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Ben Guiry
I'm Irish, what's your excuse.
I'm Irish, what's your excuse.


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                       FAIRY DANCE

And gaily dance we did amidst the trees,
To enchanting fairy music, 'neat soft moonlight,
'Till dawn's grey light called softly on whispered breeze,
Then wearily we traipse home to fairy fort within.

Until once more well rested from repose, soft starlight beckons,
And away we run to where our magic lives,
Then one by one we dance the mystic dance,
'Till all together joined as flute and lyre, bewitch.

Beware the human ear that hears our magic song,
For you are lost then forever, to human kind,
And with us you must join
A shrinking fairy to become, such as we.

Then dance you will upon the moonlit moss,
Your dainty feet in keeping with the tune,
As the ancient tune floats ghost-like through the trees,
Our melody, a fairy tune of calling, from beneath.

                                                                Ben Guiry
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It was a rather humid misty day as I headed in towards the tiny village of Cluin, in the parish of Allihies ( Na hAilichí, meaning "the cliff fields" ) on the beautiful rugged Beara peninsula, west County Cork, the mist is something of a benediction here, I liked the bright foreground in this, in contrast to the darker mist kissed hills in the background, it sports a beautiful sand beach and 3 pubs, sure what more could you ask for ( it might look a bit better if you tap on the picture, then again, it might not 🤔)

Photo Credit, Ben Guiry
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Travelling along the shores of Lough Corrib having attended ' The Quiet Man ' festival in the picturesque village of Cong, county Mayo, the festival is an annual celebration of the making of the much loved film ' The Quiet Man ' in the Connemara area of county Galway, and surrounding counties, the film starred John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara and also Barry Fitzgerald as the matchmaker ' Michileen ' parts of Ireland can be enchanting and this area is no exception.

Photo Credit Ben Guiry
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