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Diana Logan

 Our instructional design group for Grade 2 has worked to align curriculum general outcomes with performance tasks and lessons. We have designed student reflection questions for our performance tasks in science and social studies and we have revamped our rubrics to reflect the new CoSL outcomes. We have incorporated reflection and feedback in student digital portfolios on google drive. We have considered how best to utilize iPad apps to support this work. As well, we have designed classroom blogs that include digital portfolios on google drive and student posts documenting the process and products of our units. Our blogs, connected to plone, will also serve as our main form of communication with parents. Students will benefit from being the curators of the artifacts from their learning process.

We have reorganized how we will incorporate problem solving into our daily lessons in math, focusing on real world word problems. Building problems that encourage solutions with higher level thinking will benefit students as they are engaged in their own learning.
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