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Let the Children Come to Me—RCIA Retreat 2017
Gina and I spent the day with our catechumens and candidates today, After the first of three talks, we had exposition and benediction. Here's my homily from that event. Mark 10:13–16             Gina and I
have five grandchildren, and with most of them, I h...

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The Choice You Make—Sixth week in Ordinary Time (Cycle A)
Sirach 15:15–20; 1 Cor. 2:6–10; Matt. 5:17–37 I'm going to be bold and propose something to you that I believe is true
and consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church, even though many of
us don't realize it. Actually, I know it to be true, but it'...

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Darwin's Immediate Book Meme
Simcha Fisher is joining Mrs. Darwin in the Immediate Book Meme , so I though I'd join in too. Because I have too many books to read... and am reading too many right now. 1. What book are you reading now? The Building of Christendom by Warren H. Carroll Thi...

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The Epiphany of Our Lord
Isaiah 60:1–6; Ephesians:2–3a, 5–6; Matthew 2:1–12 Today we celebrate the Feast of the Epiphany, an ancient celebration of the
Church in both the East and the West. In the common use of the word, an epiphany is a sudden perception of
absolute clarity, a mom...

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The Hope We Await—Third Sunday of Advent(Cycle A)
35:1–6a, 10; James 5:7–10; Matthew 11:2–11             This third
Sunday of Advent is called Gaudete Sunday, from the Latin Introit for today's
Mass from Philippians 4: "Rejoice in the Lord always." The light of
Jesus' coming is dawning on us, and so...

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The primary posts for this trip are here and here . This one I wanted to address separately. When my friend Teri mentioned that Dachau was close to Munich, I was hesitant to commit to visiting. I had one day in Stuttgart and one day in Munich for sight seei...

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Week 1 of my European tour is recounted here . Week 2 would include the CMS/DITA Europe conference, where I gave a presentation with a colleague and exhibited for my employer(s), Vasont Systems and Transperfect. After spending my only free day traipsing aro...

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I just returned from a ten-day business trip for a couple of conferences in Germany. The first was TCWorld Stuttgart 2016, a conference hosted by Tekom, a European technical communications conference and "fair" (what we typically call here an exhibit). This...

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The King of Your Life—Christ the King Sunday (Cycle C)
Samuel 5:1–3;
Colossians 1:12–20; Luke 23:35–43             Today is the
last Sunday of Ordinary time—Christ the King Sunday. I think it couldn't have
come at a better time—a little reminder for us that, regardless of who sits in
the White House, regardless...

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Wise Stewards, Watchful Servants: 29th Wednesday of Ordinary Time
Ephesians 3:2–12; Luke 12: 39–48             The readings
today concern stewardship: the guarding of treasures put into our possession
for their safekeeping, or the authority entrusted to us for the benefit of
others. And this is a message we so badly need ...
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