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Check out these new Ember: From the Ashes cards.

And then throw some love to the campaign! :)

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Are you all excited about this weekend's UK Games Expo?

You could win one of these limited edition posters!

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Ember is PRINTED and shipping to us today.

We'll be shipping to backers from 10th June 2016 :)
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One week down and we're at 58%. If you're on the fence then why not post on the project page with a comment, or get in touch, even if it's just to say HI.

Every single tiny pledge makes so much difference :)

And it's got unicorns and basilisks!

Hey all. Does theme really affect your choice to buy a game?

And if so, how much does it influence you?

I'm really trying to work out how much difference theme makes (as there's a similar Kickstarter to mine out there and it's doing so much better without reviews - so I can only assume it's down to theme).

I know from my experience that I would avoid Westerns or spy games and I'd pretty much ignore sci-fi games unless they were really good.

So I thought I'd get some opinions :)

Would you be more inclined to buy a goblin-tinkerer highly themed game over, say standard fantasy fare?


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Ember: the Magical Card Game has rekindled the flame with a relaunch on Kickstarter. And like the Ember, time is running out!

Why should YOU spend £13 on this game? This really is a game you can play with your kids - as well as with other serious gamers (you know the sort, the ones that horde all the dice and make sure texting is banned at the gaming table). There's a whole load of strategy in Ember, but check out the campaign for more information.

Please check it out and at just £13 - if you like it, please support Ember. It could do with a pledge or three.

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March 16, 2016 is the new date for the Kickstarter launch of Ember: the Magical Card Game. This time we're going for it properly, and we'll post an updated preview campaign page in a few days when all the magical graphics are completed!
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