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Social Media Connector, WordPress, Blogging, WP related on
Social Media Connector, WordPress, Blogging, WP related on


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#blackfriday2016 is here  for #wordpress get these offers if you really-really-really need them. But don't buy impulsively here or everywhere, my honest standpoint :)

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Awesome SEO list

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Hope You had a good Thanksgiving yesterday! Today are the Best WordPress Black Friday Deals of the Year
Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2014 - The Best WordPress Deals With Big Savings

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A new WordPress page to show fresh WP coupons directly from the developers, a new section on my blog.
Brand new, fresh page of official WordPress coupons directly from the developers; updated it frequently for discounts on WP premium plugins & themes.   #WordPress #coupons #codes

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Are you a blogger and often find yourself running short on ideas?

This happens to all of us, and it is the same block encountered by writer’s of all kinds. In many ways, the problem can be worse for those who make their living writing online.

Having to constantly provide fresh content means burning out is inevitable, but taking a break is often not an option.

There is just too much to do, and taking steps back from a routine can mean even more steps back in the traffic and loyal readership you have gained.

The bigger question is: how do we cater to many social media sites without:

Re-posting the same  content again and again from channel to channel (It can be done to a certain extent: The lifetime of a tweet is very short and many of your friends from Google Plus will see it for the first time. But if you keep re-using the same content for social media updates over and over again, you’ll start losing followers!)

Missing the visual  social media networks (These include anything from Youtube and Vimeo to Tumblr and Pinterest and even Vibe) if your content is just text.

The answer to both is content re-packaging

By +Ann Smarty of +MyBlogGuest via +Lisa Irby of +2 Create a Website 

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With so much content competing for attention on the Internet, do you ever wonder if your content stands a chance?

According to the journal Science, we have to process five times more information today than in 1986.

Our readers are overwhelmed. You probably are too.

So how can you make your next blog post stand out among the masses? Is the attempt even worth the effort?

You bet it is. And it’s easier than you think  --> by +Pamela Wilson and +Jon Morrow 

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Gerardo Wainstein commented on a post on Blogger.
Really an epic post about SEO Traffic in 2014 by +Ana Hoffman of +Traffic Generation Cafe
A must read with a good cappuccino! 
Good to see you back Ana :) 

#seo #traffic  

Bad idea to allow Anyone on Google+ send you an email. Trying to minimize emails and this doesn't help. Disabling it.

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