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Ita erat quando hic adveni.
Ita erat quando hic adveni.

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FASA 1879 sandbox campaign being run by the line developer. Alternate Tuesday nights, starting this coming Tuesday, 21 Feb. Three openings. Contact me for more info, character build, etc.

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Assassin bug on the curtain by my desk. Yay predator. Go eat those damn stink bugs that keep getting into the house.

Tree fell on the power lines down the road. No electricity for the past few hours and they say it's going to be a couple more. Fortunately, this house was designed for such. Wood stove is going, got oil lamps lit, and we're fine. Running water would be nice though.

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"In the years leading up to the Second World War, isolationist sentiment coursed pretty strongly throughout the United States. Some Americans feared that immigrants were a threat to the country. Sound familiar? "

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OK, San Antonio folks, who's up for going out for Italian at a Mexican-owned restaurant next time I'm in town? The bigger a group we can get, and point out that we're there because America should be better than this, the happier I will be.

See if your Spanish isn't up to the article. 
Por lo menos, estos xenófobos pagaron la cuenta... De verdad, lo que urge en Estados Unidos es elevar el nivel educativo de la sociedad, y no ahogarla en prejuicios que lejos de hacer a "America" grande, la condenarán a un mayor retroceso... Por cierto, me llama la atención el tipo de letra, muy infantil, del mensaje; así como el uso probablemente inadecuado del verbo return en lugar de come back en el contexto de la nota, además del error ortográfico: Gentilicios en inglés se escriben con mayúsculas y no se entrecomillan. ¡En fin! 🙄

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This needs upvotes. The fascists are gang-downvoting it. 

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Consider my signature to be appended.

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Seems a propitious time to remind people that I have this shirt available on my Redbubble shop.

In regard to Richard Spencer and punching the Nazi: I was born in 1963. My father's older brother fought in World War II. I will not allow ovens to be built here. When someone stands up and says, we need to kill all the _ people, the question is what is the best and most efficient way, I will knock them the fuck down. If you have a problem with that, you are siding with the Nazis. I will side with my uncle, who fought them so that people who weren't white and Christian could live. This is a statement, not up for debate, I will not change my mind on this issue, but you're welcome to comment. Those of you who recommend negotiating, see Neville Chamberlain, also known as Well Fuck That Didn't Work. If this costs me friends, I can live with that as long as those former friends are still alive when all this is over. 

Those of you who have seen "Hidden Figures": was the scene where Dorothy Vaughn leads the women from the computing room to the IBM room based on the engineers march from Apollo 13 or the astronaut walkout from The Right Stuff, or both?
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