Fun Lan Drive In Theatre
Drive-in Movie Theater
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2302 E Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33610
2302 East Hillsborough AvenueUSFloridaTampa33610
(813) 234-2311
Drive-in Movie Theater, Culture
Drive-in Movie Theater
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"I wish it was $5/person but $7 is better than paying regular at a movie theatre."
"Being in your own car and eating your own food at the cheap price."
"Excellent flea markets at this location.Check it out you will love it!"
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Shanon Stovell
4 weeks ago
I LOVE taking my kids there. They make it affordable for families. You can take your own snacks which is great. We usually get popcorn from there though. I love that is $2 per kid bc when we go to the regular movies it costs us almost $60 just to get in so i ONLY there now
Shawn Johnson's profile photo
Shawn Johnson
in the last week
This is the best of the best cheap theaters on the market, try a family night and B.Y.O.STUFF!!! Tell em Snapp sent you Lol.....
A. Monaco's profile photo
A. Monaco
2 months ago
GHETTO DRIVE-IN... OUT IN 15 MIN. Words cannot describe how bad this theater sucks. I pains me to write this because they're one of the last of their kind and I prefer to support local business. However, this place is an abomination to drive-Ins and no one AND I MEAN NO ONE should go here. 1) We tuned into radio station and the sound was unbearable with cracks and pops. 2) We couldn't even listen from the other people's cars because of the annoying children screaming at the top of their lungs. Our screen was small and dark, while the screen next to us playing a cartoon movie was was large and vibrant. So we decided to leave and stopped at the window. The lady looked at me and rolled her eyes: She already knew what I was going to say. When I asked for a refund, she sneeringly said "You paid CASH and you want a refund, WHY?" I went through the list of things and she countered every single one as if she was a per-recorded message: She said my car radio was the problem and the low picture quality was because it's a drive-in. And the noisy children? That's their parents responsibility! Then she asked me the most ridiculous question: "What do you want me to do, call a supervisor?" I said "No, I want you to refund me, I've been here a total of 15 minutes and I really don't want to be here any longer" but she insisted on calling her supervisor. So Julio comes marching out with his baggy pants looking and talking like an ex-convict and gets inches from my face and says "SO WATSHER PROBLEM?" In disbelief, I asked "You work here?" and he says "Yeah". So I tell him, I've been here less than 15 minutes and I'm not enjoying myself and Julio tells me that's "not a good enough reason" for a refund. I asked him what if my house was burning down and guess what he said? "That's not our fault" So I started to list off my complains and he gives me the same canned response as the first lady did, only more rude and condescending, but I kept pressing. Finally, he says: " I gotta get my supervisor... It's gonna be a while" So I waited a little bit but it became clear as daylight that a supervisor was never coming out, so I decided to call him myself but no one answered. Julio came back out to taunt me and said: "Who you calling, Channel 8?" and when I turned my camera on and started recording him, his tone changed vere quick. Tired and frustrated, we ended up leaving with vouchers that we'll never use because this place
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Manda N's profile photo
Manda N
a month ago
Love having a drive in so close. $7 is great compared to theaters. Only thing I really miss is being able to watch 2 movies. Definitely bring your own munchies ;)
belinda bishop
a week ago
What a deal! For $14, my husband and I saw the Fast and Furious 7 on opening night. For under $10 more, I got hot popcorn, pretzel and a Tropical icee drink from the concession stand. I was in comfortable clothes and could make comments about Vin Deisel's... cars in the comfort of our car. The staff is always very helpful and polite. It's become our date night place.
Christopher McQueer
2 months ago
I went to Fun Lan Drive In Theatre to see Mad Max. The cracking of the sound was awful. I drive a 2012 Avalon. I'm certain my car isn't the problem. It may have seemed worse because it was Mad Max -- this movie has a lot of engines revving and explosions. I was also shocked that the theater doesn't take credit cards. It's cash only. I had to go to a Walgreens down the street and use the atm. It's also worth mentioning that this theater isn't in an exceptionally great part of town. The customer service is lacking. They don't give refunds. We received two return ticket vouchers. These are redeemable for you to come back and see another movie at no additional cost. The manager wasn't very kind. The woman in the ticket booth is the person we came to with our problem. She seemed to be concerned. I appreciated her.
• • •
JONNY CRASH's profile photo
2 months ago
fun land has been my go to theater for over 20 years, why pay $20 at the mall when you can pay $7 and take your own food and drinks and not have to deal with ignorant people talking over the movie. their swap and shop flea market during he day is good, but, over priced. watch for name brand items that are really knock offs (shoes for example are really bad about that out there).
Arthur Rogers's profile photo
Arthur Rogers
3 weeks ago
I love supporting local businesses!!!! we all should so that we dont have to go to the Mall and pay $20 a ticket or buy over priced low quality snacks