content through Roku as Netlfix streaming does (although it is not as convenient to access and organize the Amazon stuff). Anyway, I am considering keeping a Netflix DVD plan and getting streaming content from somewhere else. Or maybe not... argh!
I'm really interested to see if +Gabe Rivera's attempt at a new nomenclature actually gains some traction. It's a useful distinction, both from a workflow and a site-labeling perspective.
"The machines are still featuring people whining about Netflix's fee hike. Meh," wrote Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic on Google+. "Look at the price of a car. Or college. Or a gallon of gasoline. Or lunch at Applebee's. Or a movie ticket. People don't calculate hourly entertainment value very well."

Alexis, 16.2% of Americans are unemployed or underemployed, as am I. I can tell you that we know EXACTLY the price of a car, or college, or a gallon of gas, or a lunch at Applebee's (which is irrelevant since none of us can afford to eat out). Netflix has been an afforable escape from all that, up to now. A 60% price increase really is unaffordable for many of us. That extra $8 a month is coming out of the food budget.
+ robert hernandez -- i am leaning towards doing the opposite; keeping netflix streaming and going with amazon rentals via my roku.

(ps -- sorry, i had no idea how to address you with the "+" thing..tried it, assumed you would pop up in the list because you've commented in this post...instead, it gave me a list of many people with the same name as you....)
"Google+ is letting people hide..."
A similar remark could've been said about Facebook a few weeks ago.
Regarding your BSG disc, I discovered yesterday the exact same thing and have adjusted my Netflix account accordingly. How bizarre.
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