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New Nature Publications
Discovering God's nature in you through empowering books on grace!
Discovering God's nature in you through empowering books on grace!


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Don't forget, New Nature has just opened an awesome new ebookstore online that has all our books at the best prices!
- Instant downloads!
- Available in Kindle compatible, PDF and ePUB!
- Get all 3 versions for the one price!
- Load them up on all your devices without having to purchase separate copies for each device!
- We reckon that's awesome!!!
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Did you know New Nature offers 2nd copies for FREE when you purchase 10 or more items from our website? That's effectively 50% off!

Plus our shipping is free world wide.
It doesn't get much better than that.
For more info visit:

Get these books in your church! They will turn people's hearts towards Jesus and stir a passion for His Kingdom! We've tried to make it as affordable and easy as possible for you to do that! Be blessed!
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Get a free copy of our latest booklet “What To Do After You Get Saved”!!! Read on to find out how...

This 48 page booklet is perfect to give to new converts to set them on a course of spiritual maturity and is firmly grounded in grace!

>Get them for your salvation packs at church.
>Run early discipleship courses with them.
>Or use for small group teaching.

The booklet is clear, concise and faith building whilst being at a perfect introductory level for new believers.

Be someone who helps set the course of peoples lives by putting this booklet in their hands!

For bulk discounts and to have the booklets delivered straight to you visit:

Postage is free worldwide!

Chapter titles:
1 – Follow After Christ
2 – Be Baptized in Water
3 – Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit
4 – Be Added to a Church
5 – Devote Yourself
6 – Generosity and Care
7 – Reach Out to the Lost

To get a free pdf copy simply like our facebook page and share this post.

Then click here to download the book once you've done that:
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July promotion: Get a free pdf copy of “The Clear Message of Grace” simply by liking our facebook page and by sharing this post.

Then once you’ve done that please click here to download:

Churches and individuals all over the world have been equipping themselves with this powerful new Gospel tool to help bring people into the message of God’s grace!

Visit to find out about our incredible discounts.

Postage is free to any address in the world.

Chapter titles:
1 – Total Forgiveness
2 – The Gift of Righteousness
3 – Open Access to God
4 – Freedom From the Law
5 – A New Nature
6 – A New Identity
7 – A New Family
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The Clear Message of Grace (booklet) - by Ryan Rufus
Grace is the most extreme good news a person could ever have the privilege of hearing in this life! Grace is not about how perfect you must be, it’s about how perfect you have become in Christ! Discovering what you've become in Christ always leads to discovering what He can and wants to do through you!
What do you think about when you consider the message of grace?

Here are 7 powerful teachings to help you communicate grace to others with clarity and simplicity that will bring joy and freedom:

Chapter titles: (52pages)
1. Totally Forgiven.
2. The Gift of Righteousness.
3. Open Access to God.
4. Freedom From the Law.
5. A New Nature.
6. A New Identity.
7. A New Family.

Contact us for bulk discounts:
1000 copies @ $1.80USD per copy = $1,800USD (sent via ship to one location.)
2000 copies @ $1.30USD per copy = $2,600USD (sent via ship to one location.)
Ebook version $3.95 (click here)
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"After the Revolution - what must follow a grace revolution" by Ryan Rufus is now available from New Nature Publications. Get your copy today! (

The Church has arrived at the next stage of the grace revolution and there are two ways we could go from here. We could camp around the foundation of grace or we could now begin to build on it and see the Church coming into its finest hour!
Radical pure grace is the only foundation for the Church so to build on this foundation with the Law would be an absolute disaster. To not build on it though would be an even greater disaster! The purpose of a foundation is so that a building can go up. God is not bringing the Church into grace so that we can just do nothing. He is bringing the Church into grace so that we can do the “great works” he has prepared in advance for us to do through Christ Jesus!

After the Revolution is all about what must happen after there has been a grace revolution in a church and in a person’s life.

This book will help you to identify the difference between a true grace revolution and a counterfeit grace rebellion.
•    It will develop a high value and passion for the local church in people.
• It will give you discernment into the difference between fatalistic grace teaching that paralyzes Christians and sound grace doctrine that mobilizes and empowers Christians.
•    It will help you against unhelpful cultures that are developing within grace communities.
•    It will give you insight on how to deal with the independent, political and hippy spirit that is trying to creep into churches today and will establish God’s divine order and purposes in your church and life.
•    This book will assist congregations into the administration of grace and seeing people not only discovering who they are in Christ but what they can do in Christ.
•    It will stir you, equip you, challenge you and push you, in a good way, to see your church and yourself fulfilling God’s purposes.
•    And finally it will reinforce the very foundations of grace in order to build higher and healthier into the future.

Chapter titles:
1.The difference between a rebellion and a revolution.
2. A high value for the local church.
3. Divine order vs. the hippy spirit.
4.The need for sound doctrine.
5. Dealing with the political spirit.
6. Fulfilling your dreams through discipline.
7. Developing a coaching culture.
8. Seven essential teachings for discipleship.
9. Be fruitful and multiply
10. Keep keeping the gospel clear.

"A well-balanced view on the true application of Grace."
– Jeff Jansen, Global Fire Church and Ministries, USA,

“A relevant message for the times we are in.”
– Ptr Jocel Evangelista, New Life Christian Center the Fort, Philippines.

“This book will equip church leaders to use the grace revolution as a powerful force that can change whole communities and draw multitudes into the kingdom.”
– Adam F Thompson, Co-Planter of Field of Dreams Church, Australia.

“Ryan’s chapter on ‘The Difference Between a Rebellion and a Revolution’ is in my estimation one of the greatest foundational teachings needed today.”
– Steve Schroeder, President of The Christian Ministers Association of Canada.

“A must read for anyone who has experienced the paradigm shift of the Gospel of Grace and desires to grow in maturity.” – Lucas Miles, Pastor of Oasis Granger, USA.

Wholesale deal:
Buy 10 or more copies of After the Revolution and we will automatically send you second copies for free!
That's 50% off. IE buy 10 get 20. Buy 20 get 40 and so on.
Shipping is free!
The free copies don't show up in your shopping cart but rest assured they will be included in the order.

Get the hard copy here for $15.95USD includes free shipping worldwide!

Get the ebook here for $9.95USD - ePub, Kindle and PDF all for the one price! Instant download.
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The new 6 part DVD collection of Jesus Festival 2013, Manila is now available!

Main Sessions:
1. Ryan Rufus: “What is the message of grace?”
2. Benjamin Lim: “The Gospel empowers your for life!”
3. Paul Chase: “Generational ministry."

Breakout sessions:
1. Ryan Rufus: “Jesus in the Last Days Church.”
2. Benjamin Lim: “Jesus in the marketplace.”
3. Paul and Shoddy Chase: Prophetic ministry.

Benjamin Lim: General manager of New Creation Church (Joseph Princes’ 30,000 member church), youth pastor and successful business man.

Ryan Rufus: Pastor at City Church International and founder of New Nature Publications.

Paul Chase: Senior pastor of New Life Church and an amazing apostolic father who carries an incredible weight of wisdom and anointing.

Recorded with hi-qualify film production to over 1500 exuberant delegates packed into the New Life Church auditorium in Alabang, Philippines!
Every session was high impacting and deeply profound concentrated grace-filled teaching! Truth that makes your heart leap for joy and carries a strong liberating anointing!
One of the best DVD sets you’ll purchase this year!

Check it out here:

Speakers: Ryan Rufus, Benjamin Lim, Paul Chase
At: Jesus Festival, Alabang New Life Christian Center
Check it out at
New Nature Publications
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