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Bing has become a visual rip-off of Google!
Maybe they should test if changing even the logo to Google's one improves their uptake ;-)

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Here is a simple but smart document / code similarity checker for you:

It can deal with all programming languages, code moves / variable renaming / ..., and it understands .zip, .tar, .gz, Word, HTML, and most PDF. It clusters documents according to any similarity threshold, and displays side-by-side diffs.

I developed the underlying algorithm as part of CrowdGrader, but I thought this might be useful stand-alone to my teaching / faculty / ... friends out there. Enjoy! 

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Android File Transfer constantly causes my laptop to lose access to its internal keyboard and mouse.  So I had to de-install it following these instructions:

What does it say when the main app to transfer files between a phone and a laptop is (a) out of date (b) broken?

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Oh wow!  A 20c voucher to call some numbers of their choice! 
This is truly unexpectedly generous! 

I don't know what to think about the VW software that cheated on emissions control. 
On the one hand, cheating on emission tests is bad. 

On the other hand, what are we more worried about?  Pollution, or global warming?  The VW diesel cars had far superior fuel efficiency (and CO2 emissions efficiency) than comparable gasoline cars.  What happened likely spells their end here in the US.  But is this good?  Should we favor cars that pollute a bit more in exchange for more fuel efficiency?  Are we cleaning up the air now at the cost of global warming later? 

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This feature was really needed... 

I was writing a piece of code where I needed to "demote" something, so I gave it a score of -1000000.  Quite arbitrary really.  And so I realized that what programmers really need is ... "Calvin numbers" (after Calvin and Hobbes), in which in addition to usual numbers we have also things like: 

unique_number (not equal to any other)

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I always thought that cine movies are horizontal simply because if you build a movie house, it's much easier and cheaper to have a screen that is larger horizontally than vertically.  Nothing to do with the format that best fits the material.  It's the format that is best to build, to have a few hundred people in an auditorium stare at it. 

For me, I'd prefer square video.  Or at most 4:3 in either direction.  Certainly not 16:9.

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Prototypical squirrel!
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