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'Elevating Human Potential'
'Elevating Human Potential'

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Hello All! I'm Salima from Vancouver, Canada. I'm a learning & development professional fiercely curious about a career in brand learning and field education for luxury retail. What excites me most is designing and telling the story of a new product in a way that instantly resonates with the customer's story. I believe great style is a story worth retelling. 

I'm also getting ready to launch a lifestyle blog for women who want to live a more creative, connected and inspired life through beauty, fashion & lifestyle wisdom.

Looking forward to learning and connecting with everyone.


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This is everything that is beautiful in the world. The ability to step out in excellent style and great dignity in well crafted clothing that says, 'I am more than your assumptions, preconceptions and insecurity. I am exactly what I was designed to be and I am not sorry for being fabulous.'

Carrie Hammer knows what's up and she's not backing down.

#NYFW   #Fashion   #Style   #BodyPositive  

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We're grateful and thrilled to be hosting our biggest +SocialHRCamp event this week in Toronto at the +Achievers Canadian Headquarters. Check out this post on the Achievers blog talking about the event and why its value proposition stands out in the social HR space. +Jeff Waldman +Rebecca Kalison 
Check it out... the latest from the +Achievers "Employee Success Blog". The "How To" Era Has Arrived --- joint effort between Camp partner +Salima Nathoo and I. If you're curious about "how to" do social media in the workplace then I suggest you register and get your rear in gear to +SocialHRCamp  #Toronto  this Friday. We're close to capacity so get on it people! 

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Storytelling is not easy, especially when it's ours to tell. This is mine and I'm incredibly fortunate to have a community whose courage has helped me say what so many people don't feel empowered to. Thanks for sharing it +Lexie Forman-Ortiz 
Thank you for sharing your story +Salima Nathoo

So important for young women to have this example of #bravery  & just what's right. 

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"We will pay extra to mingle with other people who can keep the timeless art of conversation alive." This is the one skill that will separate technical skills from technical talent.

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This is how it's done. The Harlem Shake - Google+ Style with my good friend Elaine Lindsay and her wonderful community. LOVE love love this!
I had some fun yesterday with +Yifat Cohen +Elaine Lindsay +Paul Ramsay +Lord Parker +Mardi Galdamez and +Noah Browne. Check out our version of the Harlem Shake.

Hello from Vancouver, Canada! I'm a Social Branding & Leadership Strategist in the relentless pursuit of "building brands that read like stories and businesses that breathe like people." My work is influenced by authenticity & emotional intelligence and the trend that says its cool to be human again. Looking forward to learning in community. Cheers!

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"Your employees are not a vehicle to fund your ego" and other sense that has become uncommon in an age of everything.

Glad to hear that Instagram has listened to the social community and will be editing their new Terms of Service to indicate that users photos will not be sold and used in advertising. This is not merely about freedom to share our photographic intellectual property; it is an important move to ensure artists and visionaries regardless of their education level, language and socio-economic status or profession, can continue to have this global platform to connect with others through their creativity instead of it being replaced with glorified mediocrity.

Appreciate the invite +Jon Ingham. Looking forward to contributing/learning in this space to evolve the SocialHR conversation.
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