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Strange but in a good way
Strange but in a good way

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Does anyone use the G3 with something else than a guitar? I am using the G3 with my cello (and double bass) and it works very well... I love it!

So I am thinking of using lavabit as my email provider. They are cheap, secure, and claim to have encrypted mail store. And Snowden uses it. Any opinions on this?

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Had dinner with my dear friend Martina. She's the one I go to after heart break, or after I have injured my back or neck again. During dinner, she actually fixed my neck injury. I really recommend her, and her courses.

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This is a very entertaining chrome extension.

Your turn android: please copy the following functionality from ios: real time audio, core midi, audio bus, and proper audio apps, like the ones from lemur, moog, korg and cyling 74. Would love to be able to do this on my android tablet.

Glad that ios 7 assimilates a lot from android and from the jailbreak tweaks...

At the same time I realise why I have an ipad for most of the other things: for music purposes, android is unusable. There is no lemur app, touchosc is crap on android, the alternatives are mediocre at best. Real time audio is not possible yet. 

So I am trying out this rather cheap 7" android tablet (Acer B1) and it is actually rather amazing for the price.... I like it!

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No reason to get an android any more.. here's ingress for ios...
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